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Boss Talks The starting point of great success and achievement has always been the same.

It's dreaming big, despite the fact how well or badly things are

going now.There is nothing more important and effective than breaking own limits, dreaming about the wonderful things that you can do and, surely, the main point is acting accordingly.

We have already entered the path that will lead us to our dreams. Our path started from small and important steps. Our first month was both hard, challenging and successful.

Summer Camps, reception activities, constant absence of free people in LC. But through these

things we are getting our life-changing experience and going further to our dream. Our dream is already highly ambitious and this is only thebeginning. But we are definitely on the right way. With pride and respect,

on behalf of MC-Wavemakers, Dima.

Global Update

International Congress 2011, Kenya With only two weeks left to go before International Congress in Kenya, both the CC team and AI team is working hard on delivering a great experience in Kenya..

From AIESEC Ukraine 4 people from MC are going: Mr President, MC VP OGX, MC VP

NCICX and MC VP CICX. Also there are some brave LCPs who also are going to Kenya: Tanya Kashevko and Katya Troyno.

Now MC is also in a process of preparation to IC 2011:

country-to-country meetings arrangement, marketing materials development etc. IC Kenya 2011 website

Global Update Message from PAI

Hello dear AIESECer! It's with the big excitement I'm writing to you today. AIESEC International 11-12 team has officially started and we all are looking forward to bring our excitement about upcoming year to each one of you. Its a new beginning for everyone of us and for our organization. We are generation 2015 and a big responsibility is laying on our shoulders. Responsibility to take AIESEC to new places, places we have never been before. It requires from us to look at the things from different angle and strive for the best every minute we spend in our organization. This year is about couple of things: It is about Simplicity ... When you look at our logo, it is so simple at the same time represents and hold stories of thousands young people all over the world. As AI 11-12 we are committed to look for simple strategies and connect the network to create AIESEC where millions of young people can live powerful stories. Richard Bach said "The simplest things are often the truest". We invite you to stay true to yourself and embrace Simplicity in your actions. It is about Unity ‌ Is how we start will determine how fast we will move as an organization. This year is about alignment and readjustment and to start with we really hope we can unite and connect as One AIESEC towards 2015. It is about Success ... As the generation of AIESECers who have started the 2015 midterm ambition we have an immense responsibility to achieve the first year plan and prove that success is possible from the first year of our journey. We wish you to live a successful and magnificent story. And to make it happen, this year with you will be a team with incredible abilities, experience and knowledge. Team of talented and simple individuals, AIESEC International 11-12. We are here for each one of you to support, listen and create together new AIESEC, - AIESEC 2015. Thank you Tanya President of AIESEC International.


Summer FMS



Finally, at this working conference it was almost 3

LDS 2011 best NGO project in Ukraine, was very


informative as always. OC team did their best!







informative sessions-synergies as Comm + OGX +

The best LCS:

TM, ICX + OGX + Comm, Fin + LCP, TM+LCP, Fin +

The most progressive LC

OGX. Of course, there were last global updates

Silver excellence award - LC Kyiv

about AIESEC 2015.Also LEAD programmer was

Golden excellence award

launched and it was session from our partner IE


Summer FMs 2011 had amazing AIESEC spirit. We

was LC Lviv."Score your point" X+L campaign

will never forget this unity at all plenaries, these

won LC Franik.

long and loud shouts of all commissions, OCP track

Secondly, it was competition between all LCs for

On OCP track there were 12

Miss AIESEC Ukraine - Yulia Zhirova, LC Kyiv!

delegates & a star faci team.

