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Materials Management Strategy: encourage counties and planning units to adopt single-stream or zero-sort recycling

Example Projects

Increase Zero-Sort/Single-Stream Recycling

Work with local jurisdictions to increase adoption of these programs. Casella Waste Systems, Inc.’s Zero-Sort single-stream collection system has demonstrated that along with appropriate education, recycling quantities range from 8.71 to 11.34 pounds per home per week (lb/home/ week). These rates represent a 16 to 62 percent increase in recycling quantities in comparison to previous programs. When single-stream recycling is provided along with automated carts, recycling quantities average 12.66 lb/home/ week, which is a 71 percent increase above previous levels.

Public Messaging on Reducing Food Waste Single stream and zero-sort recycling can produce significant increases in participation of recycling programs. These programs are one of many important tools that can be implemented by local government to increase the rate of recycling.

Provide instructions on the proper care and storage of foods to reduce food waste and save money. Average US households waste an estimated 25% of their food each year. It is estimated that a household can save over $2,000 annually through better practices (Bloom 2010). 261

Establish Pilot for Institutional Waste Reduction

Research has shown that concepts such as the “trayless campus” program can reduce food wastes at colleges and universities. Develop and test this concept at various educational institutions, including public schools and higher educational facilities. Adapt and expand program based on local results.

Expand or Replicate North Country Recycles in Other Areas

Expand existing program to wider audience. North Country Recycles is a DANC initiative in cooperation with Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties, the City of Watertown, and NYSDEC. Activities under North Country Recycles are managed by a recycling coordinator who works with the counties to provide education on recyclable items, increase electronic waste recycling, and find markets for recycled materials.

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