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1º eso bilingüe – Compositions Franco Acosta This monster is mine. It's called Cobos Brillant. It's a basketball player. It's very high. It's fourteen metres high. It's very nice and strong. It has got two antennas, black hair and three big eyes. It has got one beak and one mouth with two tongues and teeth. It has got four ears and six strong arms. It has got thirty-six fingers. It has got thirteen tentacles and thirteen feet. It's wearing a green jersey and black and red shoes. It eats cockroaches for breakfast. That is very disgusting! My monster is amazing!

Yolanda CortÊs The monster has got three eyes, five noses, four ears, four arms, twenty three fingers, four legs, four toes a long nail and a mouth. The monster’s name is Margaritas Ugly. Margaritas Ugly is twenty years old, it lives in Mars and its friends are uglier than Margarita. Margarita has got any one neck and she hasn't got six arms. Margaritas Ugly is very cheerful, strong, optimistic, realistic, popular a bit rebel too, Margaritas Ugly isn´t stubborn, it's calm and lazy. Margaritas likes games and playing the guitar, playing tennis and basketball. Margaritas doesn't like playing football, running or studying.

Iker Alonso My monster`s name is Sumbakatumba, that's a horrible monster. His favourite colour is grey, his favourite hobby is drinking beers. That monster has got a cap, two big teeth, four arms, two legs, two eyes and a horrible nose. He is grey. He can't play basketball, football, volleyball, waterpolo... He can't speak and count. His favourite sport is baseball because he can only play baseball.

Christian Huapaya My monster is amazing, fantastic and ugly. He has got blue hair, 2 bis red noses one orange mouth, 2 small green ears, 3 long arms, and 1 leg with 2 feet. His name is Joe. The new super pencil. The clown.

Lieve Sophie de Groot Yesterday, I had a nightmare about a scary monster. It was a green monster with black spots. It had 9 eyes, 5 in the front of his head and 4 in the back of his head. It had 5 noses with 3 holes in it and big blue teeth and 4 pink tongues. It had a big body with 8 arms,16 hands and 32 fingers, it also had 8 legs,16 feet and 32 toes. That was the description of the monster.

MÂŞ Fernanda Ibarra She has got a head and two crab red eyes, and normally, she has got a blue pug nose ,she also has got one brown mouth, two large ears and two short ears, two on each side, she has got only three legs and yellow. She is wearing a pink shirt and a yellow sock.

My monster. 1ESO Bi I  
My monster. 1ESO Bi I  

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