Mr AIESEC Ukraine - Tima Alexandronez, LC

The delegates were enjoying

Lviv! Congrats!


business school about change management.

and AIESEC in Ukraine!

sessions from Moldavian


Ukrainian & and

Bronze excellence award




- LC Uzhgorod - LC Odessa - LC Lviv "Catch



campaign" and "36 Days: Last mission" campaign

becoming Mr and Miss AIESEC Ukraine.


become a real team! ONE AIESEC – ONE UKRAINE! One more event made June 2011 historical in AIESEC Ukraine – BeachCo conference! Second year in a row we gave interns of Ukraine opportunity to meet each other, share their experience, gain new knowledge and spend 4 fantastic days near the beach! This

year about 70 interns visited BeachCo and shared with us their stories! Special thanks to LC Odessa, conference manager Svitlana Kogut and hardworking and enthusiastic faci team for making all these real! Power of Three synergy Video Work in three directions and split responsibilities clearly. For sure you might have the best cooperation in your

For the 1st time two countries Moldova & Ukraine are organizing the international Train the Trainers conference together!

local committee – to show it to the whole

Why: to apply for national conferences as facis & develop

country make a video of your Power of

training skills

Three synergy! Send it till the 9.08.2011


Where: Ternopyl, Ukraine When: August, 25-28th

WIKI, Application form

SellCo+FinCo Where: Kharkiv When: 20-21.08.2011 DDL: applications are coming on Monday (1.08 2011)!! Look forward to national news!!! Speakers (SellCo): Aleksandr Zagnibeda, business-trainer Valeriy Leleka, P&G Speakers (FinCo): Serhiy Shakhov (President of Institute of Democratic Society, finance, insuranse, trainer). Why: - develop practical skills of the AIESEC members in sales - improve their knowledge in finance


OGX News

The first month of our term has already passed and we can see the first results in OGX direction! (by the end of 28th of July)

Best LCsin their clusters in number of realizations: Kyiv Mariupol Ternopil Uzhgorod

And congratulations to LCswhich realized 4 times more compared to previous term

Special recognition to LCs who were smartest in execution of their planning:

Kyiv (97% Realized) and Mariupol(88% Realized)

28 realizations 7 Realizations 1 Realization 3 Realizations

Kharkiv, Uzhgorod

Power of Three

The first two weeks of the initiative are quite productive. We have first AFs and they already need to be invited on interviews. Remember that for some countries the process of selection should be really fast

For example, to have VISA to Bulgaria by middle of September, they need to be matched by 10

without IL from AIESEC.


of August. And to go to

Brazil they must open touristic VISA

It’s time to turn candidates to EPs! Remember about the award for the best LC – participation in international conference!

So these are the people who will be engaged in

Let’s wish them persistence and

research and development work for future OGX








Polyarush: Maria Laba, Svetlana Stegnie,






provide clear






TT TN Supplyled by Lyubas Polyarush:

countries, •



Aleksandra Kasatkina Lidiya Tsymbalista, Tereza Dmytryshyn, 4.


universities effective,

Living Standards led by Vikush Lezhenko: Vika


their work we will know how to:

Angelika Gladkaya 2.



with about


see how we can focus

Anna Tokar, Nataliya Gudvilovich

and work with TT pool

OGX Projects led by Vikush Lezhenko:


Anastasia Gutsol, Iryna Vanko, Natalia Bitsko, Daria Matyash, Liliya Ielnikova




have in Autumn in OGX!!!


OGX Working Groups


NCICX All the world we can mix, we are team of ICX!

June 11 June 10 Qrowth And this month we showed that we not only “can”, but DT WE WILL!!! In June 2011 in non-corporate ICX Ukraine TN 174 134 30% overachieved country goal (HORAY!) and reached growth of ET TN 2 0 200% 30% in DT pool and realived 2 times more ET TNs (from 0 to 2) in educational internships then in June 2010! We showed our country to 174 interns from more then 30 different places of the world! Great result! Great start! Great year is in front of us! And we already have our first heroes! Odessa, Donetsk and IvanoFrankivsk, leading country growth, together achieved 40% of country results June 11 and provide life-changing experience for 66 interns! Congratulations to the Odessa 26 leaders and we are waiting for new surfs to appear on our waves! Donetsk 21 Ivano-Frankivsk 20 However, results, interns, summer camps are far not the only things for NC ICX to be proud of! 3 working group already showed first, but great results. •

