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10.12-05.13 Graduation thesis

Monastery Tecnica

p . 29 Nowadays


Basmanniy Market

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ETSAM Escuela




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02.13-06.13 de Madrid

Various Projects office


p . 41 Moscow









: Escuela Technica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid ETSAM International Exchange Program

2013 Alberto Campo Baeza studio 2007-2013

Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy) MARKHI

2011 - 2013 2010 -2011 2010

Industrial Architecture Faculty N.Lyzlov studio Residential and Public Buildings Faculty M. Aichner studio Urban Planning Faculty V.Moshkov studio



august 2014 - current moment 2014 Nowadays - office Architecture studio Concept design, draft drawings, model making, project managment, construction site supervision Tsimaylo Lyashenko and Partners Architecture studio Concept design, draft drawings, model making, project managment

october 2013 - july 2014

Wowhaus Architecture studio - intern-

summer 2012 ship model making,

concept design, presentations, light installations design

Moscow Department of City Parks - contract work urban analyzing . urban planning . presentation materials spring 2011 Exhibition ‘A city called Spain’ (‘Una ciudad llamada Espana’) coordinator, publications in spanish editor 08.2011 Berlage institute + Strelka Institute . international workshop Moscow, Nigniy Novgorod winter 2011-2012


Goroda International Architecture Festival . Greece, Vido island


SESAM International Workshop, European Assembly of Students Architects . Russia . Poland

05.2010 Beijing International Workshop Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA) + MARKHI Russia Moscow . China Beijing Skills




AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp strong communication and collaboration skills, conceptual thinking, ability to work hard model










Languages English Spanish Italian Russian

: fluent advanced

written written

and and

spoken spoken basic native

p . 03 Moscow

Basmanniy Market Academy




p . 22 10.12-05.13 thesis

Lyzlov.N. Moscow ĐŚ25000

tutors location: site.size:


Bunkina.N. Russia sq.m.

Basmanniy Market collapsed on the 23 of january 2006 throught the incorrect building expluatation during decades. This tradegy took away 66 lifes. The site is used as a penalty parking during the last 7 years.






Graduation thesis . Basmanniy Market

Basmanniy Market round in plan was built in a 1972 and collapsed in 2006 . 66 persons died.

Penalty parking occupies the whole site. There is no memorial. It provokes negative atmosphere

High metal walls set bounds of the It causes agressive and depressive environment

Urban surroundings are highly fragmented and diverse. Market zones are poorly organized.

05 . Site analyse

10.12-05.13 . MArkhI . Moscow

The site development research based on the old maps data from 1843 to 2013 was made to understand deeper the urban history of the site. During this period site structure could be characterized as friable and highly fragmented. Gradually the site squared in plan was loosing its boundaries, Basmanniy market built in 1972 formed an undetermined open space. After the market building’s collapse the site boundaries were totally lost . The housing density shortage causes negative spatial environment.

Site analyse . 06

Graduation thesis . Basmanniy Market



1. Penalty parking occupies the whole 2500 sq.m. site in the centre of the city after the dramatic collapse of the Basmanniy Market. There is no memorial at the place of a tradegy, that took away 66 lives. It can be considered as an irrespectful attitude to the citizens. 2. Today the site borders are identified only by the high penalty parking walls. Huge undeveloped territory in the middle of the district provokes a feeling of insecurity. The housing density shortage causes negative spatial environment. The site and the distrcit need more stability. 3. There is a lack of well organized grocery stores in the district. Inhabitants miss the old market. Goals


1. To save the ‘memory of the place’, to commemorate the collapsed Basmanniy Market and human tradegy. 2. To condense the highly fragmented site development, setting the clear site borders. To give more stability to the district. 3. Revive the grocery market function. Proposal To


: the









- This way the collapsed market volume becomes an open shallow space inside the volume of the new market, materializing its memory in the emptiness that it left afterwards. The building of the collapsed market is virtually revived inside the new market building. The memory of the tradegy becomes a part of the new market, forming a new public market square, serving a high variaty of city functions. It becomes a memorial and an important city square in the same time. - New building volume follows the site borders, making it more stable and clear. It helps to condense the highly fragmented low densed district developmet and introduce more comfortable and secure atmosphere. To revive the grocery market function, putting it on the new contemporary level.

