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Livable Communities and Land Use Goal 2: create and update comprehensive plans as a means to improve sustainable practices


baseline assessment

A jurisdiction’s Comprehensive Plan forms the basis of the jurisdiction’s goals as they relate to enhancement, growth, and development and generally focuses on the built and natural environments, public infrastructure, and related land use issues. New York State law requires that zoning codes (land use regulations) be in agreement with the policies found in the Comprehensive Plan.

As of 2008, two of the seven North Country counties (Clinton and St. Lawrence) had written Comprehensive Plans, and 54% of municipalities had prepared Comprehensive Plans. A breakdown of the towns within the North Country that had prepared a Comprehensive Plan in 2008 is presented in table 4-3 on following page. Recent discussions with county departments indicates that written Comprehensive Plans are in progress and/or have been recently approved for Jefferson and Lewis counties; Elizabethtown, Lewis, Newcomb, Saranac Lake, and Willsboro (Essex County); Arietta and Inlet (Hamilton County); and Philadelphia (Town and Village), Wilna, and Le Ray (Jefferson County).

1. Municipalities with a Comprehensive Plan that has been

updated within the last 5 years.

Suggested Targets: • Increase the region-wide percentage of municipalities with a

comprehensive plan updated within the last 10 years to 60% by 2020, 75% by 2035, and 85% by 2050.


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North Country Region Sustainability Plan

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North Country Region Sustainability Plan

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