“Skills Matter” working group with great contribution of Iuliia Artemenko, Yaroslav Liskonog, Anna Garkavaya, Oksana Katrich and Victoria Borodayeva transformed project into hot and amazing, totally new project of AIESEC Ukraine – “” “WWB” working group with Ustyna Hasiy, Tatiana Pershina, Alexander Buli and Natalia Korunskaya gave new birth to the old beloved WWB and returned relevance and uniqueness to the project. “New projects” working group with Valeriia Kulko, Bohdan Flyorkiv, Daria Frych and Nataly Ivasyshyn took totally new for AIESEC Ukraine topic of proforientation and preparing great surprise for whole network! Main points of NC ICX for August:  More interns to come – take maximum from your summer, show Ukraine to the world!  Quality evaluation – work hard to provide best experience in best country – Ukraine!  Matching – work wise, analyze your pipeline, match for autumn NOW!  New country cooperations – IC is coming, new countries, new partners, new places to discover!

and….AIESEC in Ukraine, be ready for ICX wave!!! We will take you far beyond the limits!



July results: 1.








Functional Meeting: Summer FM – 5 CICXers present!


2. Working Group “Corporate Projects” is working really hard! In

August they will present you WG outputs, including market research, EP supply research, proposals and other materials for projects in tourism, IT and export/import sectors!

Recognition to these bright and innovative people:  Olena Khomichak (Lviv)

 Olga Vitkovska (Kharkiv)

 Egor Liapkalo (Kiev) - Working Group Chair!

3. Changes in compendium were implemented to ensure quality of our work: obligatory evaluation forms for interns and MT/TT TN-takers.

4. LC Kharkiv realized one more MT TN with HADO company! Congrats! Do you want to know how to re-raise your TNs? Ask Kharkiv! It is 9th MT internship realized in HADO!

Coming soon… 1.

Corporate Projects

2. Elite Sales Team applications

3. Free corporate promo-materials for each LC printed by our partner!

Useful links:

UA CICX Wiki, DAAL Q2 2011, AFT July 2011, CICX Summer FM outputs, MT TT TNs realized database 2000 – 2010

July GCPs:

 Kiev Corporate project report (HR experience from abroad);  "Russian Roulette"

TM -Кто не в ТМе?

- Мы не в ТМе…? Мы в ТМе и мы в ТеМе!

Talent Management in Ukraine

has always been on top. The number of

Members & Leadership positions has

been constantly increasing. Each year

we have awesome commissions the members of which continue their career in HR or apply for LCPs or the MC TeaM. The further we go - the more challenging TM becomes - the higher the demand on quality TM base is!

To support and consolidate the successful achievements National TM TeaM has created a year

strategy to establish national frameworks of TM processes. In other words, each year when a new LC VP TM appears in the LC he/she is going to

have electronic/printed manuals with step-by-step description of TM processes and the timelines of their involvements. Afterwards, TM in each Ukrainian LC will be the same (with insignificant distinctions). Our Goal: Intro


TM Workgroups:

Performance Appraisal workgroup to


National Framework on Performance

TeaM: Alexandra Garagulya (Odessa) & Mariya Bogdanova

(Sevas), Valentina Leus (Kyiv)

Goal-Setting Workgroup

TeaM: Pavel Ilyushin (Lugansk) & Dima Sopronchuk (Ternopil), Olesya Bondarenko (Donetsk), Mariya Bogdanova (Sevas)

Goal: Intro to the National Framework on Goal-Setting. All in


Performance Appraisal

Ukraine set their goals 

Education Workgroup

TeaM: Dima Sopronchuk (Ternopil) & Maryana Bogachenko

(Franik), Valentina Leus (Kyiv), Karolina Leyta (Kharkiv), Oksana



Goal: Involvement of new educational approaches to the LCs Reintegration Workgroup


TeaM: Nadezhda Myhalevych (Lviv) & Karolina Leyta (Kharkiv),

Evgenia Kotuz (Dnipro), Marina Korol (Uzhgorod)


Goal: Activities on reintegration for the EPs

R&R 4 R&R

Current national initiative:

National Competition. Each LC is creating / preparing / developing /

strengthening its LC R&R system. Then, the LC sends the full description of it to the MC team. After that the EB introduces the system into the LC & uses it till New Horizons. The R&R system with the best structure & results wins & becomes a basis of the National Framework on the Talent Motivation process. Initiative starts: 01.08.11

Description is sent: 12.09.11


Announcement of the results: 19.11.12

Become the creator of the TM frameworks & go down in history!

