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Winter 2013

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Christmas Greetings from your

Leading Elder Tanisi, Hello. Greetings everyone! As we reflect back over the year we have witnessed and done much and makes one thankful we are here on Mother Earth to wish each other Greetings at this time of year. To those who have gone on into the Spiritual World we are thankful for the many lessons we have been blessed with through their experiences and the sharing of their many stories of lives dedicated to the Creator our Lord. Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lorna Standingready

These days we witness the lighting of the candles of peace, hope, joy and love and the singing of the Christmas carols in our churches. I am at home, and looking at one of my Bibles it is an old one…a King James Version that I bought in 1963. On the inside cover .. I find this message…

Peace is spiritual and sought of and given by God so that we may extend peace among men and be peacemakers in the process of reconciliation. Hope is the trust, reliance and expectation of God amid our trials in life on Mother Earth. Joy is the glee, mirth and gladness it is a gift of God to lighten our journey on Mother Earth. Love is the feeling of strong personal commitment to country, brother, mother, father, lover. But God’s love for man is divine, unchangeable, self-sacrificing, enduring…and will see us through our journey of life on Mother Earth. As we reflect this time of year.... may you all be blessed with Peace, Hope, Joy and Love throughout your journey on Mother Earth always. All Native Circle Conference is supported by the Mission and Service Fund! Meegwetch!


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News & Updates


Moderator’s Visit Opening of new Moraviantown United Church Red Sucker Lake Building Project

Circle of Sharing A message from Rick Hebert Our Journey Workshop

Circle of Learning A message from the Personnel Minister Celebration of Ministry Retirements Anniversaries Rendez-vous! 2014 ANCC Vacancies

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Circle of Healing & Respect


Congregational Pairings in Right Relationship Living into Right Relations (LIRR)


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Circle of Prayer


In Memoriam


Executive Members & ANCC Staff


Upcoming Events in 2014


Speaker Merry Christmas!

And what a year it was..... Cheryl Jourdain, Speaker

We are back in print! It has been a while since we’ve had a newsletter to send out to communities. Our Administrative Assistant Sharon Hambly was ‘on a roll’ pushing the newsletter out like a pro but unfortunately, she became ill this spring and has been on sick leave. This piece of work was disrupted but this December we added Jamie Mckay to our staff as our Communications expert and in the office we are beginning to call her ANCC’s Moccasin E-Telegrapher. Jamie will work on contract to do our newsletter as well as help us develop a communication “tree” which will include printed communication and a lot more e-communication. A full plan is in the works. Welcome Jamie!

In this December 2013 Issue.... You will have a chance to read about the Moderator’s visit to File Hills, the opening of the new Moraviantown United Church, Our Journey Workshop, the Red Sucker Lake building project, and congregational pairing in Right Relationship. We also have retirements, anniversaries, and vacancies to announce. There are also a number of wonderful pictures of YOU and news of what is ahead.

Jamie Mckay

As mentioned Sharon Hambly is away on sick leave, and has had chemotherapy and radiation therapy this past fall and into December. She is doing well. Rita Flett, Conference Personnel Minister, is also away on an unpaid leave of absence. We hope to see her back to work in 2014. Aileen Urquhart has been on contract as Acting Conference Personnel Minister since February 2013, and has renewed a contract with us to the end of June 2014. Rick Hebert’s contract with ANCC has been renewed to the end of March 2014. Some new work is emerging with the Council of Healing and Respect that will change the Conference’s staff team in 2014. Staff have been travelling throughout the conference and the list of communities visited is extensive. We are happy to be in community with you to do some of the work that is at hand. It is also great to just be with you in worship and in community. As you can see there are many things happening in and around our ANCC communities, there is a lot more news…..on the next 10 pages. I hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter….and remember we are back at it, and invite you to send in your news and pictures for future issues of this communique. We are grateful for the wisdom of our Leading Elders. At the time of printng of this newsletter our Leading Elder Phil Schuyler has wisely taken some much needed time for renewal. We wish him grace and peace as he gives time to his family and himself. Eagle feather gift from BC Native Ministries

Cheryl {3}

News & Updates Moderator’s Visit The Moderator, the Right Reverend Gary Paterson visited File Hills, Saskatchewan on 18th June 2013. He was hosted by members of the File Hills congregation and by ANCC Leading Elder Lorna Standingready. The Moderator visited the site of the residential school and then joined congregation and community for a feast on the grounds of the Wanapakew United Church. It was a beautiful day.

