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For Antonio, Marco and Eva


Written and Illustrated by

Ana M. Terré Terrés

Mum, I want to know about

Grandad. Can you tell me stories?

Of course I can. Your Grandad loved children, and your big cousins always had a great time with him.

He was a big man, with a round baldy head, a big belly and skinny legs. But his heart was the biggest of all‌

His glasses were magic magic, they Looked normal, but In the sun, they turned dark ‌

He was very clever, and was always inventing useful gadgets for the house‌


He was a very good cook and liked putting curry powder on everything. He was the master of the barbeque!

You could always rely in Grandad, he would never let you down‌

He liked to watch cartoons with the children, and he used to cry at sad movies‌

He was a very good man, and is now the angel that looks after you‌

I have his photograph here, do you want to take a look?

The End

Mum, tell me about grangad  

Grandad stories

Mum, tell me about grangad  

Grandad stories