Focus on: Recruitment

Friends forever: TM & ER Reintegration It’s good to be a buddy twice!

ER ER-team is…

Except hard work during all 3 days ER-Commission managed to create new shout=)

And had some funny moments =)))

“ER team is HOT TO GO, We are better than You know, So just say who we are, We are super Team ER!”

ER Working groups:  

Legal group (Sasha Koropetskyy (Franik) – team leader, Natalya Gromenko (Kyiv), Sasha Kuzmenko (Berdyansk) ) – establishing partnership standards;

GCPs Group (Vitaliy Varbanets (Odessa) – team Leader, Kristina Shinkovych (Uzhgorod), Edie

Sabitova (Simferopol)) - creation of guides on the bases of GCPs and researches, gathering all

 

materials after FMs;

Pricing group (Roman Kovtunenko (Lugansk) – team Leader, Tim Aleksandronets (Lviv), Vitaliy Varbanets (Odessa), Lota Merkulova (Donetsk), Ivan Mygalko (Uzhgorod));

ER knowledge group (Dima Ivanov (Kharkiv) – team leader, Sasha Belokon (Mykolaiv), Anna Ivanova

(Donetsk)) - gathering all docs concerning sales and creation of wiki.

Congrats to Pricing group and its team leader Roman Kovtunenko for structured work and showing what does it mean acting sustainable!

Looking forward to hear about the results of the rest of the groups!!! p.s. Be Better – Be ER!!!! Main event in August is what?

Application forms are coming!!!!

2. Main initiatives in ER: 

Create Your ER culture (15.07-30.10) – tracking tool for VP ER and all needed guides created, KPIs defined

SellCo (1.07-22.08) – general conference management, prepare Selling track (speakers, agenda)  Year pertnership (15.07-15.09) – establishing National partnerships for the year 

Woo-hoo!!! Till the end of August we will know our final list of National Partners for this year!!! Other responsibilities: -


LDS post-event activities (servicing) Work with commission


“Our COMmission is to support all organization goals. Everybody needs us. And it’s COM mission! ”


National Comm Team 11-12

Summer FMs were both “work hard, play hard” for COMmission. Thank you one more time for this=) JulyComm initiatives “Brand New U” already finished! There are

Power of Three has started! The winners of 1-st

internal brand book updated, new logo created,

week are Simfer, Mykolaiv and Lviv!!! Two weeks

Two educational trainings about new internal

application forms from 960 planned for all

templates for video, wiki & documents created. brand were provided. For more information

of campaign already passed and we have 232 campaign. Check this wiki:

come here.

August Comm initiatives • •

National web-site will be totally updated (hosting, design, structure, content etc.). st

From 1 of August it will be “Beautify WIKI” communication campaign. The main goal is to update official wiki of all LCs according new internal brand standards & beautify them. =)

Recruitment promo campaign materials will be launched for LCs 8.08.2011. And till 1.09 you will get free posters from our partner

Other initiatives that will start in August: DT OGX projects promo campaign preparation, OGX and web-site preparation. Power of Three will continue.

Take active part in Facebook campaign for Power of Three. Invite your friends and potential EPs to “like” page AIESEC Ukraineon Facebook.