07 . Problem . Goal . Proposal

10.12-05.13 . MArkhI . Moscow

construction site

collapsed market



spacial inversion

Conceptual models . concrete . rubber . metal grid . 08

Graduation thesis . Basmanniy Market

multisloping roof structuraly consists of two-sloping parts, covered with distinct sheet materials.

multisloping roof represents a general image of the two-sloping roofs traditional for this district

Main market hall - all the counters are mobile - there are small grocery workshops and cafes

small grocery workshops make scale connection between 3 storey blocks and counters zone

3-storey blocks are set on the building borders connecting city scale and market inner scale

blocks functions: small grocery industrial workshops -office, studios -gallery, cafes

-1 -2 floors . parking . cargo loading zone . storehouse . recycling station .

More profitable overground space is released due to the underground cargo loading zone

09 . Explosion diagram

10.12-06.13 . MArkhI . Moscow

Market hall axonometry . 10

Graduation thesis . Basmanniy Market

11 . Ground floor plan

10.12-05.13 . MArkhI . Moscow

Plan fragment . Second floor plan 1:200 . 12

Graduation thesis . Basmanniy Market


1 2 3


Set Reflect Fix







life the



borders a




4 Not imitate some smaller volumes but honestly state size and unity of the building 5

13 . Facade manifesto









10.12-05.13 . MArkhI . Moscow

Facade analysing . Hand drawings . 14

Graduation thesis . Basmanniy Market

Adding stability to the very fragmented and diverse district image was one of the main aims of a facade structure. A square is a main element of the poroposed fasade grid - this stable figure itself transfer tranquility and equilibrium to the facade structure. Also fasade was supposed to express honestly quite big building extension - 145 m x 145 m, not immitating smaller volumes. Therefore the facade grid is universal and unified for all the sides of its main structure. But nevertheless it provides a big variety of material use, making each fasade unique and unified in the same time. Each squared metal frame is divided into 4 or 16 parts by the metal casements. Depending on using transparent or solid materials it can be convinient for all the cardinals and functions. The main proposed facade material is a corten steel. It provides a light but strong structure in the same time. Depending on the cardinal of a fasade and the function behind, corten steel frames can be filled with glass - northern facade, corten steel sheets - galleries with the upper light, perforated sheets and grids - southern facade. The total facade extension is nearly 580 m. Therefore such a unified structure is economically profitable. The main structure consists of 2 unified metal load bearing pylons and a unified corten steel squared frame divided into 4 or 16 parts by corten steel casements. Designed only once this pattern is repeated 384 times, reducing prefabrication and design costs. Also each can be changed indepedently

15 . Facade scanning . facade details

10.12-05.13 . MArkhI . Moscow

Facade scanning . facade details . 16

10.12-05.13 . MArkhI . Moscow

17 . Model . metal .

10.12-05.13 . MArkhI . Moscow

Facade structure . Collage .18

Graduation thesis . Basmanniy Market

19 . Sections

10.12-05.13 . MArkhI . Moscow

Third floor plan . fragments . 20

Graduation thesis . Basmanniy Market

21 . Plan. 1st floor. Crop.

Graduation thesis . Basmanniy Market

Bird view 22

p .23 ETSAM Escuela







p . 28




02.13-06.13 Madrid program

tutors: Alberto Campo Baeza, Alejandro Virseda Aizpun, Jesus DonAire Garcia de la Mora, Joao Quintela, Jose Jaraiz perez, Miguel Siria Hernandez, David Carrasco location: Nisida island . Napoli . Italy Nisida is a volcanic island of the Flegrean Islands archipelago, in southern Italy. It lies at a very short distance from Cape Posillipo, just north of Naples; it is now connected to the mainland by a stone bridge. The island is almost circular, with a flooded crater forming the bay on the southwest coast. It has a diameter of c. 0.5 km and a highest altitude of 105 m. Issue:







Monastery . Nisida Island

Nisida is a volcanic island of the Flegrean Islands archipelago, in southern Italy. It lies at a very short distance from Cape Posillipo, just north of Naples; it is now connected to the mainland by a stone bridge. The island is almost circular, with a flooded crater forming the bay on the southwest coast. It has a diameter of c. 0.5 km and a highest altitude of 105 m. Our task was to design a monastery for 12 moncs, situated at any part of the island. In the working process i tried to pay a lot of attention to the handmade modeling, since the first step - model in a hand to the more precised tasks. Paper model of the island of 1 : 2000 scale helped me to understand better its topography and relief. I tried to find the most convinient place and orientation for every part of a monastery general organisation through modeling: cells, library, dining room, church. The project key points were: meaning of light (functional lighting / sacral lighting, diffuse / direct lighting), gravity, minimal architecture resources, time and eternity in architecture, interconnection between landscape and architecture, visual focusing. This project and my graduation thesis were made simultaneously, therefore there was a strong lack of time during the working process. Instead of achieving the final drawings, i decided to focus on the modeling search of the main idea.

