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CONTENTS Who I am? Brand identity Packaging Logo design Poster design Editorial design Book cover Illustration

Hello! I am Anca, a new designer seeking for creative adventures. My approach is very hands on and I enjoy problem-solving. I am highly proficient in developing concepts, graphics and layouts for brand identity, web and app design, packaging, labels and book covers.

Artisanal Chocolates

Artisanal Chocolates

ÉPONINE A RE-BRAND PROJECT Éponine is an award winning, handmade chocolaterie and patisserie. The brief was to re-brand Éponine and create a coherent brand identity across the new product range and to

ensure that Éponine products stand out from their competitors. The client requested a new logo as well with the packaging design for different products. My solution was to create

a story based on the brand values, combining hand-drawn illustration with a cursive typeface and a paint splash pattern, inspired by the design on their chocolate. The box and the

chocolate bars are semi-customised with hot foil and a variety of colourful stickers that relate to the chocolate’s flavours.

EVENT DISPLAY AND CHOCOLATERIE SHOP Along with the clients requested deliverables I designed promotional material in the format of event displays, banners and pop up stands.

For the banners and posters I used stock photographs combined with my own graphics and patterns.

To show to the client how their shop could look in the future. I designed the entrance to their chocolaterie. Here my designs for the

chocolate bars and boxes are incorporated with the client’s own images to show their brand story.

STATIONERY AND DIGITAL A range of stationery products, from the business card, to the letterhead and compliment slip, are designed using

the pattern and the hand-drawn illustration faded on the front and bold on the reverse.

I also have re-designed three of the main pages for the client’s website, to show how the new identity works on different devices.

The new website aims to highlight the quality and the beauty of their unique hand-made products.

PACKAGING DESIGN This packaging design was a one to one project, on 99designs, commissioned by True Path Technologies for a one-day golf event.

The sunscreen label and packaging design aim to promote the company using the corporate identity logo and colours.

For the design, I used a combination of words and graphics related to the company’s identity.

Client review on 99designs: Wonderful designer. Everyone enjoyed working with her. Will do business again for sure!

LOGO DESIGNS I have a passion for eye-catching, smart and timeless logo designs and over the last two years I have developed a substantial range of logos for many different companies.

These logo variations for Twenty-fifth Downtown Flavours were finalist designs in a logo competition and were very much appreciated by the client for the new look

and number combination. The three logo examples above are entries in different design competitions for 99designs. Additional logos are presented in the logo booklet attached

to this portfolio. This booklet includes icons, letter marks, word marks and combination marks for many businesses and companies.

WALKERS CAMPAIGN 2017 This is a campaign concept for Walkers crisps, entered into the YCN competition. Based on reports and internet surveys, I discovered that a quarter of adults in the UK walk just an hour a week.

Starting with a simple link to the name, I decided to create a campaign that inspires British people to be active and walk more. The solution was to motivate people to buy

packets of crisps and also to be more active I created an app that counts steps and turns them into points, the user can use these points to collect prizes. For this campaign I designed

the app, advertising and marketing ideas, as well with packaging and designs for different rewards.

INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN This project was a competition on 99designs. The brief was to create a map that pinned the client’s most important partner, as well as their customers from around the world. The

infographic design was used for print as well as the website. Of the three different designs I created, this is the one the client chose as the winning design. I used colours and graphics

inspired by the client’s brand identity, keeping the design simple and clear.

Client review on 99designs: Very good work! Creative, professional and easy to work with. A++++ Many thanks!!!

POSTER DESIGNS This poster was designed for an exhibition of 2nd year degree show. The concept was to use the Google map as a pattern for the background to show the location of the campus.

The second poster design responds to the question “What does it mean to you to be a designer?�. I created an illustration of me juggling with some of my design skills.

This poster presents the project for the YCN competition and was displayed as part of my end of year show in the 2nd year of my degree.

This minimalist poster is inspired by The Third Man movie. The cat is discovering who is the third man, as the path creates a question mark.



ENDLESS BOOKLET Inspired by my collection of perfume cards I designed an ‘endless’ book, which can be opened over and over again. For this I created a short story, in a continuous style:

BRANDING PROJECT Perfume is the key to our memories. Memories are a true treasure. Treasure your creativeness, or life is nothing. Nothing is more evocative than a perfume.

This is an initial concept for a branding project as part of my final year. The project is inspired by Romanian embroidery, as all the motifs have distinct meaning and they are individual for all

the regions. Wine production is very popular in Romania, therefore I want to create a design for each major vineyard with a different name.

BROCHURE DESIGN This is an example of a brochure that I designed for Éponine. This square booklet introduces the customer to the brand story and companies’ achievements, as well as some

BOOK COVER DESIGNS of the chocolate selections. It uses a clear and simple layout to present the brand identity I designed previously.

Those three cover designs are competition entries for 99desings. There are three completely different books from business to recipes and fictional literature.

Each concept follows the requirements of the brief and uses a design style related to the book type.

DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION This pop art illustration was designed and displayed on a coffee mug. The client asked for a sarcastic and retro design.

VISUAL MANIFESTO Turkey Carry Two Mile is a competition where participants run with a frozen turkey, this illustration was one of my concepts for a T-shirt design.

101 Drops recipe is a visual manifesto based on my experience as a graphic designer and a part-time chef. The Graphic Design “recipe� has all my skills presented as ingredients and measured in drops, they are:

Time management, communication, teamwork, idea generation, sketching, photography, software, printing, attention to detail/ research and typography. All the drops are blending in my head as in a mixing bowl.


CREATIVE MORNINGS In the third year of the university I joined The Creative Mornings project, which is a group of students looking to make links within the design industry, organising guest lectures, as

FLAT DESIGN ICONS well as creating all the advertising and keeping the social media up to date. I designed those icons for the new identity of the project.

This is a new creative project commissioned by Unfold Design Agency. I created four flat design illustrations using the colour palette from the guidelines pack. The style had to be

simplistic and they had to represent different statements. I use flat design illustration as it is a very clear and simple style that suits many types of projects.

Portfolio booklet