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Hello Everyone! I am very excited for this very first issue of SU Magazine! And I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it! Please comment, I am welcome to suggestions, and if you would like to help with the creation of this magazine, just ask by commenting. xxx

DRENCH Cosmetics

Henever a celebrity walks down the red carpet, people go crazy. Especially if they dress as eccentric as they can! Who can forget the meat dress Lady Gaga wore at the MTV Video Awards? And Nicki Minaj’s Pom Pom dress? These are definitely great style icons. Being so brave, and bold, yet looking so great! Whatever their style, whatever their taste, they look absolutely fab! I’m sure that one day many people will wish to be like them, and perhaps someday will!

Now in the modern world, people’s personal style is being expressed more than ever!

Who do you think is the most eccentric celebrity? Please comment!

Next Month: Punk


SS Magazine Issue 1  

(Made with the Sims 3) Sorry if its not perfect :X

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