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Matilde Pereira Ferreira

number 25 School year 2012-13

class 6

grade 6

MY 5 PAGE Hello! My name is Matilde, I am eleven years old and I live in Barcelos. I haven’t got any sisters or brothers. I’ve got many friends, but my best friend is Mafalda. We like dancing and listening to music together but my favourite hobby is reading. We do it at school. At home, I like watching TV and I love playing computer games. My favourite activities are jogging and horse riding. I like outdoor activities very much. I think they are good. My profile Age: 11 Hair: brown Birthday: May Nationality: Portuguese Hometown: Barcelos

THIS IS ME My name is Matilde and I am eleven years old. My favourite colours are pink, green, yellow and blue. I’m from Portugal. I live with my dad and my mum. My favourite singers are Shakira and Lady Gaga. In the English class, I’ve learned the British Isles and vocabulary about greetings, the days of the week, the months of the year and the cardinal numbers.

MY SCHOOL AND I Hello, my name is Matilde and I am 11 years old. I am from Portugal. My birthday is on 20th May. I am short and slim. I have got brown eyes, a small nose, small ears, an oval face and long curly brown hair. My family is good. My mother is Maria José and she is 41 years old. My father is Manuel and he is 40 years old. My grandmother is Maria do Céu. She is 75 years old and my grandfather is Américo. He is 73 years old. I like playing and studying. I love eating pizza and fish but I don’t like lettuce, broccoli and pepper. I love flowers. My favourite colours are yellow, pink and green. I love my school and my teachers. In my classroom there are twenty-seven students: seventeen girls and ten boys. My students and teachers are amazing. My new school objects are pens, a ruler and a pencil. My favourite school subjects are English and Art. My best friend is Mafalda. My favourite hobby is playing Wii and I also love studying. Goodbye.

A LETTER TO EMILY Dear Emily, My name is Matilde. I’m 11 years old and I live in Barcelos, Portugal. I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. My favourite sports are tennis, horse riding and gymnastics. My favourite hobbies are reading, listening to music and painting. My best friend is Mafalda. We like playing, dancing, listening to music and playing the violin. It is funny being with her. Kisses Your friend Matilde

CLAIRE’S My favourite store is Claire’s. It is a store for fashion accessories: bags for mobile phones, sunglasses, purses, scarves, gloves, hats, hair accessories, varnishes, portfolios, school supplies (notebooks, pens, notepads, stickers etc) chains, bracelets, rings, shoes, etc. It is a very colourful shop with fantastic news and their products are of good taste and juveniles. They are always fashionable in any situation. It is the store I often visit and where I spend some time because it is difficult to choose.

ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS Alicia: Excuse me, can you help me? Peter: Yes, of course. What can I do for you? Alicia: Where is the school? How can I get there? Peter: Well, go straight ahead, take the first turning left, go as far as the roundabout, turn right and go straight ahead, the school is at the corner of Russel Street near the supermarket. You will get there in twelve minutes. Alicia: Can I go by bus? Peter: Yes, it is number nine. Alicia: Thank you. Bye.

DESCRIBING PEOPLE’S PERSONALITY I am going to describe my friend Ana Rita. She is brunette and has got long straight brown hair. She is tall and a bit plump. She has got green eyes and her nose is small. She has got a beautiful smile. She is very talkative, friendly, playful but also stubborn and a bit grumpy. Sometimes she seems angry at the world but she is a good friend.

WHAT MY FRIENDS THINK ABOUT ME My friends think I am trustworthy, sensitive and optimistic. Some say I am a shy girl but others say I am talkative. They say I am happy, tidy and cool.

MY BEST FRIENDS Hello! My name is Matilde and I am 11 years old. I am from Portugal. My best friends are Ana Rita and Catarina. Ana Rita is 11 years old but she is taller than me. She has got long straight brown hair and green eyes. She is tall and plump. She is funny, friendly and kind. She likes playing football and table tennis. Catarina is 11 years old but she is taller than Ana Rita. She has got long straight brown hair and brown eyes. She is tall and thin. She is funny, friendly, kind and helpful. She likes listening to music and playing transversal flute.

THE ANIMAL WORLD I really like animals: I have two fishes, one hamster, one d og, one cat and a canary. I worry a lot about them, if they are well and happy. I wish I had many more but still is very difficult so i visit them in parks and zoos. I love to see others like dolphins, sea lions, penguins, giraffes, different types of primates, macaws, owls especially the Barn Owl, squirrels, farm animals etc but the ones I most admire are suricates. These are very beautiful and I love seeing them in alert position (supported on his back legs). They are protectors and live in families. They make houses under the ground and eat fruits and herbs. They have they eyes wide open and at the smallest noise they move, they do not approach the people who visit but do not change their behaviour. They seem happy families. However there are animals that disturb me a

little bit like reptiles: various types of snakes, crocodiles and also I do not appreciate spiders. For me the animal world is special and rich. It is great to see their habitat and habits. We must love and respect and protect the animals.

LIFE OF PI This movie is not my favourite but it is very special. When I saw him I felt many emotions and I was fascinated. PI suffered a lot as a child because of his name, thought he was weird. When he was older he had to leave his village and friends, especially his girlfriend to depart with his family. It was very sad. The ship sank and his parents and brother were killed. Only he, a zebra, a monkey and a tiger survived. The voyage continued for him and the tiger in a small boat. It took weeks, storms, a mysterious island and a constant struggle to survive without being eaten by the tiger or killed by the sea and tiredness. This struggle led him to keep a strong connection with life and with God. They both survived: sometimes friends sometimes enemies but the tiger always maintained its nature, never let PI dominate and left without looking back to PI. Pi became a special man and fighter and never lost hope in life.

MY DAILY ROUTINE I usually get up at seven o’clock and I brush my teeth. Afterwards, I have a shower and after that I get dressed. I have my breakfast at ten past eight. I go to school by car. I arrive at school at a quarter past eight. My classes start at twenty past eight. My school timetable is good.

My favourite subject is Art and I like Music, too. I can play the violin really well. I have got Music on Mondays and Wednesdays. After school, I go home and I do my homework. After dinner, I usually brush my teeth. At half eight, I have dinner with my family. Finally I go to bed at half past nine.

AT THE RESTAURANT Waiter: good afternoon. Here is the menu. Dad: Ok, thank you. Waiter: Would you like to order, please? Dad: I would like shepherd’s pie, my wife would like chicken and mushroom pie and my daughter would like fish fingers, peas and mash. Waiter: Would you like soup? Dad: Yes, please. Soup for everybody. Waiter: What would you like to drink? Dad: I’d like orange juice, mineral water for my wife and a colo for my daughter, please. Waiter: Would you like dessert? Dad: We’d like jelly and apple and sponge cake. Waiter: Ok. Dad: Can you bring the bill, please? Waiter: Here it is. It’s thirty pounds and five pence. Dad: Here you are. Thank you Waiter: Thank you very much: Come back again. Dad: Good bye

THE BEST HOLIDAYS OF MY LIFE The favourite holidays of my life were in Lisbon. I went there during my summer holidays in 2007. I travelled by car and it was a very comfortable journey. I stayed in a hotel. It was funny. I visited the Lisbon Zoo and the Lisbon Oceanarium. I stayed in Lisbon for two days. I did a lot of activities during my holidays. In the morning, I saw the elephants, lions, zebras, snakes, bears, parrots, monkeys and wolves in the Lisbon Zoo and Oceanarim. I saw the dolphins, sharks, sea horses and fishes. In the evening I slept in the bedroom hotel. I had a fantastic summer holiday.

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