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Happy Holidays from Jomarc Way Home of Checkers and ZuZu Merry Mail is returning to your inboxes and hearts after a few years’ hiatus. Much like the Olympics, Merry Mail is best enjoyed once every four years. After receiving rave reviews in the Christmas of 2008 (though greatly confusing several members of Kelly’s family), we are proud to once again offer you the tales of Checkers and ZuZu. We realize that many of you would like updates on the cats’ general well-being more than twice a decade. To accommodate those demanding fans, we will be sporadically updating with the latest cat news. If you are so eager for information that it cannot wait, feel free to e-mail Ana at or Kelly at



To be free or not to be free? Two cats’ unique perspectives on America. From Checkers: “I wish I were free. You don’t even know how bad I want it. Sometimes I spend the entire day just staring out the window. Staring at freedom. Staring at what could have been. At what could be. At what my mom won’t let me have. Freedom.

From ZuZu:

“Grrrrrrl, what do you want freedom for? Do you think in the wilderness they just give you kibble and brushies for nothing? Nuh-uh, girl, freedom ain’t free! You want real freedom? I don’t. Freedom looks hard! Freedom looks like everyday you have to leave and go to work while I just stay at home and take a I thought this was America. I thought we could all nap! You can’t just take a nap when you’ve got be free. What if no one is free? Maybe you think freedom. I don’t know a whole lot but I know I’ve you’re free but really you’re trapped inside a box and got it good. You couldn’t pay me to be free. Girrrrl, you don’t even know it. Maybe when you are you can’t even make me leave the house. It’s scary allowed onto the metaphorical porch of life there is out there!” an invisible leash holding you back. Maybe no one *For optimal understanding, please use their respective voices. will ever be free…but we can’t give up hope.”



Caturday A more than periodic holiday. If you follow Ana or Kelly (mostly Ana) on any form of social media, you have probably heard of “Caturday.” Some foolish people still refer to it as “Saturday,” but on Jomarc Way we know the truth. Caturday is that magical time of the week when the humans are home long enough to actually see the cats in the daylight. And these cats look magical in the daylight.

Kelly and Ana both spend a large portion of their time giving people what they want all over the greater Atlanta area. #gtpwtw

The ideal Caturday is spent capturing ZuZu and Checkers in various states of repose all over the house. These images are then Camera+-ed to perfection and shared with the world. The goal of these pictures is to inspire others with their natural beauty. Past facebook reviews have included “Talk about cat fancy!” “So fluffy!” and “These cats make me want to continue living.” When not celebrating Caturday, Kelly can be found teaching music to the children, performing with Automatic Improv and Keltic Kudzu, and generally selling the dream. Ana stays busy advising students at Kennesaw State University, singing with too many groups, and rotating through various new life phases (past phases have included cycling, juicing, and brewing coffee). Sun.





Start new “Phase”




School Concert


Coro Vocati

Teach Improv Class








Fake Choir


Fri. Improv

Phone with John Dickson




KSU Sport Game

Fake Choir



On the Mend On November 24th, 2012, Checkers was diagnosed with The Fleas. The family took immediate action and eradicated the problem through thorough washing, brushing, and bombing. Checkers is in full agreement that it was a poor choice on his part and will never happen again. Jomarc Way will continue to be vigilant and will hold 11/24/12 in their memories as a day not to be repeated.

CHECKERS&ZUZU 2362 Jomarc Way Marietta, GA 30062

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