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MY PET TIGER Hello, my name is Nerea MarĂ­a Linares Smith. I have got a cat, his name is Tiger. He is three years old. He is a very gossip pet because he wants to know everything. He likes hunting mice but he doesn't like eating them, he is very delicate and he is so idependent. He is so fat because he is always eating. One of his small ears is cut. His eyes are big and green and he has got a small nose. His teeth are very long and nd his nails are very sharp. He has got large feet for running. I love him so much because he is so cute and loving.

My pet by Lieve I have got a dog. Her name is Zara and she is seven years old. She is small, she has got big brown eyes, small black ears and a wet nose. She is black and white. She has got four white feet and a white tail. My dog is lovely , a bit dependent and active, because she is always moving and very noisy. My dag is always barking when she sees somebody in the street where I live. When you hear her you think it’s a very big dog because she barks so loud, but she isn’t.

My pet is called Rock , he is a dog , he is ten years old. He is a medium sized dog. He is black, white, brown and a little bit grey because he is quite old. He has got yellow teeth, black ears, he has brown eyes and a white stripe which goes down the middle of his nose, he has a brown and black tail which is curly like a pig’s tail. He is a very friendly dog who loves to play with wrapping paper and my socks. Rocky has a white stripe going down his chest which he loves people to stroke. Lily Petters

I have got little dog, he has got black short hair. His name is Mali. He likes playing. He is very active and noisy. Now he is running in the garden, with my other dogs. He is very happy, cheerful and sensitive. Each time I go outside he gives me a hug. He is independent, when I open the door, he tries to go away. He likes chasing cats. He hates cats. He is the most impulsive of my dogs. At the moment, I´m looking at my dog; he is playing with a ball. Víctor Vives

Paulina Chan Polin 2-b 2 My name is Paulina. I have a dog. Her name is Mimi. She´s a Chihuahua. She´s eight years old. She is calm and playful. She is very intelligent. She follows you everywhere. She is very small and she has a long tail and brown and white hair. She has brown eyes and big ears. She also has a long black and white nose.

● His name is Bleck , he is a beautiful black dog . ● He is very active and cheerful. He is small, he bites my other dogs. ● He lives in a big house , his house is outside my house. ● I have got three dogs, but he is the th best . ● Nina is my other dog , she is white , she is Bleck mum`s ● Bobi is Bleck’s father , he is black and brown Ana Ferreira

Elisha Peters My dog is ten years old, he is very small. He has white on his chest, on his feet and between his eyes. His eyes are black and brown and his ears are black . He has a brown collar and a mixture of brown and black all round his body . He is very fun, and a cheerful dog , but sometimes he is a little grumpy . He likes playing and he loves dog biscuits.

MY PET My pet is a dog. Her name is Neli, she’s 2 months old, she is very small and pretty. She is brown and she has small ears, she has got skinny legs. She is very affectionate with people, she is very playful and funny. She is always after me and I throw her balls, she likes to sit on my legs to sleep, she barks when the doorbell rings, and she is frightened by the fireworks; she also plays with people and if she likes a person she sucks their hand and waves her tail. Melania Cabeza

Nasser Lebbadi Castro Description of my dog. It is bigger than others dogs, fast when I throw away my shoes to see him run, beautiful and strong when he pulls my shoes. And he is faithful and nice. My dog is perfect for me.

My pet is a bird. Its name is Cookie. It is orange and yellow. It is restless and nervous. It flies in the living room, in my house. Cookie doesn´t sing. David Andrades.

MY PET by Maria Castillo My pet is a dog, its name is Gufi. It is very beautiful, loving and very playful. It is black and white and very small. It has got four short legs, on one leg it has a white stain. The hairs of his tail are very long. It has two brown eyes. Its teeth are very big. It likes running, I throw a ball and he runs to catch it. I enjoy playing with it a lot. They gave it to me five years ago.

My pet  

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My pet  

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