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Energy Goal 1: increase the local generation and distribution of renewable energy

Baseline assessment Number of public buildings that have installed a renewable thermal energy fuel source to replace or supplement fossil fuel use:

Kilowatt-hours of electricity produced from renewable energy and percentage of total electricity generated in the region:

Table 3-2 (on following page) provides a list of regional facilities Suggested Targets: using biomass as a thermal energy source. 12 active installations were found. Two additional are planned. This list was developed • Increase thermal energy (heat) generation from renewthrough available NYSDEC data and stakeholder discussions and able sources to 20% of the region’s public and commermay not be comprehensive. Data on solar thermal installations cial buildings by 2020, 35% by 2035, and 50% by 2050. was not consistently found, although The Wild Center in Tupper Focus on the conversion of buildings currently using Lake was identified as one facility using solar thermal (in addi- fuel oil for heat to the use of high-efficiency and low tion to biomass). One solar thermal installation has been funded emissions biomass, solar (thermal), or geothermal as through the New York State RPS in Lewis County (see table 3-3 appropriate. Consider environmental impacts and heaton p. 65), although information on the facility was not available. ing system economics of all proposed new installations. • Increase Class 2 and Class 3 renewable electricity generation to

45% of in 2020, 55% in 2035, and 60% 2050. Energy facilities are described as follows: Class 1 - large commercial/utility scale; Class 2 - light commercial applications (town office, municipal centers); smaller commercial/institutional and distributed generation; and Class 3 - residential/small business.

Table 3-3 provides a list of funded renewable energy projects that show progress towards increasing the generation of renewable energy in the region.


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