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Hand-cut glass turkey

Handcrafted luxury accessories turkey Glass, which has been in use for five thousand years, appears in its most beautiful form incorporating cut glass, plain glass, hand blown glass, black glass, and çesm-i bülbül, a form of filigree glassware, to create candle holders, glasses and decanters… The Anatolian style stems from the traces of the Karahans, the Gaznes, the Abbasids, the Umayyads, the Fatimids, the Seljuks, and the Ottomans.

ANATOLI collections bring the beauty and traditions of the past into the minds of future generations through innovative and sustainable desig. The tradition of gift giving alongside the rituals of the service culture meet with contemporary users through the timeless designs of ANATOLI which will pass from generation to generation.

CONTACT US Anatoli Koru Sokak No:2 / 189-190 Besiktas 34340 Istanbul Phone:+90 212 353 66 00 – 01

Hand cut glass turkey