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Cleansers ORANGE MILK Ref: HB1005502 – 200 ml


emulsion on a hydro-gel basis for the thorough cleansing of oily, impure and combination skin types, with a fine orange fragrance. Main Active Ingredients: Surfactants (cleansing), orange blossom oil (fragrance), orange peel oil (fragrance) Application: In the morning and at night, apply onto moist skin and gently cleanse skin. Take off with water.

MELISSA LOTION Ref: HB1005503 – 200 ml


Gently refreshing facial tonic for all skin types. Excellent rejuvenating and balancing lotion, thanks to the amazing properties of the melissa oficinalis extract it contains. Main Active Ingredients: Melissa extract (balancing) Application: In the morning and at night, after cleansing. Refreshes the skin gently.

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complete cleansing for all skin types w? Did you kno

The anti-oxidizing substances in oranges help to protect the skin from free radicals, the cause of premature ageing. In addition to excellent astringent and toning properties, vitamin C has been proven to help to make the skin more smooth, and contributes to the production of collagen, which is responsible for the firming of the skin and the prevention of premature ageing.

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Recent studies have shown that the melissa plant produces abuntant quantities of terpenines, which have a calming and anti irritation action of the skin. For this reason it is recommended for the alleviation of many skin allergy problems as well as skin irritations.

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stimulates skin regeneration

SPEEDWELL MIXTURE Ref: HB1005509 – 50 ml


A special preparation with a combination of high-quality active agents especially for skin with a predisposition to blemishes. The overall appearance of the skin improves. It promotes skin regeneration, while at the same time provides moisturizing elements thta sooth the skin. Speedwell Mixture may also be applied as make-up basis. Main Active Ingredients: Extract of speedwell (soothing, reduces itching), allantoin (promotes healing), panthenol (soothing, promotes regeneration), balsam of Peru (promotes healing), zinc oxide (dehydrating) Application: Apply in the morning and the evening after cleansing

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w? Did you kno The common name of Speedwell is leafy veronica (veronica officinalis). In addition to moisturizing elements and regenerating properties it also has astringent properties. It soothes irritated skin and diminishes redness. The Peru Balsam is also known as fragrant wood due to its rich sweet-sour aroma. For the last few years it is used for the treatment of many skin afflications such as extreme cry skin (xyrodermia), and even for the treatment of small wounds.


MALLOW EMULSION Ref: HB1005505 – 50 ml


Exceptional day cream for the daily care of all skin types, suitable even for the most sensitive. Contains NMF – natural moisturizing factors - as well as active ingredients such as jojoba and soya oil, that offer moisturizing elements that protect the skin, as well as contribute to the firming of the skin and the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. The amazing action of the mallow extract smooths the skin and provides immediate relief from irritation. Main Active Ingredients: NMF (natural moisturizing factor), soya oil (renders the skin smooth and soft, unsaturated fatty acids), jojoba oil (moisture protection, skin firming, preventing wrinkle formation), mallow extract (refines complexion, soothing, irritation reducing), panthenol (promotes healing, soothing) Application: Τοποθετήστε κάθε πρωί μετά το γαλάκτωμα και την λοσιόν, και μασάρετε με απαλές κινήσεις μέχρι να απορροφηθεί.

firming and anti-wrinkle properties w? Did you kno

Mallow extract was revered by the ancient Romans, for it’s many good anti irritating and soothing properties for dry and sensitive skins.

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moisture balancing protection ST. JOHN’S WORT CREAM Ref: HB1005507 – 50 ml


24h cream for impure, oily and combination skin. Contains NMF - natural moisturizing factors, and Hypericum extract which provides anti-irritation and anti-bacterial action. It also contains lavender oil and fatty acid esters which provide exceptional care, balancing and protection to the skin.

w? Did you kno The name of the genus St Johns Wort is call ed”Hypericum” and is derived from the ancient Greek Hyper (over) και ikon (icon), and it is attrributed to the fact that the flowers were placed over religious icons as well as over the door entrances to prevent the evil spirit.

