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Impacting Project Initial Plan Raising 01.09-20.10 Matching Oct – mid Nov Realization Nov – Dec TNs Planned : 128

Current Reality TNs Raised: 0 TNs Signed: 4 (CJ), 4 (IS), 2(LS), 3 (CU), 1 (QRO), 1 (UP) NGOs Interested: Many more

Impacting Project Updated Timeline DDL: 13.11 (documents signed, payment done, TNs on New) Matching: Nov – Dec Realizations: Mid Dec – Jan

Factors to consider Winter Peak is Dec – Jan Immigration Office closes on 16.12 and open on 09.01 (not working meanwhile)

From Zero to Hero Campaign Current Status 1 LC joined the campaign – IO 3 LCs in planning - CH, UN, CU TNs Ra: 0

ICX GCDP Inputs for Q4 Impacting Project - Track VPs to close deals until 13.11 (docs signed, payment, forms on NEW) - Matching Focus asa forms on AV - Apply for FM3 by 3rd week of Nov to have RE this Q - Supervise food and accommodation for trainees „From Zero to Hero� Campaign - Balance the HR on the area (all department working just for 1 activity) - Track the activity of new members (Are they really working and giving results?) - Assess external opportunities and ask the VP to constantly pay attention to governmental funds/general funds - Recommendation to start a project in NOV: CU, UN, UP, IPN, LS, IT, CH with Re in DEC / JAN (you have HR to do it)

Last 100m of EB Term on ICX GCDP  

Key information and recommendations for the next steps in Q4.