Opening of new Moraviantown United Church This year Moraviantown United Church completed their building project and opened their new church in February 2013. Great Lakes Waterways Presbytery and All Native Circle Conference were in attendance to participate in the worship to Celebrate the opening and consecration of the pulpit, baptismal font and worship space. The All Native Circle Conference gifted an eagle feather to the church, and a gift card for Home Depot.

Red Sucker Lake United Church Building Project Cheryl Jourdain, (on behalf of the Conference) and Donald Little (as Chair of Keewatin Presbytery) joined Rev. Sue Evans to preside at the closing service of the Red Sucker Lake United Church 28 July 2013. The closing service included the decommissioning of the sacred objects of the church, until such time that the new church is finished and re-opened. We were happy to see Priscilla Little (Past Leading Elder) who was able to attend from Garden Hill, Manitoba. With this big project, a strong partnership has been established between St. John’s United Church (Alliston, Ontario) and Red Sucker Lake United Church. We are thankful to Wayne Van Dyke of Alliston, and Tarance Whiteye of Moraviantown United Church who have both been to Red Sucker Lake to help this church community plan for their new building. Rev. Sue Evans and Frank Evans recently visited St. John’s United Church for more conversation about their venture together, and are building not only the church but are building right relationship. See page 9 for information on ANCC’s ‘Right Relationship” initiatives and information on congregational pairings. Keewatin Presbytery has approved a fundraising appeal for this project. Donations can be made to the All Native Circle Conference - a charitable receipt will be issued. Thank you for your generosity.


Council of Sharing A message from Rick Hebert I have had the privilege of working with so many of you over the last year; the inner strength and commitment that I have observed is both humbling and motivational. At this time of the year we celebrate the birth of Christ and with that the importance of family and who we are as Christians. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone and their families’ a merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Our Conference, just like the broader church is going through a difficult process, but with the continued effort of our dedicated Ministry, Board, Volunteers, and Staff we will persevere and succeed. The last few years have witnessed several cuts in our funding. This has placed a heavy burden on our ministry but in spite of this encumbrance we have managed to expand services to communities.

Our Journey Workshop The Conference has developed a workshop that honors our circle of life and the people and ministries that they make up. We will create atmospheres of trust and openness in order to share our histories, who we were in communities. We want to remember Who We Were – self- governing self-sustaining communities. We want to remember What Was – the introduction of a foreign system, decisions made for us, residential schools, the Indian Agent; and we want to talk about What is – the healing journeys that have begun…in the midst of apathy, dependency, addictions….and struggle to find a new identity; and finally Who We Are …Where we must go on this Journey. Where is the church in our communities and where are the spiritual leaders in our communities. ANCC staff (Cheryl, Aileen and Rick) hosted six participants for training to facilitate the workshop “Our Journey, as a First Nation People”, a workshop based on the Four Directions about decolonization, empowerment, and embracing our future. Facilitators within ANCC can come into your communities to deliver the workshop along with ANCC and AMC staff. Our timeframe is to have four workshops completed between November 2013 and May 2014. The next phase to have 12 workshops completed between May 2014 and May 2015. If any communities are interested in hosting a workshop please contact me at 1-800-424-0740 or email

--Rick Hebert


Council of Learning A message from the Personnel Minister It has been a great privilege to serve as conference personnel minister this year. I am in awe of the depth and breadth of the ministry you provide in your communities. I have great respect for the spiritual leadership you offer. My heart is heavy with the knowledge of the burdens that you carry. My hopes and prayers are with you this Christmas season. Jesus was born into a world where power and might were destroying and oppressing the people. That world, sadly, is still known to us today. Jesus was born so that God’s light could shine into the dark recesses of human cruelty and expose the wrongs. Jesus came into this world to show us a way to create a world where earth and all its creatures are respected and loved. May that vision point the way for you in the coming year and give you strength and courage.

Aileen Urquhart


Celebration of Ministry The 23rd of June was a great day for Roy and Delores Bouchie. Friends and family from Berens River and Winnipeg joined the celebration as Roy was ordained and Delores was commissioned to diaconal ministry at the Raymond Flett Memorial United Church in Winnipeg. Leading Elders, Rev Phillip Schuyler and Lorna Standingready, and Speaker Cheryl Jourdain presided.

