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Working Landscapes Goal 5: enhance forest management through increased use of best management practices


Baseline assessment

Several third-party certification forest sustainability programs are in use in the region, including the Forest Stewardship Council, the Sustainable Forest Initiative, and the American Tree Farm System. However, data for participation in each of these programs was not readily available. Although forests can be and, in many cases are, managed sustainably without third-party certification, certification can improve marketability of wood and forest products. The certification indicator provides a measure of the extent to which forest owners have adopted management practices that will be recognized by secondary processors and consumers as sustainable.

There are insufficient data to succinctly characterize the baseline for these indicators.

Professional foresters provide direct assistance to forest owners in planning the long-term value and health of their forest lands. Foresters look to balance short-term goals and needs with longer-term management policies to promote and sustain healthy, productive, high-value forest resources. For example, timber sales are planned to generate income while creating conditions that favor valuable species and long-term productivity. The forester also provides knowledgeable assistance to landowners when overseeing harvest operations and during the negotiation of sales contracts. No comprehensive data sources were found for the following recommended indicators: 1. Acres of forest land enrolled in forest stewardship programs or

under third-party certification for sustainable management

2. Number of professional foresters in active practice in the



Suggested Targets: While baseline data are not readily available, project sponsors should track their relevant project data, the elements of sustainable forest management, and invasive species prevention, control, and management.

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