Τέλος Στις Ρυτίδες



Για Ώριμα Δέρματα

Main Active Ingredients: NMF (natural moisturizing factor), extract of St. John’s wort (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial), lavender oil (relaxing, balancing), fatty acid esters (skin care, protection) Application: Apply in the morning, after cleansing and refreshing, and massage in gently.

regeneration anti-ageing rejuvenation GINSENG CREAM Ref: HB1005508 – 50 ml


24-hour, sligtly oily cream for more mature and demanding skin. Stimulates skin cell regeneration thanks to the vitamin complex and wheat germ oil it contains. Ginseng extract provides protection from free radicals. . Main Active Ingredients: Ginseng extract (antiinflammatory, protects against free radicals), vitamin complex in wheat germ oil (stimulating for the cells of the epidermis) Application: Apply in the evening, after cleansing and refreshing, and massage in gently.

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2 4 - H O U R C R E AM S

w? Did you kno Ginseng is being used by the Chinese for over 5.000 years, and they often refer to it as the “flower of life� due to the many very important vital substances it contains. Ginseng provides a great number of nutrients that stimulate and activate the skin’s metabolism. They also help in maintaining good blood circulation, which results in the faster regeneration of skin cells and better muscle tone. The many great properties of ginseng make it an excellent ingredient for nutrition cre3ams, as well as in products for the fight against wrinkles and the slow-down of ageing.

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MARIGOLD CREAM Ref: HB1005506 – 50 ml


Night cream that is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Its main ingredients are the bees wax and marigold (calendula) extract, that provide anti-ageing action and makes the skin soft and supple. Furthermore, it help to balance the epidermis lipid content, while providing anti-bacterial and anti-irritation functions. Main Active Ingredients: Marigold extract (antiinflammatory, antibacterial, promotes healing), bees wax (renders the skin smooth and soft, skin care, balancing the skin’s lipid content, protecting), alpha-bisabolol (soothing), panthenol (promotes healing, soothing) Application: Apply in the evening, after cleansing and refreshing, and massage in gently.

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rejuvenation anti-ageing regeneration


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The high concentrations of flavanoids in calendula have antioxideizing propertiers that help protect the skin’s cells from the detrimental effects of the free radicals. At the same time, the glucosides and saponin it contains, act against skin irritation and have anti bacterial action. Finally, the calendila extract tones the cell metabolism and promotes skin regeneration. It is nature’s treasure chest for healthy and beautiful skin.

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Mask Mask ORANGE-GINGER MASK Ref: HB1005511 – 50 ml


A rich and aromatic mask that refreshes tired skin. The ginger and oarange extracts it contains stimulate the skin’s matabolism, while shea butter and the valuable argan oil make the skin soft and supple. Main Active Ingredients: ginger- and orange extracts (stimulates the blood circulation and the metabolism), shea butter and squalenes (for a soft and smooth skin), avocado- and argan oil Application: Apply onto the skin after cleansing. Take to leave effect for approximately 15mins. Take off any remaining mask with water..

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Ginger extract is a superb anti-oxidant, that inhibits free radical action that cause skin ageing and othe skin blemishes. In addition, it promotes smooth skin and uniform skin coloration.

argan oil ανάπλαση ανανέωση


Ref: HB1005510 – 15 ml


A particularly gentle care gel for the sensitive skin area around the eyes. Takes care of the skin’s moisture balance while it soothes and cares. Reduces black circles and puffiness. Ideal for tired eyes. Main Active Ingredients: Euphrasy (soothing, relaxes tired eyes), meristem extract (enhances the skin’s resistance, reduces itching, soothing), fennel extract (soothing, cleansing, vitalizing) Application: In the morning and the evening after cleansing, apply to the eye zone and gently massage in or “tap” in.

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moisturizing firming black circles

w? Did you kno Euphrasia extract (euphrasia officinalis) is also called Eyebright due to the positive effect it has on the reduction of black circles and puffiness under the eyes. The name is derived from Ephrosini the Greek Godess of happiness because of the happines it brings to all those suffering from eye problems. Euphrasia extract also has a firming action on the skin as well as antiageing properties.

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