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Note to Parents Tanvi has shown very good performance in the last month. She has been able to work up her way through the feedbacks, and is trying to use them eectively. If she is able to practise the activities designed, she should be able to apply the given concepts in real life.

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Roll No: 32


Material Noun Abstract Noun


Addition of Fractions Representation of Fractions Multiplication of Fractions


Circulatory System Respiratory System

Many nouns are used variably as material and common nouns depending on the context. Tanvi should be asked to differentiate between the usage of a few words as common and material noun in easily available texts like news items and mails.

Give Tanvi a packet of groundnuts. Ask her to count the number of beans in the packet. Ask her: What will be the half or one-third of these groundnuts?

Work with Tanvi to form a story or a jingle, or build analogies which will help her retain names of the parts of the circulatory system. For example, A for Artery, V for Vein, one takes the blood out, the other brings in. The time spent on making memory associations ensures significant retention.

Collect some materials like oil, milk, sugar, a few spoons and balls. Show them to Tanvi one by one and ask her to state, with an example, how she would use the name of this object as a material noun. Discuss with her why all material names can’t be used as material nouns.

Ask Tanvi to call two of her friends or siblings. Give them 5, 10 and 15 Rajma beans. Ask them to represent the Rajma beans obtained by them in terms of the original collection of Rajma beans.

Some scientists and organisations like WHO have been arguing about the role of kitchens as a source of active air pollution in our lives. Ask Tanvi to read newspaper articles on the topic, and request her to list out some best practices that can keep your family safe from such hazards.

Play DumbCharades with Tanvi in which the objective is to act and guess abstract nouns. This activity will emphasise the difficulty in communicating ideas, and hence the need of using abstract nouns.

Give a chapati to Tanvi. Ask her to give half of it to her father. Next, ask her to give you half of the leftover chapati. Ask her to represent the fraction of chapati with each one of you.

Find time to visit a physical fitness instructor or a yoga guru. Talk to them about rhythmic breathing and how it helps us remain fit and live longer. Work with them on improving your breathing patterns.

Parent Report Card | R Square  

Parent Report Card | R Square

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