Working groups 2 Working Groups have started their work on Recruitment promo campaign! “Online promo Recruitment”:

“On-campus promo Recruitment ”:

Ruslan Korniuchuk (LC Dnipro)

Anya Vodopyanova (LC Kharkiv)

Yulia Zhirova (LC Kyiv)

Nastya Ganenko (LC Simfer)

Marina Priroda (LC Lugansk)

Ruslan Korniuchuk (LC Dnipro)

Yulia Nesteruk (LC Franik)

Roma Dovgoshiya (LC Ternopil)

Anya Petrova (LC Donetsk)

Vitya Kolenkorov (LC Berdik)

Useful resourses: Global Brand wiki, National marketing materials library, National SM strategy AIESECly yours, Anastasiya Klysakova, MC VP Comm 11-12

Fin This year Finance Commission is one of the biggest in AIESEC in Ukraine - 14 people! (Only Mykolaiv doesn’t have VP F yet). 13 VPs Finance were present on “Summer FMs”. Also Finance people were recognized as the most “singing” commission at the conference!  Start from legality! New Financial Model: We have 3 LCs who have already finished re- • last editions are being made; registration: • voting for new Financial Model will take • Berdyansk; place in August at LCPM; • Ivano-Frankivsk; • in case of Model’s approval it will be • Kyiv. implemented in the end Nice work, guys! of Q3. Also don’t forget about Statutes! There is no LC who managed to change it yet! Don’t waste your time! Re-registration and Statute change must be done till 1.10.2011! Working groups 2 Working Groups have started their work! “White Cash”: Synergy WG between ER & Finance – “ER • Olya Vaskovets (Chair, National Internal Pricing”: • Roman Kovtunenko (Chair, VP ER, LC Auditor); Lugansk); • Nadezhda Yakovenko (LC Sevastopol); • Lota Merkulova (VP F; LC Donetsk); • Nataly Lototska (LC Ivano-Frankivsk); • Ivan Mygalko (VP F; LC Uzhgorod); • Galyna Kondratenko (LC Kyiv). • Tim Alexandronets (VP ER; LC Lviv); • Vitalii Varbanets (VP ER; LC Odesa).

“X Legality” Working Group starts its work on 1st of August! Financial Conference 2011 National Financial Conference will take place on 20-21 of August in Kharkiv! Visit the FIRST Ukraine national conference about finance EVER!

National Finance Manager Application Form Apply for new position till 2.08.2011. Link for AF: For any questions contact: Irina Prokofieva, MC VP Finance;

LC Evolution From 1st of July Ukraine already realized 252 X what is 14% of our year goal! We are now TOP 8 CY in network and ready to beat Indonesia and Brazil.

And of course applauses to the main contributors of the month:

• Kharkov and Mariupol who already made in July on 37% more than in Q3 last year! • Odessa realized 33 X comparing with 23 for whole Q3 in previous year!

• And special rewards for: Uzhhorod – 17 X and 142% growth comparing with whole Q3 last year! • • Kyiv - main contributor of AIESEC in Ukraine - 44X and growth 120%!

Thank you guys – you are really doing your work with all passion and hard work! Keep on going!

Finally in LCP commission was decided on which

crucial topics working groups of LCPs will work on:

 Working group “Legality WG” which consists of LCPs of

Franik, Donetsk, Lviv, Berdyansk and Dnipro, will work on AIESEC in Ukraine legalization process and also on redesigning of Local Compendium.

 Working group “Conferences Quality WG” will work on development and implementation of new

conferences model and conference management at whole. LCPs from Kharkiv, Ternopil, Odessa, Kyiv and Simferopol will contribute to it.

 “AIESEC 2015 WG”, with contribution of Mykolaiv, Mariupol, Uzhhorod, Sevastopol and Lugansk

LCPs, will work on development of new products aligned with @-2015 vision and customization

of IC 2015 process outputs for AIESEC UA.

Relax, take it easy


Vitalii Varbanets, Odessa


Valentina Leus, Kyiv


Viktorija Ivanytska, Uzhgorod


Ivan Mygalko, Uzhgorod


Svetlana Myhno, Kyiv


Anna Petrova, Donetsk


Valentina Leus, Kyiv


Nikolay Bryzytskyy,Franik


Dmitriy Dedushenko, Donetsk



Anastasia Ganenko, Simferopol

AIESEC Ukraine copybook July 2011  

AIESEC Ukraine copybook July 2011. Surf on - be the first!!!

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