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Best Venues To Enjoy Spanish Sailing Competitions By Francisco Kiko Sanchez Luna Sailing is one sport amongst others that has provided so many moments of glory for Spain, as they did in the Barcelona 92 Olympic games in all classes of competitive yacht racing. Besides that, Spain is blessed with some amazing wonderful places and classy high standard coastlines to enjoy the very exiting sport of sailing.. Years before, the city of Valencia had been already associated with planning the last two America’s Cups. Due to their legacy, they are considered as the most significant Spanish city in the sport of sailing, and it’s something which surprises everybody. The Alicante city is also among the list of essential cities in the sailing scene, which is well-known to be the prime exit harbor for the next three seasons of the Volvo Ocean Race, which is the prime event for the sport of sailing by francisco sanchez luna. Last mentioned can only be compared to climbing an 8K mountain! Last but not least, a Spanish island known as Palma de Mallorca is the outstanding place for initiating the most interesting sail event in the Mediterranean sea, the "King’s Cup" or Copa del Rey. Since quite some years, the most prestigious contests around the globe are organized in the Mediterranean waters, the so called ґRolex Mediterraneanґ, this contest has grown to become globally among the best regarded sailing events. With these interesting information about the Mediterranean and its shorelines, it really is safe to say that it’s the primary location for all crucial sail competitions on the globe. Ecological Awareness The development and application of environmentally friendly, clean and renewable energy; simply the environmental consciousness, is one of the most significant challenges in our existing advanced society. Nevertheless, you may probably ask, "what is ecologic about the act of sailing?" and "what is its relationship in respecting the surroundings? A technologically well guided sailboat sporting competition is similar or similar to the scientific studies, fiscal funds and development in regards to a business that is motivated in getting more aware towards its environment. Our strength: Everything functions with blowing wind; the most obtainable, environmentally friendly and greenest energy available from Mother Nature. Improvement Factors such as the ones aforementioned make sense to go into detail why essential companies of all the industry are attracted to the sailing world; sponsoring competitions, helping teams and developing new projects. This allows the large audience to get familiar with sailing but also to sustain a high class image & status; which perfectly synchronizes with ecological knowledge, making use of clean energy as a challenge.

All the ideals of innovation, effort, technology, team work, environmental awareness, clean energy and more others are integrated by sailing races. This is the reason why we regard the next Sailing Racing Team called MEDITERRANEAN CIRCUIT as a good framework for your business image. OUR TEAM EXPERIENCE YOUR GUARANTEE Fifteen years had already passed since we commenced this challenge to support a Sailing Team, while endorsing its aim to make it productive in the long term. Moreover, our efforts for this team progresses even more in relation to technical and human aspects. Furthermore, it had helped us become a more exclusive team. Not just that, it made us famous throughout the European Sailing Competition. Francisco sanchez luna alicante (Alicante, Spain)

Best venues to enjoy spanish sailing competitions by francisco kiko sanchez luna  

Francisco Kiko Sanchez Luna (born September 19, 1965) is a Spanish sailor and Olympic champion. He won a gold medal in the 470 Class at the...

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