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Transportation Strategy: improve regional coordination of transportation infrastructure and services for residents, visitors and commercial interests Implement Complete Streets and other streetscape projects that emphasize pedestrian and cyclist safety and comfort Unless an MPO is developed for the region, local governments, businesses, organizations and stakeholders will need to step in to provide coordination to create regional transportation benefits. A complex structure is un-necessary to begin to accomplish regional goals. During the development of this plan, Working Group members were able to come together to discuss and learn from each other and could have easily begun to develop solutions to issues. The region has distinct issues, from high levels of single vehicle mileage to limited capacity for rail operations – these are issues which can be addressed by various persons within various groups. The strategy which could be used here would be to coordinate a small group of people to act regionally to introduce transportation policy issues into existing organizations, raising awareness of key issues, and asking them to consider transportation as part of their ongoing mission.

The region has above average Vehicles Miles Traveled (VMT). While a variety of transportation options are needed to give residents and visitors the ability to reduce their dependency on vehicles, one way is to increase the accessibility, safety and convenience of other transportation modes. In developed areas walking and bicycling are options that may need only small infrastructure improvements to dramatically improve user conditions and allow these modes to become more available.

Establish pilot programs for alternative transportation options

Example Projects

Creation and Expansion of Multi-Use Trails

Local organizations working with DEC, APA and NYS Parks and Recreation can identify locations suitable for constructing or improving multi-use trails to provide more walking and bicycling options and connect services within communities. 200

Support a new or existing, privately operated, pilot fleet of pedal cabs or e-cruisers in a tourist destination. These services have begun to be seen in Lake Placid or nearby Lake George and North Creek. These “new� modes of travel are revenue generating, fun and useful for both residents and visitors and are non-polluting. These services may reduce trips made by car and will provide seasonal employment opportunities.

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North Country Region Sustainability Plan

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North Country Region Sustainability Plan

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