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About Us EntraCell is a customer-service focused, state-ofthe-art pharmacy that offers patients customized pain management, wound care and scar remediation solutions. Our mission is to provide doctors and their patients a resource for obtaining the highest quality treatments available.

Our Committment

Pain Management

The health care professionals at EntraCell are among the finest in their fields. We work closely with each and every one of our patients to provide a treatment plan that meets their needs and helps improve their quality of life.


Wound Care Scar Remediation

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At EntraCell, we work closely to provide customized medications, specifically created to the needs of the individual.

Compounding is the process of creating a specific pharmaceutical product that meets the very specific needs of a given individual. At EntraCell, we combine proven medicinal agents that serve the unique needs of our patients. No two people are like. No two pains are the same. Compounding ensures that every patient receives Pain Management, Wound & Scar treatments made just for him or her.

Custom Solutions for your Pain, Wound & Scar Needs

Pain Management We provide individualized pain creams that meet the unique needs of each patient. Our pain management solutions are designed to help patients suffering from acute and chronic pain.

• Arthritic Pain • Musculoskeletal Pain • Neuropathic Pain • Upper/Lower Back Pain • Fibromyalgia • Inflammation • Many other pain related

HOW IT WORKS Using individualized solutions that meet the meet the unique needs of each patient, our goal is to develop topical pain management, wound and scar creams or gels that deliver results.


Wound Care We understand that the healing process can be long and difficult after a serious wound. That’s why at EntraCell, we design individualized wound care solutions that help reduce inflammation, soothe the wound and promote healing.

• Chronic Wound as a

STEP 1: Your doctor writes a prescription and sends it directly to us.

result of: • Surgical Incisions • Lacerations • Ulcerations • Burns • Abrasions • Punctures

STEP 2: We verify insurance coverage, collect payment and confirm delivery options. STEP 3: A pharmacist verifies your prescription and the prescription is filled. STEP 4: Your prescription is delivered.

Scar Remediation EntraCell provides customized solutions to minimize the visibility of scars and improve the appearance of your skin. Our scar remediation gels are formulated with active ingredients commonly used to fade dark colors, reduce thickness and soften the skin - helping to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

• Surgical Scars • Acne Scars • Burn Scars • Mohs Surgery Scars • Keloids • Stretch Marks • New & Old Scars


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"EntraCell is a customer-service focused state-of-the-art pharmacy that offers patients customized pain management, scare treatment and woun...