25 . Issue

02.13-05.13 . ETSAM . Madrid

Step 1 ‘model in a hand’ understanding island topography, releief, size, cardinals orientation

Step 2 ‘model in a hand’ expressing notion of catching special light, depending on the cardinals

Step 3 realistic paper model of the island was made to understand better its topography

Step 4 Search of the conceptual monastery organization. Key points of light and space analyse.

Conceptual models . paper . rubber . plastic . 26

Monastery . Nisida Island

Step 5 6 7 Introducing clarity into monastery general organization. Skecth cell model

Step 8 Search of another option for monastery general organisation. Wrong way, conclusions.

27 . Models. paper. rubber. wood

02.13-05.13 . ETSAM . Madrid

Step 9 10 Final monastery general organization. Library wooden model fragments.

Models. wood. 28

p . 29

Various Projects

p . 41

Nowadays-office Moscow concept visualisations,

Issue: ration

fall..2014 Russia design,

Samples with

3d collages,

modeling, model

of different projects the Nowadays-office

made in architecture

drawings, making,


Residantional dwellings.

Task; Residentional dwellings fasade design. Unified grid usage is economicaly profitable but due to the different materials combinations creates remarkable image at the same time.

31 . Facade fragment. Collage

11.2014 . Moscow.. Russia

Facade fragment. Collage . 32

Multifunctional Market hall

33 . Plan variations search.

01.2015. Moscow province. Russia

Intarior space. Collage. 34

‘Prosotr’ Bakery Factory reconstruction. . Competition. 1 place

09.2014 - 11.2014 . Moscow. Russia

Winning Competiton proposal. ‘Prostor’ Bakery Factory is one of the examples of the industrial type architecture of modernism still remained in Moscow. Beeing at a very poor condition today because of the cheap and low quilifed materials but still representing strong modernist approach it was proposed to be thought out as a come back to the idealistic skecth made by an architect at the very begining of the project. Modern high quality material usage, delicate attitude to the existing architecture and laconic language of the new one is the base of the project concept.

35 . Entrance hall proposal. Axonometry

Grocery supermarket and market pavilions

10.2014 . Moscow province.. Russia

Grocery Market situated in the Moscow Province concept proposal. Main solid building of the supermarket hall contrasts with glass volumes of the market pavillions. Supermarket - fixed stora ge system >> solid. Market pavilions - attracting people, flexible system >> transparent. Different timber patters usage suports traditional russian timber construction technics.

Concept proposal. Collage. 36

FOTT women’s apparel store

FOTT Shop was born in 2005 out of FOTT Online Forum – the first Russian online platform for discussing clothes, style, and music. Emerging quickly a new women’s apparel FOTT store is about to open. Harshness and softness at the same time is the main feature of their clothes collections, that was ment to be the base of the concept design - rough materials as rust and rainbow galvanized metal and concrete are used to create delicate and gentle forms and volumes.

37 . Concept visualisation

11.2014 . Moscow.. Russia

Storage system is created to be not only functional but to be also perceived as an abstract sculpture or installation , representing FOTT brand approach, acting always at the edge of functionality and art.

Store system. Fragment . 38

‘Crystal City’ Terriroty public spaces developmen concept. Competition. 1 place

The main objective of the project was to simulate the process of gradual, stepwise development of the territory, based on its internal resources to create first of all not a hard wired project, but a flexible system and the algorithm changes.

39 . Final presentation layout

in collaboration with Arenas Basabe Palacios Arquitectos 03.2015 - 04.2015 . Moscow. Russia

An important part of our concept is the mobile objects made of all kinds of industrial ry and give the flexibility and variability of the

development of a catalogue of elements remaining in the factoprocesses occurring in the territory.

To emphasize the uniqueness of the place we have built a number of spectacular and little theatrical spaces, presenting a diverse and memorable experience, creating some iconic objects and place markers. We have suggested to concentrate on the intangible changes on the early stages that, in turn, trigger the processes of attracting resources for capital construction.

Final presentation layout. 40

Anastasia Tikhomirova architecture

+7 916 577 93 65


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