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WINTER 2010 Klaveness UK, 6a Church Lane Narborough, Leicester LE19 2GL


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Call us for the latest Klaveness Stock Catalogue which is available now. The quality and styles you have come to expect are all there at a competitive price.

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elevated pressure and shear in other designs. • Improving the quality of the shoe upper materials that are

Taking a good idea to the next level

New Products for Diabetic Foot Care

NEW PRODUCTS DIABETIC FOOT CARE Introducing the Klaveness Medical Systems range

Klaveness are proud to announce their new Forefoot Relief, Heel Relief and Trauma Shoes - referred to as the Klaveness Medical Systems (KMS) range. These bring refined shoe technology, superior function and improved appearance - taking this proven healing method to the

CHILDREN’S STOCK SHOES New Range FOOTLAB SCANNER New innovation in Foot Scanning WALKING BOOTS Exciting New Design Launched

New Range

Childrens Stock Shoes for Custom Insoles next level – and at a highly competitive price. Although designed with diabetic foot care in mind the orthotist or podiatrist will find these attractive designs applicable to many orthopaedic challenges. Whether on the forefoot or hind-foot, diabetic foot ulcers can be difficult to treat and evidence shows that relief of pressure,

NEWS & EVENTS Klaveness Medical Shoes were featured in a workshop organised by the University of Salford’s College of Health & Social Care. The event, hosted as part of the celebration of Manchester Science Week, intended to demonstrate the importance of public engagement in developing cutting-edge technologies. Klaveness shoes are well received for their attractive styles, quality and function.


selected so that the whole shoe functions as a unit - with no unwarranted flexing or collapse of the structure. • Offering a footbed that is easy to replace or customise – prolonging the effective life of the shoe – and value for money. • Improving user acceptance through a greatly improved “shoe like” appearance

Children who need special footwear want ordinary shoes.You know what we mean ‘Cool’ shoes with a modern look, like the shoes other children wear. That is why we let experts in fashion, medicine and orthopaedics work together in developing our shoes. Children’s shoes by Klaveness provide very good stability. They all have room for orthopaedic insoles and some models are suitable for use with orthoses. In spite of having extra room for AFOs and bandages, Klaveness orthotic shoes for children look exactly like ordinary

friction and shear is vital. Correctly prescribed shoes are proven to be able to accelerate healing time.  They are designed to reduce the pressure and shear around areas of risk or breakdown whilst allowing patient mobility. The KMS design enhances the practicality of this approach by:• Optimising rocker position and pitch of the sole for each size – balancing the off-loading effect with walking and standing ability • Enhancing the stiffness of the sole – this prevents unwanted twisting of the structure – a situation that leads to

KLAVENESS UK NEWSLETTER, NO 1 footwear. With a long opening, greater volume and an inside loop, they are also easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Our orthotic shoes may be purchased singly and they match other models in our children’s range. Klaveness Technology

Footlab Scanner Correct sizing of orthopaedic footwear and footbeds is obviously vital but often seems to be problematic. Test fittings are sometimes used to get things right but they add delay and cost to the process. Why not aim to get things correct the first time? The traditional techniques of taking a draft of the foot have been reexamined by Klaveness to improve the accuracy and reliability of the measurement process. A Footlab Scanner has been produced to guide the orthotist through all of the steps. When combined with custom software, the result is accurate measures plus a valuable visual record of each foot which extremely useful as a clinical record. If required, last selection can be overlaid with the footscan to verify your selection. For the greatest efficiency, the Footlab scanner can be combined with on-site fitting stock and ordering of shoes and footbeds can be organised directly over the web. If you would like to see the Footlab scanner in action take a look at this on-line video.


NEW WALKING BOOTS Great NEW DESIGN built on the Thor last. Available as Stock, Narrow or Wide fitting or as a Modular Shoe.


Attractive Children’s styles featured - from top • E9313 • E9321 • E9324 Please Call Our Office for More Information Tel: 0116 2866067 Fax: 0116 2862970 Email:




OUR MODULAR FOOTWEAR NOW WITH NEW STYLES AND LASTS Our modular range of footwear is called - FIA (Footwear with Individual Adjustment) - and aims to meet your prescription needs and delight your patients with styles that are fashionable as well as functional. We have now added new styles to reflect changes on the High Street. Our New Lasts give you and your clients additional flexibility in look and fit. Taking styles from our Stock - ‘Off the Shelf’- and High Street range we have created a selection of footwear that allows you to customise the last, uppers and soles to further refine the quality of fit for your clients. Request Your Catalogue Now !

Modular Shoes

Have it your own way! Through investment in our manufacturing facilities in Portugal and Poland, Klaveness have the tools to be at the leading edge of prescription footwear provision. Our FIA range of modular shoes are now available in three last widths - Narrow, Standard and Wide and in Ladies and Gents Shapes. Three Last Widths: Narrow, Standard and Wide Shapes: Ladies: Ortho Size 1 - 10 Gents: Thor and Classic Size 39 – 51 To ease the process of choosing the correct last we can provide a sale or return fitting stock. We recommend this as an effective way to eliminate costly and time consuming rough fitting stages. You can also send a full set of BS5943:1980 Orthopaedic Shoe measurements. From this we are able to choose the last and correct modifications to produce well-fitted shoes. On request we will produce the footwear to a fitting stage. These items ready for delivery in 10 – 15 working days. Diabetic: We are able to meet your Diabetic Specification. Our recommended Diabetic Specification includes: padded collars, rim toe puff, natural material lining with minimal seams. Adaptation: We offer a full adaptation service to our footwear when manufacturing which will allow us to match the colour and material giving a superior cosmetic appearance and quality of finish.



WINTER FALL 2010 2009

A BIT OF HISTORY ORIGINS OF KLAVENESS Perfect fit, good lasts and top quality; when he started in 1957 these were the kinds of shoes Dagfinn Klaveness decided to produce. To this day, Klaveness aim to create a high quality product - meeting prescription requirements and delighting the user. In 1992, we started to produce orthopaedic footwear, and since then we have invested significantly in the development of this type of product. We made some mistakes and we have learned from them. Through active partnership with researchers, orthopaedic workshops and patients, Klaveness has developed a unique expertise in this type of footwear. Klaveness has now 150 employees in five different countries with production facilities in Portugal and Poland.

CALL US.. LIKE TO LEARN MORE? To try our shoes or simply learn more please contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to help. Having problems with Delivery Times? We can Help! Klaveness UK 6a Church Lane Narborough Leicester LE19 2GL Tel: 0116 2866067 Fax: 0116 2862970 Email:



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Klaveness shoes are perfect for people who require prescription, stock/custom footwear and desire greater freedom to choose from an extensive range of fashionable designs.

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Our range is based on our most popular models from our Comfort (High Street) Collection. The result always both fashionable and functional.

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Winter Newsletter from Klaveness UK. Fashionable and functional prescription shoes. What's new in the area of prescription shoes

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