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Product Portfolio

Fiber model/module available

8800 c-series


PoE model/module available

BlackDiamond 12800/ BlackDiamond 20800


SummitStack™ Gigabit Aggregation


Summit® X650 NEW

8800 a-series 10/100 Edge

Summit X250e

Gigabit Edge

Summit X450e

8800 e-series

Summit X350


ExtremeXOS™ Page 3

Value Edge

Summit X150

Aggregation Advanced Edge

Summit® X450a

10 Gigabit Aggregation

Phenomenal Success – Thank You!

XOS-based Summits

BD 8800 Chassis

Time line : Jan 06 -> Sept 08

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ReachNXT 100-8t Enterprise Port Extender ReachNXT 100-8t


► 8-port 10/100BASE-T auto negotiation, auto

polarity ports, 1 shared 10/100/1000BASE-T (PoE input) or 1000BASE-X SFP uplink ports ► Fanless

310$ GP L

► Kensington lock slot ► ReachNXT 100-8t accessory options

• Magnets (2) and metal mounting plate

ReachNXT™ 100-8t is an enterprise port extender • AC power adapter • ReachNXT 100-8t is ideal for the Ethernet access where there is sparse user population and a less dynamic environment Extend ExtremeXOS® to access © 2009 Extreme Networks Inc. All rights reserved

ReachNXT 100-8t Hardware Dimensions: 220 x 149.4 x 34 mm System Reset

External PSU connector

2-port 10/100/1000BASE-T, SFP combo ports

8 10/100BASE-T ports Out of band mgmt port

LED indicators

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Accessories • • •

1000M (1G) Ethernet SFPs 1000BASE-SX 1000BASE-LX 1000BASE-BX-U/D

• •

ReachNXT 100-8t product-specific AC power adapter Mounting kit

ReachNXT 100-8t PoE Port Uplink Connect to ExtremeXOS Switch ►Works with ExtremeXOS switch

only ►Communicate with switch via

LLDP message ►Visible in the network via

EPICenter or the upstream ExtremeXOS switch ►Flexible deployment ( Plug-and-

Play) ►Firmware upgrade done through

upstream ExtremeXOS switches or from the network

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External AC Power Adapter

Three Options: 1.US/Asia 2.UK 3.EU

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Applications – Conference Room

Conference room ExtremeXOS port extender  Allows conference room guests to connect to Internet ∎ Simple to connect, just use an RJ-45 cable ∎ Easier to maintain than wireless network  Eliminates security issues associated with wireless network ∎ Must be directly connected to the network to hack in  No external power needed ∎ Power can be supplied by upstream ExtremeXOS switch through its 10/100/1000BASE-T port

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Applications – Casino Slot Machines

Aggregate casino slot machines • Inexpensive way to aggregate a bank of 8 slot machines

• PoE input gives greater flexibility of ReachNXT 100-8t placement

• Upstream 1000M fiber port option allows distances greater than 100m

• More difficult to hack in to casino network as one needs to be physically connected to ReachNXT 100-8t

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NEW! SummitX650

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10G Top-of-Rack innovation - Summit® X650 Next level of scalability and virtualization ► Dense 10G ports in 1 RU form factor 

24x10GbE in 1RU

48x10GbE non-blocking bandwidth in 2RUs

512Gbps bandwidth in stacking cable

1.92TbE of aggr. Bandwidth

► Virtualize and Mix-n-Match

 Virtualize Summit X650, Summit X450 and Summit


X250 with 1 IP-MAC address

 Allows customer to migrate with unique mix-n-match stacking capability

 XOS evolving to detect and react to Vmotion events ► First 10GbE switch with 40GbE/100GbE future

proofing in 1RU  Innovative 256Gbps expansion slot (VIM) technology  VIM ready to support ToR/EoR 100G or 40G architectures

Versatile Interface Module (VIM) options 1.8x10G SFP+ uplink 2.4xGE SFP uplink 3.4xGE SFP uplink plus 256GE stack 4.512GE stack,

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► Industry Leadership: Extreme +

Summit X650 at a Glance The industry leading hardware design for ultimate availability, flexibility and performance

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Summit X650 at a Glance Console

Front 10GbE ports

Out-of-band management

4-port Gig SFP

VIM Slot

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Removable FAN


Redundant AC/DC PSU

Versatile Interface Modules Delivering Architectural Flexibility

VIM1-SummitStack (Standard) • 40Gbps SummitStack • 4-port 1Gbps SFP

VIM1-SummitStack512 • 512Gbps Stack

performance • Non-Blocking with two

Summit X650s

VIM1-10G8X • 40Gbps SummitStack • 8-port 10Gbps SFP+

VIM1-SummitStack256 • 256Gbps Stack

performance • 2:1 oversubscription with

two Summit X650s • 4-port 1Gpbs SFP

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VIM Architecture 256G full duplex connection

128G Stacking Cable

VIM1-SummitStack256 - 256G Stacking Module and 128G Stacking Cable Page 17

NEW! BD8800 “C”-series

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BlackDiamond® 8800 ‘c’ Series Third Generation Modules

Powered By ExtremeXOS® 12.1

CLEAR-Flow Insight!

