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Make Dox

Creative Documentary Film Festival 3rd Edition, Day 1

15 June 2012

Seven- day harvest of film onions The third edition of the Creative Documentary Film Festival “MakeDox� emphasizes its need for vigorous existence. By exchanging aesthetical, cultural, and ethical ideas and creating projects and presentations from the documentary film industry, the three-year-old MakeDox is cultivating the soil that offers cinema-lovers a seven-day spiritual food. Come to the festival that will make you and us happy together.

Documentary photography Tomislav Georgiev and Ognen Teofilovski are contemporary Macedonian authors whose photographs will be presented at the opening of “MakeDox�.

There will also be a presentation of some of the work created by the famous Macedonian photographer and cinematographer, Blagoja Drnkov (1914-2012). In January 2012, at the age of 98, Blagoja Drnkov passed away leaving behind numerous works in the area of film and photography. By presenting his works MakeDox is paying Mr. Drnkov respect for his legacy.

Blagoja Drnkov

Documentary film workshop

Documentary Production From A To Z

Mentor: Carmen Cobos

Carmen’s workshop Day 1 “A great film goes hand in hand with a great story”- these were the opening words of director Carmen Cobos at her first documentary workshop entitled: “A to Z Workshop for Documentary Production”. The workshop took place at Public Room in Skopje, and was part of the third edition of the documentary film festival “MakeDox”. Together with her production company “Carmen Cobos”, Carmen is an expert in international training in co-producing.

She spoke about placing the documentary film on the market and its acceptance by wide audiences. “How to sell your own story for a film” was the leading question that was directed at each of the participants in the workshop. Subjects concerning the ways to approach a film, planning and developing a story, initiated debates and circulation of ideas. The energy to listen to various opinions as well as share your own, triggered great enthusiasm for learning among the 10 participants.

Carmen was opened to all the presented ideas. Is happiness a concept; how do we live through diversity in our everyday life; how affected are we by the identity crisis and the mind-blowing change of our city; the challenge to preserve the tradition in the Old Bazaar… were just a part of the initial ideas in the creation of documentary film. The atmosphere driven by observations and suggestions, shifted the personal views and expectations of every participant.

“Creative people, and excellent guidance by Carmen” said Sashko, who was very pleased, and called the workshop “nurture for thoughts”. This workshop successfully put the participants on track for the topics that are about to be explored in the following days.

Documentary film workshop

Documentary Production From A To Z

Mentor: Carmen Cobos

Carmen’s Workshop Day 2 The second day of the workshop gave a clear overview on how to secure budget, how to prepare a story and form a team, and of course how to promote the entire project internationally, while at the same time maintaining the film’s unique imprint. The synergy between the participants and the lecturer once again confirmed Carmen’s valuable experience as a real expert in the field of documentary film production.

Carmen presented her first self-produced project, the film “The Last Victory”. Speaking of the details, she explained the thesis on the way to place a film on the market as a quality product. Active participation in debates, drawing principal conclusions, and all the aspects of creative documentary film production.

The film managed to present human nature, but as Carmen pointed out after the screening:”You can say whatever you want to in life, but in the end all of us remain alone”. The film portrays the way horse racing is related to the rituals and feelings of people, and the way people approach it as a segment of one nation’s culture. The hopes and the last night to prepare the main event. Then the race starts. Will Civitea taste the sweet smell of victory or the bitterness of defeat? And, as Carmen says: You can say whatever you want to in life, but in the end all of us remain alone”.

MakeDox and its Guests MakeDox is that festival where we lounge barefoot under the old fig tree and watch very good films in that Arcadian courtyard where it never rains. Boris Mitic, Film Director

Every new documentary film festival opens a new door to a gala room with new opportunities, inspirations and stimulations for authors in а particular region. MakeDox succeeds in that especially because of its warm friendly atmosphere, exquisite film selection and stimulating guests who besides their knowledge share all the necessary enthusiasm and new perspectives of the documentary expression. Rada Sesic, IDFA and Sarajevo Film Festival Programmer

„ “It’s guaranteed: Excellent selection! Phenomenal movie screening space! Even better wine and schnapps! People with big hearths – the MakeDox team! Very rare and special place…” Rajko Petrovic, Director of Free Zone Belgrade

MakeDox creates a magical atmosphere – the combination of warm welcome, sharp graphics, lyrical films and extraordinary cinema location make it a festival to remember. Amy Hardie, Film Director

MakeDox may well be the best little big festival in the world: great films, great venues, great guests, great workshops and a warm generous hospitality that puts everyone else to shame. To everyone on the festival circuit (documentary or otherwise): GO! You won’t regret it. Natasa Senjanovic, Film Critic

The Skopje MakeDox is a wonderful addition to the documentary festival circuit - the most relaxing film event in the Balkans at the most beautiful place and with the best and most varied choice of films. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy a friendly atmosphere and challenging films at the same time. Vladan Petkovic, Film Critic

MakeDox and Us

Totally addicted to onion! Since 2010. Galina Strachkova

The MakeDox open-air cinema in the warm nights of June had a special enchanting effect on me. I am definitely going again this year. Olivera Aritonska

A real catharsis! As soon as spring comes and I feel the smell of the MakeDox preparations, I get an instant energy boost. You have to love it, it’s so detoxicating! Keti Kochkova

The documentary film means LIFE to me and MAKEDOX, the creative documentary film festival, celebration of the creative documentary LIFE! I wish that we would be part of it for many more years to come, that we would feel it, breathe it, celebrate it and make it worthwhile. I’ll greet you, my friends and all of you ONION-lovers, under the fig tree and between the magic walls of Kurshumli an! Petrula Veljanovska

MakeDox is my cultural home, my first professional experience in the field of culture. Since its beginning three years ago, this festival hasn’t stopped growing and pulling away and I hope that it won’t lose its childish playfulness as it grows up. Lea Linin

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