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Get more information on Nikon Cameras The Nikon brand is famous across the world. Synonymous with quality and durability, Nikon has carved out a huge market for themselves, competing with the likes of Canon for the top-spot in the camera world. The Nikon company began out small but is continuing to grow into one of the most successful commercial camera manufacturers in the world. The company started from simple beginnings shortly after the end of Ww ii, firing the Nikon I in 1948. With this as their starting point Nikon continued to build on their success, quickly introducing a second camera to the market, the Nikon M, one year later in 1949. During the 1950s the brand continuing to grow with the NP 1957 being released as a rival to beat the industry leading Leica 35mm from Germany. The Nikon camera quickly emerged to be looked at as one of the top selections amidst camera technology during the time. Since these early years Nikon has grown into a powerhouse of the camera world. Numerous technological improvements have kept discount online camera store at the top end of the camera market. The launch of the Nikon F SLR in 1959 was a landmark in the company's history setting up an industry standard for SLR design. As an effect it quickly became the tool of choice for a variety of professional photographers, taking precedence over the German Leica video cameras that reigned before it. By 1980 Nikon experienced proven themselves to be among the best but continued to make improvements such as the release of the F3 which was designed especially for astronauts on NASA space missions to use. The design was robust and easily usable by jet pilots whilst they wore their restrictive space suits. In addition, it functioned in zero the law of gravity environments and was immune to solar rays which posed a problem to camera technology in space recently. Because of the success of this camera Nikon extended to design more cheap digital cameras. The success of Nikon up to this time is obvious, but it has continued through the 1990s to the current day. During the '90s Nikon produced more top quality SLRs that dished up to keep Nikon's place at the top of commercial camera equipment standings. Found in 1992 Nikon released the NIKONOS RS, the world's first autofocus SLR camera usable under water. This was a major step for underwater camera use, allowing photographs to be considered more readily than ever in subaqua conditions. Nikon gone on to team up with Fuji Films producing the E2 and E2S digital still cameras in 1995. In 1997 Nikon then introduced their first camera called the CoolPix 100. As of then Nikon has kept itself at the top of the digital camera world with a regular stream of new releases increasing digital camera technology year on yr. The CoolPix S50C and P4 are both excellent compacts, specially the P4 which is a high quality 8MP product with a sizable view-screen on the back again. The S50C is a 7. 2 MP camera boasting a huge 3 inch view-screen making taking great images easier than ever.

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