Higher scale and 10G density for Enterprise Core • •

Double the MAC, ACL, and multicast scale Double the 10G density

8-port 2:1 10G XFP


4-port 10G XFP


48-port 10/100/1000 + POE FRU


48-port Fiber


24-port Fiber


MSM with dual-core CPU + 8x1G FRU + 10G FRU

BlackDiamond 8800 a-series

Investment Protection Same Chassis, Power Supplies Backward compatible with older MSM and I/O modules Same (and more) XOS availability, convergence, security features

BlackDiamond 8800 e-series

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Adv. Edge

• • •





Module Mix

BlackDiamond 8800

BlackDiamond速 8800 v3 Modules

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NEW! BlackDiamond 20800

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BlackDiamond 20808 

BlackDiamond 20808 Chassis   


Initial Module Product Offerings   

10-Slot chassis 2 MM slots, 8 I/O slots Hot swappable, redundant 48VDC or 220VAC PSUs (up to 5) Only 3 PSUs are required in the first version Hot swappable, redundant fan trays MM; Basic and Advanced configurations XM-8XB; 8-Port 10GBASE-X XFP IO module GM-40XA/B; 40-Port GIGE Basic and Advanced configurations XFM-1; Cross Bar Switch Fabric Module

Major Features      

2Tbps non-blocking switch fabric 1/3 rack chassis (14RU) Passive midplane design 120 Gig per slot performance 64 10G ports per chassis Hot swappable I/O, MM, XFM, PSUs, fan trays

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Software Feature sets for BD20800

More licenses to follow


PBT/PBB-TE, CFM, OAM (June 2009)

HQOS License


Hierarchical Quality Of Service

MPLS License




Layer 3 routing capability for OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, RIP, PIM

Upgrade options

PBT/PBB-TE License

Core license default license

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BlackDiamond 20808 HW Architecture 

Management Modules 


2 Management Modules, providing 1+1 redundancy Control Plane via Gig Ethernet to I/O and Crossbar modules; these connections are point to point

Control Plane GbE

Control Plane GbE Passive Midplane


MM MM Data Plane 120Gb/Slot

I/O Modules 

Packet processing and forwarding engines that support up to 80Gbps

Fabric Processor & Traffic Manager with packet buffers, queue management, and rate-shaping

Crossbar Fabric Modules 

I/O I/O Module Module I/O I/O Module Module I/O I/O Module Module I/O I/O Module Module I/O I/O Module Module I/O I/O Module Module I/O I/O Module Module I/O I/O Module Module

System Programming Features 

5 Crossbar Fabric Modules providing N+1 redundancy Cell-based data-path crossbar routes packets to/from I/O Modules

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Field Programmable Data Plane 

NPU Microcode


Field Programmable Control Plane 



BlackDiamond 20808 Chassis

Front View

Rear View Fan Tray

Management Modules(1:1)

Max. 5 Fabric Modules (N+1)

8 Port 10 GE Modules 40 Port 1 GE Modules

Max. 5 Power Supplies (N+1)

Fan Tray

Air Entry Page 25

Summary Switching Modules BlackDiamond 20808 Basic Series

BlackDiamond 20808 Advanced Series

XM-8XB; 8-Port 10GBASE-X XFP IO Module XM-8XB 512K Route/MAC Memory


GM-40XA/B; 40-Port GIGE GM-40XB


512 K Route/MAC Memory

1M Route/MAC Memory





2M Routes

4M Routes

XFM; Cross Bar Switch Fabric Module

MM; Management Module

Optics All the optics available for gigabit (mini-GBIC) and 10 gigabit XFP • Gigabit: 1000BASE-SX/LX/ZX and Dual Speed GBIC*; Copper • 10 gigabit: 10GBASE-SR/LR/ER/ZR Page 26

20808 Power Supply 

Both AC PSU and DC PSU available

Up to 5 PSUs per chassis, load sharing, same as the BD10K/BD12K

Only 3 PSUs required to support fully loaded chassis for N+1 redundancy.

Power Supplies are installed at the rear of the system along with the Crossbar Modules.

Remaining power can be used for the power-source redundancy and future modules

AC power supply 2400W@220VAC

DC power supply 1900W@-48VDC


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