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Make Dox

Creative Documentary Film Festival 3rd Edition, Day 3

17 June 2012

The sky above Skopje There is something magical about MakeDox that makes the spectators really feel the joy of being at an open air screening. The starry night and the summer breeze make those with cameras realize that such a unique experience is rarely felt. Then they start pointing their cameras towards the sky, the audience and the big shiny screen trying to bring home instances of the beautiful atmosphere, “put it in a pocket like a marble thinking they have managed to preserve that universe right there” - a line from the documentary “Nostalgia for the Light” of the director Patricio Guzman. Screened last night, this film tells us about the astronomers’ desire to understand the stars. What remained for the those without cameras to take home was a mental image of another magnificent festival evening which would hopefully inspire them to come again under the open sky at Kurshumli an.

photo: Gallina Strackova

What makes a festival successful? First of all, a strong concept and a good selection. Then an excellent organization and a high quality screenings. Next in the line is the audience who confirms the need and the quality of the festival. When it comes to MakeDox, it is the audience that justifies the efforts of the organizers. During the first two festival days, almost every chair was taken at Kurshumli An. Each of the four screened films was seen by over 200 spectators or nearly 1000 visitors in total, apart from the screenings in CTC. One more thing: A good festival is one where the audience applauds. Applauding at the screen is nothing but a different, strange and utterly sincere reaction! MakeDox steps further!

Rough-cut workshop with Jesper Osmund

photo: Phil Lampron

To participate in a rough-cut workshop under the mentorship of Jesper Osmund means to learn from someone who has worked so far on 45 documentaries, 6 feature films, several short films and TV series, and more than 600 commercials. His work acquires a new dimension thanks to his workshops and seminars for editing as well as the drama lectures he has been giving through Europe with the European Documentary Network (EDN). The workshop will be held at the Children’s Theatre Center

from June 16 to June 20. The four-day program emphasizes three aspects: structure, characters and subtle tuning while offering thorough analysis of the film editing itself. The workshop will begin and end with the presentation of the participants’ work. The first day of the workshop began with a general introduction which was followed by a discussion regarding the presented visual materials. The film “I, Goca”, which was screened during the lecture, was a very good example of the protagonist’s psychology, the style of editing, the emotional tone, the visual style, the ethical issues and the motivation of making the documentary.

The workshops will be focused on the presentation of the participants and the encouragement of the directors, photo: Phil Lampron producers and editors to work together on every aspect in the process of directing, producing and story structuring.

Anthology of tears To be hungry is to be great The small, yellow grass-onion, spring’s first green, precursor to Manhattan’s pavements, when plucked as it comes, in bunches, washed, split and fried in a pan, though inclined to be a little slimy, if well cooked and served hot on rye bread is to beer a perfect appetizer — and the best part of it is they grow everywhere.

William Carlos Williams (1883-1963)

MakeDox and its Guests

MakeDox and Us

The fig tree, Kurmsumli Han, the people & even the sandwiches they made with the same love and dedication as they did the film selection for their great festival program. It was form and content in one.

MakeDox is a dream I dreamt for decades. I am thankful for all the beautiful stories that have culturally urbanized my Skopje in the past thirty years and made the MakeDox dream come true.

Iris Elezi, Film Director Some of the most talented producers and directors of the Balkans were there. I felt very inspired by the energy and the vibe of this generation of professionals, by their passion and unconventional vision of life and of the world. Claudia Tosi, Film Director

Brand Ferro Amazed from the story behind the onion and the idea of creating something meaningful I decided to join the team of beautiful people and get inside the layers and pureness of the `onion´. It`s an overwhelming felling to be a part of the MakeDox onion family! Anastasija Popovska

Which medium gives you nowadays the real and true information? In times when the general perception and consciousness is under hypnosis? The MakeDox documentary story is a prism that reflects the real and basic values. We can do nothing more but look forward to the audience “hungry” for onion. Samir Karahasan photo: Gallina Strackova

Program 18.06.2012 (Monday)

photo: Gallina Strackova

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MakeDox Fim Festival

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MakeDox Fim Festival