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Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) and Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Training Project What is the issue, problem, or challenge? • Maternal, perinatal and neonatal mortality rates in Nepal remain among the highest in the world (281 per 100,000 live birth, 45 per 1,000 and 33 per 1,000 resp. 2006) • The majority (81%) of women are still giving birth at home without assistance of skilled birth attendants (SBAs). • There is a critical shortage of trained midwives and female health workers (FHWs) • Only 18% of mothers have access to skilled birth attendants throughout Nepal; it’s worse in the rural villages surrounding Lumbini and Kapilavastu Summary The aim of this project is to provide scholarships to help train the young women of Lumbini area in skills that will be useful in their villages, namely Auxiliary Nurse Midwife or Certified Medical Assistant training. The initial scholarship recipients will be selected from the pioneer graduating class of the Karuna Girls College, the first village girls to attain this educational level in Lumbini. . How will this project solve this problem? This project will provide an 18 month degree program training in ANM (Auxiliary Nurse-Midwife (analogous to a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or a 15 month certificate training course in CMA (Certified Medical Assistant), Both qualify one to work in a government health post on completion. Both of these training programs are very valuable and provide essential training in safe birthing techniques and early identification of prenatal problems. This will enable the trainees to save countless lives in their own rural communities. It will also help provide community outreach to educate the rural mothers in proper health and hygiene as well as critical issues like family planning and nutrition. The graduates of these programs will provide a very valuable human resource to the Lumbini region and will play a crucial role in our larger plan to set up a comprehensive rural hospital and health care system.

Potential Long Term Impact The Peace Grove Nunnery Girls, are known as the pioneers of girls education in the entire Lumbini region, as they have set a very valuable example for other local rural girls to follow. Traditionally girls are discouraged from pursuing education in rural Nepali communities, however, with the help of our Peace Grove Nunnery project, these girls were able to continue their education and have just completed grade 12. Around Lumbini, and in rural Nepal in general, it is still extremely rare for a girl to finish the 10th class, and still rarer for her to pass the comprehensive government exam which follows (the SLC, or School Leaving Certificate). Higher education is entirely beyond the reach of most of these young women: as they face familial and societal pressure to marry and start having children, not to mention the prohibitive expense of college. Most families, if they have any resources beyond subsistence, think only of educating sons, since daughters marry out of the family and are therefore not a good “investment”. Apart from schooling, Peace Grove Girls are pioneers in their local community. They are all very active in changing their culturally entrenched social roles in meaningful and beneficial ways. They have regularly volunteered to help organize rural health camps, yearly eye clinics and various social activities, thus becoming great models for the society. They are very eager to receive this higher training in health education in order to better serve their own communities. As they are the first “batch of their kind”, if these young pioneers are able to receive this training which will qualify them for a government job,. They will also serve to inspire higher goals for other girls in the region. Funding Information The 15 to 18 month CMA or ANM (based on their selection in the respective courses) will cost about 2600 to 3000 USD per student, depending upon the respective accommodation and food charges. At the end of the courses there will also be a 2 to 3 month on the job training at a government appointed hospital. An initial admission cost of about 500 USD will be required upfront for each girl in April/May and then the remaining cost can be divided in easy installments of about 60-65 dollars per month. Girls waiting to be sponsored: Mudita, Dhammadinna, Sudharma , Khema, Supriya, Saccha, Vijita, Sudatta, Ratna, Sanghamitta. Thank you for helping us achieve our dreams! Anatta is an all volunteer registered 501(c)3 non-profit All proceeds go to direct project costs and are tax exempt PO Box 1579 Summit NJ 07902

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