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Be part of something unique on the 5th-7th October

Delegate booklet

Content 1. Letter from the Chair 2. Meet Facis 3. Meet OC 4. Venue 5. Conference Agenda 6. Parties 7. What to bring

Letter from the Chair Hello AIESEC in Denmark members & leaders, I met your MCP Christina 2 years ago and since then I have been waiting for the day where I can come to Denmark and see myself what I have been hearing about it. Finally my dream came true and I am actually having the honor of coming to chair CITIUS.

A small hint about who I am would be that I come from the MENA region. I joined AIESEC in 2009 and since then my life has changed 360 degrees. I will tell you more about that when I see you in person.

‌To be continued

This will actually be my 24th conference in AIESEC so far; and a part of a series of changing lives experiences. After every AIESEC conference I feel that a part of me has changed. So I hope you feel the same after CITIUS and make the best out of it because it could be the weekend that helps you decide on your upcoming future plans or the conference where you meet people who could have a huge influence on you. I can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks! Lots of love, Your chair ď Š

Meet the facis! Christina Knudsen

Name: Christina Knudsen Aka/nickname: CK Position in AIESEC Denmark: MCP

Umar Hussain

Name: Umar Hussain Aka/nickname: Silent Devil Position in AIESEC Denmark: MCVP FLA

Meet the facis! Kerstin Svedhem

Name: Kerstin Svedhem Aka/nickname: Cherry, or Lady Ann Position in AIESEC Denmark: MCVP TM & ICX 12/13

Zdenka Pajtasova

Name: Zdenka Pajtasova Aka/nickname: Spanky Position in AIESEC Denmark: MCVP OGX&COMM

Meet the facis! Sally Kersti Toom

Name: Kersti Toom Aka/nickname: Sally Position in AIESEC Denmark: NST Alumni

Barbora Fuzesiova

Name: Barbora Fuzesiovรก Aka/nickname: Barbie or Captain Position in AIESEC Denmark: NTT Coordinator

Meet the facis! Velislav Peychev

Name: Velislav Peychev Aka/nickname: Veli Position in AIESEC Denmark: NST GIP ICX

Raziel Benitez

Name:Raziel Benitez Aka/nickname: Raz Position in AIESEC Denmark:NST Business Development

Meet the facis! Christina Ida Eriksen

Name: Christina Ida Eriksen Aka/nickname: ChrisE Position: NST Graphics and Webdevelopment

Sophia Schroeder

Name: Sophia G. R Schroeder Aka/nickname: Sophy Position in AIESEC Denmark: NST TMP development

Meet the facis! Krystian Chojnowski

Name: Krystian Chojnowski Aka/Nickname: Calvin Position in AIESEC Denmark: NST IM

Maria Grabowska

Name: Maria Grabowska Aka/nickname: Marysia Position in AIESEC Denmark:NST Conference manager

Meet the facis! Matthias Kunz

Name: Matthias Kunz Nickname: Position: NST Impact Africa

Todor Todorov

Name: Todor Todorov Aka: Baboon Position in @ DK : NST Brand Management and Analysis

Meet the OC! LOUISE Name: Louise Rahbek Simonsen About her: LIKES Penguins Position: OCP

ANCA Name: Anca Teodosiu About her : Can`t survive a day without chocolate Position: OC VP Logistics

Meet the OC! Michal Name:Michał Czarnecki About him: Deeply in love with mayonnaisee Position: OC VP Finance J

Gediminas Name: Gediminas Gedas About him: A sexy chef Position: OC VP External Promotion

Meet the OC! Simona Name:Simona Durcova About her: LIKES to be call Madonna Position: OC VP Parties & Sanitation

Justin Name: Constatin Iustin About him: I cannot write short & funny descriptions of myself. Sorry ď Š Position: General OC Member


PARTY TIME ! Friday night: Halloween Party( Get naughty!) Costume is a must!!!

• Saturday Night: Official dinner It will be fallowed by : Back to the 80`s Party( Go crazy!)

Venue and transportation Every LC organises their own transport until Lindholm Brygge

The opening plenary will be held at Lindholm Brygge, where the delegates will check-in : Lindholm Brygge 35, 9400 Nørresundby Denmark After the opening plenary, we have arranged transportation until the CITIUS 2012 venue which is Vadum School, Søndermarken 29, 9430 Vadum

Venue and transportation For the delegates that will not come together with thier LC: •If you are coming by bus to Aalborg, stop at Aalborg Busterminal and then take bus no. 2 towards Aabybro Busterminalen and stop at the station call Ellehammervej. •If you are coming by train, stop at Aalborg station and take bus no. 2 from Aalborg Busterminal same route as mention above •If you are coming by plane, take bus no. 2 from Aalborg Lufthavn, same route as mention above.


• Friday : Lunch, some snacks, water bottles • Sleeping bag, mattress and a pillow • Party costumes • Official dinner clothes( suit for men, dress for women) • Towel, shampoo, tooth brush & paste, make up • Your own cigarettes • As we want to emphasize how sustainable we are, you can bring your own mug for coffee. • Cash for drink coupons, preferably some 50 kr. notes • Other things you think you will use during the weekend… :D

Contacts Louise (OCP) ; 28 76 32 89 Anca ( OCVP Logistics); 52 82 77 51

Delegate booklet  
Delegate booklet  

Delegate booklet - Citius 2012