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Example Projects

Seven-County Shipping and Distribution Study

Evaluate principal existing shipping channels and opportunities, including regional case studies and comparison with similar regions. This project will require local county support. Economic development groups should undertake this work.

City/County Transportation Management Plans

Specific jurisdictions completing plans can develop management plans to expand public transit service in the region’s small cities. For example, the Watertown public transportation system, Citibus, could be expanded to a countywide system in Jefferson County. Investigate and implement policy and management practices to increase intermodal connections on a countywide basis based on analysis of potential ridership demand.

Restoration of Rail Infrastructure from Carthage in Jefferson County across northern Lewis County to Newtown Falls in St. Lawrence County

This project is expected to continue as planned, despite the closure of Newtown Falls-Fine Paper Company’s mill. Increased regional coordination is necessary to ensure the restoration and preservation of the rail line and to creatively and cooperatively seek to expand ton/mile volume along the corridor. The relative environmental benefit of shipping by rail (as opposed to moving freight by truck) should be included in any future analysis or proposal related to the corridor.

Preservation and Rehabilitation of the Adirondack Scenic Railroad Line from Remsen to Lake Placid

This project is consistent with this Plan’s goals to preserve and improve aging transportation infrastructure and expand alternatives to single-occupant vehicle travel. The preservation and maximization of the Adirondack railway supports regional and state aims for greening transportation, enhancing tourism, and providing key infrastructure that would be available for future economic development opportunities.  This plan also supports opportunities to concurrently accommodate and develop compatible recreational activities both along the railway corridor, where possible, and connecting to it. This should include the pursuit of enhanced recreational opportunities for biking, paddling, and snowmobiling, recognizing the success elsewhere, including at the southern end of this rail corridor, in maximizing the economic potential of existing trails and waterways by utilizing the railway for direct visitor access–even moving bikes, canoes, kayaks, and other equipment in a way that cannot be done otherwise to remote recreational assets.  The announcement of the agreement between Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC, and the Adirondack Rail Preservation Society (operators of the railroad) to pursue the introduction of overnight Pullman Car service between New York City and Lake Placid suggests that creative approaches may increase the economic benefit of the corridor.


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