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NEWSLETTER for exchange participants April, 2012

AIESEC Kharkov NEWS April for AIESEC lit up with green light!

And not only because of everything around blooms and green! In the night on the first of April Green Rush Kharkov team presented AIESECers unforgettable

eco holiday! During



AIESECers became participants of “Earth Hour” actions, joined with the millions of people all over the world, who turned off the lights on the 1st of April for an hour.

Happy Birthday, Earth! The other holiday that was arranged on the 21st of April by catchy Green Rush team was the Eco festival under the open sky “Earth’s days” devoted to the International Earth day. Festival’s participants were taught to dance salsa, watched eco films, sand animation and took part in various actions in ecological direction.

Thanks to the Green Rush team from all AIESEC Kharkov for unforgettable bright holidays!!!

On the 4-8th of April in Lyganskiy region was held the conference

«New Horizons 2012»! «New Horizons» – is amazing annual event, where new members and project managers receive priceless knowledge for future activity in AIESEC life, and, that’s the most pleasant thing combine with fun and AIESEC-dances. Thereby, we can see here useful and yummy symbiosis of practical experience and unbelievable positive emotions! Above


this conference united representatives from all AIESEC LCs, and gave an opportunity to find new friends and acquaintance throughout Ukraine!

Projects True Smiles :)

Bright Young Trainer

Bright Young Trainer – international project, where you can try yourself as trainer in such countries as Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Turkey, India, Russia and others. You will conduct trainings on different themes for students and schoolchildren.

True Smiles – international project, directed at work with children, their education and development in such countries as Brazil, Russia, Poland, India, Turkey. If you dream to work in a social project with students from different countries and to make a contribution in a growing up generation, than “True Smiles” is for you!

Conditions: •from 6 to 8 weeks in another country • volunteer work in social projects •development of personal and professional skills •experience of work in an international team •accommodation is free Internship start date – may - june. You can fill in an application form to participate in an international internship program on You have time to fill in the form untill the 20th of May!!

Score your goal! Score your Goal is a project created for sport and active


of youth




involvement of young people for healthy lifestyle, team work and sport. 10



different counties will give lectures about sport and healthy lifestyle and also they will conduct sport trainings. If you have any questions, please contact any VK group manager:

Art Camp Art Camp is a project for schoolchildren to help them to improve their English language skills, unleash and activate their creative potential, develop creative thinking. Interns from different countries will conduct lessons in art, music, acting and dance. Students will also tell about traditions and cultural features of their counties. All the education process will be held in English, that will give schoolchildren a possibility to increase the level of their English. Project will be held since the 15th of May until the 31st of August in Khakrov schools. VK group:

Coming soon It is going to be a national “MayCo 2012” conference since the 25th of May until the 27th of May on the bank of the beach in Mariypol! AIESEC partner in Mariypol consulting company “Growth” will be present at the conference and it’s representatives will conduct a training for all participants. Aim is to compact local committees, share with knowledge and to get positive emotions and positive charge for all the summer! Participating in the conference is chargeable and includes accommodation and food. If you want to participate, fill in an







here; Deadline – the 15th of May!!!

Opportunity TN-In-TN-BO-2011-1456 TN-In-TN-BO-2012-1484 2 amazing projects in AIESEC Bardo in Tunisia. Tunisia…so beautiful country with so interesting history…You always were dreaming about crazy holiday





And one more details about this internship – our dear VP Finance already got matched with one this project – ATLAS. Don’t hesitate – join Oksana! Check TN forms in and don’t be afraid ask me or Oksana

Events 25-28th of April was held AIESEC national conference

SPRINCO’12! There were as old executive boards and new ones. Also as all of you know there was track for Exchange participants. And Kharkiv was presented by 4 pretty girls! They spent 4 days by studying, exploring and of course having fun at parties!

“The most important thing that gave me this conference - is the inspiration and confidence. I don't know what to do without all information and experience, which I took from the sessions. Now I am certainly not afraid of going on internship on the end of the world!” Skrypnyk, Nataliia

“SprinCo was a great opportunity for me to get more information about AIESEC internships. And it really did! By the way I got in touch with another trainees, spent my time actively and with a lot of fun!” Popova, Alina

“SpringCo helped us to get more acquainted with the internship process: from looking up the necessary internship up to facing various difficulties abroad. It is also very inspiring and helps to find people who share their experience and the same interns as you with whom you exchange experience of searching internship. You are no longer alone!” Bunetska, Iryna


2012 was a mix of work and rest. I liked that all of us spoke only on English, our FACI were really great! We worked hard during our sessions, in spite of hot weather)) Because, sessions were interesting, we get a lot of useful information that, I hope, will help us to find an internship of our dream!!!” Voievodina, Vira

Reminder Half of you are looking for internship. And mostly for summer. We want to warn you about the dates – for all of you’re the start date of internship is in June, to make a visa you need at least 3 weeks in reserve (to gather docs, to go to embassy and so on). So you SHOULD to find internship till 14-20 of May. And also don’t forget that contract you signed all has a period for searching: 3 month for volunteer internship 6 month for professional internship In case you won’t find internship in time or your contract if over – your form is going to be rejected!! So don’t be lazy!!! Start doing something!!! For all the question you can contact your EP manager – person who signed contract with you or responsible for you, or Vice-president Outgoing Exchange AIESEC in Kharkiv.

Contacts Thank you for attention! If you have any questions or propositions contact us:

Ielnikova Liliya Vice-president Outgoing Exchange - 11-12 AIESEC Kharkov Ukraine : +380 97 515 23 84 +380 93 480 60 05


AIESEC Newsletter for Exchange Participants, April 2012  

AIESEC Newsletter for Exchange Participants, April 2012

AIESEC Newsletter for Exchange Participants, April 2012  

AIESEC Newsletter for Exchange Participants, April 2012