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Are you smarter than a 10 Year Old? We always like to try and prove our intelligence no matter how old we are, but this show really does cause contestants to dig out their school books

Emma Claire Smith, Wednesday 12 March 2014

Contestants are belittled as Dick and Dom monkey around with the children

This TV quiz show is like the zoo. If you dislike seeing chimpanzees encaged then you’ll detest it and ought to not throw away the precious period you get to spend in front of the box. Nevertheless, ‘Are You Smarter than a 10 year Old?’ is made for families, and they relish the on-screen chaos. The shell of this TV show does what you would imagine –it delivers a family fun quiz whereby Dick and Dom use the rise and fall of an adult, who attempts to outshine a flock of 10 year olds. Hurrah! Oh, and not forgetting the guidance that family members have to offer, even if a daughter suggests buying a pony with the money daddy wins. Unluckily, this show has been plagued with Dick and Dom’s aggravating attitudes. Spectating allows us to picture them swinging from tree tops, because they’re

constantly monkeying around. Then again, complaining about their measly attempt to provide entertainment is not going to dramatically effect audience figures, hence why you should experience it for yourself. Even those of us that are regular quiz goers have our brains rattled with the challenging questions. This pretty much suggests that the contestants chances have ended before they even begin, well if it wasn’t for the 3 precious life lines – a selection of rather belittling, miniscule opportunities to regain a sense of pride. You must be cautioned that a mass amount of pretentious 10 year olds are Which of the hazardous – as they prance onto the TV set be prepared to switch channel, or you may feel at ease following metals turning the TV off altogether.

forms an amalgam

As expected, the quiz show asks questions based on with other metals? traditional school subjects. But, these are not ones that would’ve been in your exam paper at the age of 10. A question may be along the lines of ‘Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?’ If like me, your first thought is probably, ‘what even is an amalgam?’ Well, the 10 year olds would be able to tell you, for sure. Like trained puppies, their unnatural intelligence belittles every contestant that they stand beside on their podium. Nonetheless, their feral behaviour does provide some family fun.

Besides the suffocating irritability of the quiz show, there are some astounding moments when contestants share personal reasons for wanting to win the money. Also, who can resist smiling at the children’s innocent giggles when they don’t comprehend Dick and Dom’s innuendos? This show spotlights their adorable natures. Each golden moment permit us to not only fail at answering The children innocently giggle at Dick & questions, but to also offer life advice for the sorry Dom’s innuendos souls. All from the safety of our sofas at home. We are reeled into the hyperactivity, tension and triumph because it reminds us of our school days. The quiz show takes place amongst an elaborate set, one that is even equipped with desks! It’s no wonder why some are afraid to participate with the dreaded, educational atmosphere. Often, the camera casts over the crumpled faces of audience members. Do you find yourself looking like this too? Don’t worry, you can be sure to witness the moment when a contestant squirms due to the embarrassment of answering incorrectly, especially because their 10 year old acquaintance appears to be breezing through. ‘Are you Smarter than a 10 year Old?’ certainly scores high on the aggravation scale, but it is perhaps the most comical quiz show and the questions provide a test for young and older brains. Although we should be frank, contestants have a preset persona so they are nearly always going to be failures – the show isn’t really about winning the top

amount of money, it’s about capturing the wit and intelligence of our younger generation.

Are you smarter than a 10 year old  
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