Four students were honoured at the Ceremony of Completion on the 15th of June at the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre. Roy and Delores Bouchie from Berens River will be ordained and Commissioned this year. Frank Evans will be ordained in 2014. Angela Neufeld started the ministry program at the Francis Sandy Theological Centre and will be ordained in 2014.

Frank Evans L-R: Phil Schuyler, Delores Bouchie, Roy Bouchie, Lorna Standingready


Angela Neufeld

Council of Learning Retirements Betty-Lou Skogen, graduate

of the Dr Jessie Saulteaux Resource Centre, served File Hills Pastoral Charge, Plains Presbytery, as a student and then as anOrdained Minister until April 2013. Betty-Lou remains with Plains Presbytery active on the Council of Learning. Betty-Lou’s ministry involved a great deal of visiting in the four reserves as well as in hospitals and correctional centres in Saskatchewan.

Solly Kakegamic took the training for Lay

Pastoral Ministry through the Prairie Christian Training Centre, receiving his certificate in 1983. He served in the Winnipeg Native United Church from 1980 to 1983 and 1996 to 2000. He served as Band Councillor and Chief of Keewaywin in the intervening times. He returned to the Winnipeg Native United Church in 2002, supporting the congregation through a renaming to Raymond Flett Memorial United church and a move from 410 Pritchard to Magnus Ave, in the former Shawnessy United Church. Solly will retire at the end of December 2013.

David Maxwell served

Walpole Island United Church in Great Lakes Waterways Presbytery from 2002 until 2007. He also served the Anglican Church on Walpole Island. He retired August 2013 and remains in Great Lakes Waterways Presbytery.

Anniversaries Congratulations to Ministers Celebrating the following Anniversaries of their Ordination: Robert Wright

55 years

Christina Baker

25 years

Rob Gillingham

30 years

Janet Severight

25 years

Allan Jacques

30 years

Rendez-vous! 2014 ....................IN Winnipeg! Rendez-vous 2014 is a national gathering for youth, young adults, and leaders— for all people who are passionate about youth and young adult ministries in The United Church of Canada. It is an opportunity to come together and worship, dream, and connect with one another. This event will provide a showcase for local, regional, and national ministry ideas, speakers, and musicians. You can find more information by visiting: ... Or you can contact Cheryl at the ANCC office. ANCC and Aboriginal Ministries Council Youth Coordinator - Spingwater Hester-Meawassige will be working together to ensure Aboriginal Youth from our communities have opportunity to attend this event.


Council of Learning ANCC Vacancies Plains Presbytery Whitebear United Church 40% time Whitecap-Dakota Outreach Ministry Half time

Worship, pastoral care, and community outreach.

Start date: 1 January 2014

Transition position while current minister on medical leave.

Start date now until 28 February 2014.

Appointment in process.

Worship and pastoral care. Regina Native Outreach Ministry

Joint Needs Assessment in process.


Expected that a half time position will be posted for a start date 1 March 2014

Keewatin Presbytery Raymond Flett Memorial United Church, Transition ministry currently in place. Winnipeg Joint Needs Assessment in process. 75% time

Expected that a 75% time position will be posted for start date 1 March 2014.

Sandy Lake United Church

Position available now.

80% time

Worship, pastoral care, leadership support, community outreach. Manse provided. Joint Needs Assessment approved and available.

Great Lakes Waterways Presbytery Oneida Half time

Two to three month transition position while current minister on medical leave. Worship, pastoral care and community outreach.

Toronto Urban Native Ministry

Joint Needs Assessment in process.

Walpole Island

Worship, pastoral care, and children’s programming. Joint Needs Assessment approved and available for information.

Half time position available now. The congregation is exploring options to link with another congregation so that together they can provide a full time position.

A half-time transition ministry is currently in place. Joint Needs Assessment in process.

Expecting a half-time position will be posted for start date 1 March 2014.

Half time

Wahta and Rama Pastoral Charges

Available now.

For more information about any of these positions and to make an application, please contact Aileen Urquhart, Conference Personnel Minister, at the All Native Circle Conference office (204) 582-5518.



