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Working Landscapes Goal 4: promote tourism and recreation based on the region’s natural resources while providing for the long-term maintenance of the region’s


Baseline assessment

Intensity of use of the region’s recreational resources provides a measure of contributions to economic development, while the actions and resources allocated to the upkeep of those resources provides a measure of the sustainability of the resources.

There are insufficient data to succinctly characterize the baseline for these indicators.

While some data is available for various regions of New York State, no comprehensive data sources at the county level were found for the selected indicators. This represents a data gap that should be filled as implementation of this sustainability plan progresses.

While baseline data are not readily available, project sponsors may be able to gather relevant data for the elements on recreation user days (or other measures of activity) and on improving and maintaining recreational resources.

1. Numbers of Users of Recreational Lands by type: a. b. c. d. e.

Hikers/Climbers Water Sports (Non-Motorized) Water (Motorized) Snowmobiles Skiing (Alpine and Nordic)

2. Conditions of recreation infrastructure (trails, skiing facilities, water-based recreation facilities) and levels of resources allocated to infrastructure improvement and upkeep.


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