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Dissertation Topic Research & Evaluation Anastasia Psarra

Political Public Relations & The NHS Reforms •Career aspirations •NHS Reforms in the UK

What is all about? •Patients at the heart of everything •Professionals empowered •Focus on successful outcomes

What went wrong? •NHS Staff reactions •Public protests •Media Coverage

Research Questions •How is it evident that the Conservative Government did not learn from their mistakes after the idea launch? •Why did they fail to communicate the improved NHS Bill and what role does PR play in it?

Hypothesis ‘Political Public Relations and the NHS reforms: Despite the pause implemented on the Health and Social Care Bill by the launch disaster, the Conservative Government failed to take into consideration the stakeholder groups after the reissue of the Bill in March 2012.’

Terms of Reference

•Theory •Sector

•Published Material •Primary Research

Initial Research Plan •Content analysis •Questionnaires •Interviews with experts

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