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1. Ben10 Games: Features & Games Options to Check Out From games designed specifically for kids to those that propel even adult players into a frenzy of adventure and racing fun or rockets them straight to alien lands, the Ben10 range of games are there for entertaining and engaging people of all tastes! If you’ve been checking out online games to play and haven’t initiated into the Ben10 adventures yet you should begin with getting introduced to the concept of Ben 10 games. The Ben10 Games, Ben10 short for Ben Tennyson is a ten-year old boy who’s stumbled upon the Omnitrix- a watch that lets him change form to many different aliens with different and unique abilities. Ben10 has to fight to the powerful alien Vilgax to keep the watch for himself. Games: Features The Ben10 adventures continue in different games that offer an excellent game environment. If you’re a Ben 10 enthusiast you can sift through different and conceptual games all taking your favorite hero to thrilling levels of power play. Check out Ben10: Omniverse. The game was originally released in 2012 and launches Ben10 putting himself against new aliens along with a partner called Rook. You have to investigate alien underground using new weapons and powers. The alien enemy is Feedback, a mysterious character who can absorb energy and throw it back to attack you. The game is fast paced and can be played online. Ben10: Options Other Ben10 games worth trying out include Ben10 to the Rescue, Ben10-Ultimate Crisis, Ben10 Adventure, Ben10 Air Strikes and Ben10 Mon Calamari. Really, the list is quite exhaustive. Ben10: Ultimate Alien and Ben10: Alien Force are hugely popular and are sequels of the original series. There are nice and imaginative alien characters in each game release. So in the Alien Force you have the Swampfire, Big Chill and Jetray among others while you have to confront Ben10’s old enemy- Kevin 11 as well! Top Ben10 Flash Games You Shouldn’t Miss! Flash games offer you an interactive and fast-paced gaming environment like none other. The Ben10 series has many great flash options. You can begin with Ben10-Fight Power, Ben10 Dragon Blaze or Ben10 Alien Throw. Other popular flash games in the Ben10 series- all offered by Cartoon Network are the Ben10 Underworld, Truck, Boxing 2, Stunts, Run for Life and Longbow. The flash versions of Ben10 series are the topused amid the Ben10 Franchise. All of these games are available on the web for download and instant play so get going on a smartphone or a computer device and explore the alien realms in the Ben10 games!


We've the top Ben ten Games in the Cartoon Network and around the net. New Ben10 Video games are extra each and every day for our loyal neig...