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Personal Branding Website of Anca Ioana GRAPA

Profile Evaluation Based on the results of the personality test in the book “50 Best Jobs for Your Personality” written by Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin, my inclinations are both investigative as well as artistic, scoring 14 out of 30 points for each personality type. These results are also portrayed in the skills assessment test in the book “100 Fastest-Growing CAREERS”, written by Michael Farr, as follows: the most relevant abilities are in the field of science, mathematics and interpersonal relationships, scoring 42, 32 and 30 respectively, out of 50 points., while for the artistic skills, the test results show 22 out of 50 points. Therefore, my personality traits are specific for investigative fields, having a great interest in science and mathematics, but also in the field of art, may it be creative writing or design.

Vision 1. Introduction 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this vision document is to include all applications, projects, and business processes which will influence and determine the final state of the product. 1.2 Definitions, acronyms and abbreviations:  Proprietor: the proprietor of the website.  User: Anyone who accesses the website  Portfolio: A collection of the proprietor’s work and/or samples of previous projects to stand as a valid proof of the proprietor’s interests and abilities. 1.3 References: HTTP://PIC.DHE.IBM.COM/INFOCENTER/CLMHELP/V3R0M1/INDEX.JSP?TOPIC=%2FCOM.IBM.RATION AL.RRM.HELP.DOC%2FTOPICS%2FR_VISION_DOC.HTML

2. Positioning 2.1 Business opportunity The business opportunities the present project brings forward are multiple, to name a few:  Personal branding site aims at enhancing one’s visibility in order to get higher chances of being offered a job opportunity  Potential employers are able to consult proprietor’s work 2.2 Problem statement: The problem of effective research of qualified employees affects almost all business owners. The impact of the problem is reflected in considerable effort and time for the human resources departments in order to find the best qualified person suited for the existing needs of the business. A successful solution would include the creation of personal branding sites which can include education, prior jobs, projects, interests, abilities and objectives. 2.3 Product position statement: For the proprietor, who is looking for employment opportunities, the Personal branding Website is an efficient tool that allows the proprietor to exhibit his work and CV as potential future projects to develop. Unlike job search engine type sites, our product allows full customization and control by the proprietor once the final product has been deployed. 3. Product overview 3.1 Product perspective: Personal Branding Website gives the proprietor the ability to post his CV and a portfolio. 3.2 Summary of capabilities: Proprietor’s point of view Ability to edit or remove content from the website

User’s point of view Ability to view the posted content

Ability to customize the layout and structure of the site Ability to add, edit or remove contact information

Ability to have access to the content of the website Ability to contact the proprietor based on the given contact info

5. Product features 5.1 Feature 1: Portfolio representative of the proprietor’s work, interests and abilities. This portfolio can be edited only by the proprietor. He has the right to remove, add and/or comment its content. 5.2 Feature 2: The proprietor’s CV as well as the portfolio is submitted to download in case the visitor, may it be potential employer or simple user is interested.

Epics 1 Only the proprietor can post/edit/remove his/her CV and portfolio 2 The user may visualize and download the portfolio 3 Only the proprietor can modify data contained in the site 4 The user can view the site in different languages 5 The user can contact the proprietor based on the contact information displayed on the site

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