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l andscape a rchitecture p ortfolio

a na s ofia t eles da s ilva 10 th July 1990 Portuguese +351 919886774

CV Education 2012 - present

Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal (Master Landscape Architecture)

September 2011 - January 2012

Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein, The Netherlands (Master Landscape Architecture)

2008 - 2012

Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal (Bachelor Landscape Architecture)

Work experience February 2012 - July 2012

Internship at the municipaliy of Rotterdam

Personal skills Language skills

Portuguese English Spanish French

Computer skills

Adobe illustrator Adobe photoshop Adobe inDesign Autocad Google sketchUp Maxwell Render ArcGis

TIMELINE i nternship i ntroduction

U rban Park: Aveiro

to landscape planning

e cology



b ridging P rague u rban planning: Aveiro

u rban planning: Leek

p rivate garden t herapeutic garden m anagement and maintenance of a green area


d rawings & s ketches

c omplex clearing



p ublic park: Quires

t echnical design


u rban park and u rban qualification: Aveiro Place: Aveiro Date: January, 2013

Rossio square Alboi garden Sto. Ant贸nio park

infante D. Pedro park

This project is about a new urban park that is a combination of recreational areas and agricultural land existing a strict relationship between them.

university gardens

The main question after the park project was How do people get to the park and in what conditions are the structures. So we proposed an urban requalification in the main accesses to the urban park.


sports complex neighborhood gardens

fonte nova garden

urban park




entrance square

national road


u rban planning: Aveiro

Place: Aveiro, Portugal Date: November, 2012

Projecting for a new urban area give us the possibility to apply important different issues for an healthy urban growth, like ecology, sustainability, funcionality, economics, management of spaces, among other things. All this concepts intend to rise the quality of life of each citizen. 10

green structure

building height gradient

building tipologies

traffic flows

bycicle paths

Main goals: integrate different ways of moving green structure next to the road

(by bike, on foot, by car) in a secure way,

minimize the negative impact of the railway and national road,

avenue with green SUDS dividing the two ways

connect to the city centre, create small gardens of proximity, create a green ccontinuum, bring quality of living to the area, combine, services, business, and living.

street with green SUDS and next to the green structure


i nternship: Jaffa neighborhood photosop imagens for a Jaffa street with different topics illuminated

This project is about the requalification of a neighborhood in Rotterdam, more precisely in Jaffa.



So there were made new drawings for the street do they can be more comfortable for people. The buildings were proposed by an architects atelier.



hanging lamps


Some of the street are car free and a design was made for them.


Jaffa playstreet plan

enclosed space but also connected to the street tactile green (smell it, eat it, touch it, see it) flexible space (playing, sitting, having drinks, meals, meetings, etc.)

cross sections

hand drawing


i nternship: 7Hemelen The design it’s very simple consisting only in two “steps�of grass turned to the river with benches where people can sit, and in a soft slope so people can lay or even sit in the grass if they prefer to. The art peice is located approximately in the centre, far enough from the benches and from the existing.

In the beginning it was supposed to color the piece of art, later it was decided to keep the orignal color of the corten steel.


art piece color tests



b ridging Prague culture | recreation

Place: Prague, Czech Republic Date: May, 2012

It was an international ideas competition for the Vltava River in Prague which made part of the inaugural reSITE Festival. This international event pretends to explore collaborative ideas that make cities more livable.

This was one of the finalist ideas.


mobility | access

green | flooding

business park and skate park river pool

ecological island

water level amphibious farm rise of the water level 17

e cology

This assignment consisted in creating a new design to the extension of Almere, in The Netherlands. The residential extension intends to build 15.000 to 18.000 dwellings.

The main goal is to create new ways of business in combination with the nature, getting as much benefits as possible from it without disturbing all the ecosystems, but also how nature can benefit with the presence of the new companies.

In the new economy all themes work together, nature, social, recreation and tourism.


We created a big area where all the activities and functions come together without big barriers between them as hard borders and hard transitions.

These ideas are shown in the image below. Showing different subjects as business, wellness, wilderness, social, energy, sports and living taking place in one same space interacting or not with each other.


u rban planning: L eek

Besides respecting the environment and the past, we give the plan a distinct identity.

It's our choice to provide less than 250 dwellings. The quality of the environment is higher when fewer homes are included in the plan. Certain areas in the plan can be used for additional housing, if it is needed, without losing the original structure.

There are four tipologies of living: living in the avenue, living on the water, living in the estate and living in the centre of Leek.


living in the centre

living in the estate

living on the water

living in the avenue 21

The Main goal of this detail plan is to bring to people the lost feeling about Living in Communities.

A dead end community bring more comfort and it's better to create stronger relationships between the inhabitants.

The second big aspect was how the connection between the agricultural land and the existing forest could be made in a sustainable and economic way. The better way found was to extend the dense forest to the agriculture land and make it less dense so that people can walk in it enjoying nature as it is. 22

bird eye view



community village

sparse forest : : : transition between communities and

agriculture land 25

i ntroduction to landscape planning

The study area was the region of P贸voa de Varzim, in the North of Portugal, of which we made a 3D model, where the water lines and ridge lines were drawn.

In order to get a proposal of landscape design, which is never 100% perfect, it is needed to take three steps: analysis, synthesis and, at last, the proposal.

Our job is to choose the proposal that carries less damage economically, environmentally and culturally.



analysis geologic map

proposal risks map Industry Expansion City Expansion Aerodrome

soil map

values map City Expansion

use of the soil map

landscape typology

slopes map


m anagement and maintenance of a green area In this course we recreated a new design for the FCUP gardens based onlly on different types of management, recreating different functional areas, from clearings (with different cutoff levels), edge areas to areas of sparse forest.

One of the main objectives was to create a zone of stay in the entrance to the bar in the building FC3 and a more appealing space to the Faculty of Science students.



p ublic park: Quires

In this project the only premise was that the movement of land has a value close to zero and can not exceed 10%.

sparse forest


We created four types of space: sparse forest, clearing, Games of Light / Shadow and Framework.

games of light/shadow

The whole garden was designed to have connection with the surrounding area (urban and forest areas).



games of light/shadow

park profile


t herapeutic garden This space is marked essentially by the original lines of the old station of Boavista, which represent the inspiration for the Geriatric Garden.

Through reminiscence therapy, it is intended to search for the memories, and through the proposed vegetation it is intended to associate the emotion with memory.



geriatric physiotherapy

sensory therapy

This exercise about modular gardens consisted in a "maquette puzzle" of different typologies of space.

Every different garden separate composes a singular typology, but as a whole it creates one well-structured space.

This type of meadow is called "complex clearing" by the fact that the plant species are controlled by human.


t echnical design


p rivate garden

The main problem of this project area was the slopes - 13,3%. Once that all this area should be acces by an handicap person , all the pathway needed to have a maximum 6% of inclination.

It has a good solar exposition because is a hill turned to south.

The lawn is accessible to evey person and in the wooden deck there is also a swimming pool and an horticulture graden.


d rawings & s ketches



a na s ofia t eles da s ilva +351 919886774






















Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

compilation of academic and non-academic landscape architecture projects

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