Bernice Saulteaux and Elaine Jacobs at SSSC graduation

Roy and Delores Bouchies gradutaion

Indian Baseball

Sandy Lake United Church Board 2013

Bernice Saulteaux at File Hills

Myrtle Moneybird

Gail Star and Ron Keewatin at File Hills

Rama board Tamara Harper & Talbot Keno Baby Yvette’s Baptism July 28, 2013

Wahta church


Council of Healing & Respect Congregational Pairings in Right Relationship Red Sucker Lake and St. John’s United (Alliston, ON) Erindale United Church (Mississauga, ON) and Sandy Lake St. Andrew’s United Church (Sious Lookout, ON) and Pikangikum, ON Boissevain United Church and Sandy Lake United Church Kahnawake and God’s Lake, MB God’s Lake and Treherne

Living into Right Relations (LIRR) The Right Relations Group in Manitoba has grown into a diverse and multi-talented group. Current membership is made up of several different organizations, namely: MNO, ANCC, the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre, the Centre for Christian Studies, North End Ministry, community volunteers, plus involvement by community groups such as the West Broadway Community Ministry. Donald Little, Evan Smith, Jamie Scott

The group met regularly over potluck suppers to plan the second annual Feast for Friends event on September 21, 2013, as well as to co-ordinate our participation in activities in Winnipeg like Idle No More and Sisters in Spirit events.

Feast for Friends building wood towers

Feast for riends community building web

{ 10 }

Circle of Prayer We keep in our hearts and prayers those that are on sick leave and in treatment for their illnesses.


Jacques Rob


Kakegamic Rita Flett

Gillingham Phil Schuyler

Sharon Hambly

In Memoriam Margaret Fiddler - Sandy Lake, Ontario (late wife of Ennis Fiddler) Harvey Flett (Son in Law of Murdo and Alice McDougall) Reverend Maria Joyea - past Leading Elder of ANCC Edy Linklater (Brother in law of Murdo McDougall) Lance McDougall (Grandson of Murdo and Alice McDougall) Cynthia Marie McKay (daughter of Sharon and Rene McKay) Kirk Wesley McKay (son of Verna McKay) Emma Meekis - Deer Lake, Ontario (late wife of Solomon Meekis), 1 Year Memorial

{ 11 }

ANCC Executive Members Leading Elders:

Council Chairs:

Lorna Standingready Rev. Phil Schuyler

Rev. Allan Sinclair, Council on Learning

Past Leading Elders:

Bob Patton, Council on Sharing Elaine Jacobs, Council on Healing & Respect

Rev. Gloria Muskego Murdo McDougall

General Council Executive Representatives:

Presbytery Chairs:

Donna Kennedy

Rev. Donald Little, Keewatin Presbytery Rev. Bernice Saulteaux, Plains Presbytery Alvina Steinhauer, All Tribes Presbytery Elaine Jacobs, Great Lakes Waterways


Rev. Nelson Hart

Cheryl Jourdain

ANCC Staff Speaker: Cheryl Jourdain Acting Conference Personnel: Aileen Urquhart Program Staff: Rick Hebert Administrative Support: Maria Harper On leave:

Upcoming Events in 2014

Sharon Hambly Rita Flett New:

Keewatin Presbytery - February 19-23, 2014 at Winnipeg, Manitoba All Tribes Presbytery - March 15-16, 2014 at Morley, Albert Great Lakes Waterways Presbytery Meeting - April 23-27, 2014 at Wausaksing, Ontario Plains Presbytery Meeting - TBA, Spring 2014 at Calling Lakes, Saskatchewan Council of Sharing - TBA, Spring 2014 at Beausejour, Manitoba Council of Learning - TBA, Spring 2014 at Ontario Quebec Region Council of Healing & Respect TRC Event - March 27-30, 2014 at Edmonton, Alberta ANCC Executive Meetings/Conference Calls - January 16, 2014 Conference Call / May 22-25, 2014 Meeting at Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre, Beausejour, Manitoba 2014 National Aboriginal Spiritual Gathering in Oneida – July 24-28, 2014 Rendezvous – August 2014

Jamie Mckay

ANCC Newsletter - Winter 2013  

After a short break, the ANCC newsletter is back! Enjoy your digital copy right on your computer. Meegwetch!

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