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Materials Management Goal 2: reduce the amount of solid waste


baseline assessment

New York State and the communities across the North Country have made significant progress in establishing successful waste-reduction and recycling programs, as shown by the rise in recycling rates between 1987 and 1997. However, progress in the last decade has stalled (NYSDEC 2010a). As shown in figure 8-2 (on following page), NYSDEC estimates that across the state, paper still makes up the largest component of the disposed waste stream at 27%, followed by organics (24%) and plastics (17%). Barriers that currently hamper recycling from reaching its full potential include:

Estimates for recycling rates for each of the seven North Country counties, as reported by the Planning Units, are presented in table 8-4 (on p. 259).

• Insufficient public education, including the large season-

suggested targets In line with the targets presented in Beyond Waste (NYSDEC 2010a), this plan sets a goal of achieving a recycling rate of 50% by 2020. The working group recognizes that this is an aggressive target but hopes to emphasize the important role recycling can play in reducing waste and creating new opportunities, such as the expansion of these materials as a resource and the creation of new businesses and jobs in the region.:

al/tourist population, which needs to be made aware of the materials recycling and disposal options available to them. • Lack of incentives and education to encourage consumers and large-quantity generators to purchase and use reusable • 50% materials recovered by 2020 and recyclable materials.0.1 pounds per person-day by 2050. • 70% materials recovered by 2035 • An inadequate local market for recycled materials • 85% materials recovered by 2050 across all seven counties that would be able to financially support a more robust recycling industry. • Lack of funding and programs for existing facilities and haulers to convert or update their equipment and processes, or to obtain permits in order to adapt to a changing market.


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