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Curriculum Vitae

Komp. Metro Permata 1 blok D1 no. 15A Jl. Raden Saleh, Ciledug-Tangerang 15157



(+62) 83899619924

I am a friendly person who possess

(+62) 85775551812

Editorial, illustration, art and craft, pho-

good character, such as honesty, in

tography, print, cultures, music, colors,

which helps me to be enthusiastic in

travelling, dolls, animals, anything related

my works. besides being very pas-

to children.

sionate with art, i am also a collaborative person as i taught myself to love new things, and i assure every-


one that i will take my best out of me

Languages: Indonesian (native speaker),

for the best of all.

Goal To seek the real world challanges

English (fluent). Design related: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Indesign CS5, iMovie.

and experience, while learning how to become prefossional in technical

Others: Microsoft Office, Knitting, Pop-up,

towards real life attitude.

Sewing, Flag dance.

Work Experiences (design)

Study 2010 - present Universitas Pelita Harapan

Visual Communication

Design Major

2007 - 2010

SMA Bukit Sion

Social Major

2004 - 2007

SMP Notre Dame

1998 - 2004

SD Vianney

Work Experiences (non-design)


Jessica Evelyn Winoto’s Recital designer

- Media include poster, guest book, booklet.


Passion Week UPH (Coordinator creative design)

- Works in a group of 5 people

- Media include logo, ticket, flyers, banners, t-shirt, name tag,

Display Picture, Certificate, posters, countdown.


Christmas Celebration UPH (Creative design)

- Works in a group of 5 people

- Media include logo, ticket, flyers, banners, t-shirt, name tag,

Display Picture, posters, countdown.


Liaison Officer UPH festival 20


Creative Ministry Easter UPH


Creative Ministry Youth Camp


Youth Camp UPH (Creative design)


Liaison Officer UPH festival 19

- Works in a group of 6 people


Creative Ministry UPH

- Media include logo, tickets, flyers, banners, t-shirt, nametags,

as a flag dancer

Display Picture, posters, countdown, registration card,

letterhead, hand book, decoration.


Mentor UPH festival 18


Costume Party DKV (publication)


Spiritual Formation for Student (SFS)


Artbound (publication)

(Making a welcome notes).

2009 - 2010

Sma Bukit Sion Yearbook 2009 and 2010

- Works in a group of 2 people, 1 teacher

2010 - present Junior Church GBI Intercon Creative Design.

- Media include decorations, videos, tickets.

Happiness This illustration is a visual image of a song called “Happiness” by David Choi. The lyrics says, “I choose happines, i choose peace, i choose beauty, and love love love love, i choose grace, i choose joy, i choose life, and love love love love.” which are drawn as balloons. Media: Adobe Illustrator

Four Four is a representasion of it’s creator. One soul with four different mood. Sometimes soft, happy, serious, and even mad. All of them become one and that makes this sun flower perfect. Media: Poster paint, color pencil, copic, marker, ink.

Dangdut These illustration promote dangdut with children and youth as targets. Both use the same red-orange-yellow color combination that brings power, enthusiastic, and hot to the image and it match with dangdut. For kids, thick stroke is a must to bring the feel of cartoon. and for youth, geometrical lines will be good. Media: Poster paint, ink.

Love Lock These two illustrations show something that is popular in korea. Showing some love with locking a heart with their names on it is a huge tradition alike in Korea, they believe by locking their heart in the certein place will keep their love eternally. Media: Adobe Photoshop

Self Portrait This is a self portrait by tracing the picture and useing pen tool to trace every single detail. Media: Adobe Illustrator

Maphel Maphel is the emboniment character of the creator. Everything she wears, how does she looks has its own meaning. Media: Adobe Illustrator (left/2D) Adobe Photoshop (right/3D)

Fair Fair (Fair-hair) is a follower of a wax brand named Nair (No-hair). This is a design advertisement project. Fair uses durian, rambutan and kiwi as the metafore of a strong hair (durian), messy curly hair (rambutan), and soft but many hair (kiwi). Works in a group of 4 people. Media works: Print ad, Creative ad, wobbler, TVC. Media: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie.


bebas bulu sekali cabut!

Membersihkan kulit dari bulu hingga ke akar Lembut dan mulus tanpa bekas.



bebas bulu sekali cabut!

bebas bulu sekali cabut!

Membersihkan kulit dari bulu hingga ke akar Lembut dan mulus tanpa bekas.

Membersihkan kulit dari bulu hingga ke akar Lembut dan mulus tanpa bekas.

Story B1 Scene: Duren, Kiwi, dan Rambutan saling mengejek. Sound Effect: Fun Instrumental. Voice Over: Kiwi:“Hei kamu Duren bulunya tajam” Duren: “Dasar Rambutan bulunya keriting” Rambutan:”Ih Kiwi juga bulunya lebat”

Story B4 Scene: Tiba-tiba tangan tadi menaruh bekas wax yang sudah ada bulu-bulunya, tangannya mulus. Sound Effect: “Cling” Visual Effect: Sinar di sekitar tangan. Voice Over: Kiwi, Duren, Rambutan:”Heeeee”

Story B2 Scene: Ada tangan wanita berbulu lebat mengambil kotak Fair melewati buah-buah tersebut. Voice Over: Kiwi, Duren, Rambutan:”Waaaao”

Story B5 Scene: Buah-buah tersebut kaget melihat tanagn tadi mulus dan ingin mencoba Fair juga. Voice Over: Kiwi, Duren, Rambutan:”Waah... tangannya jadi mulus, mau coba Fair aah”

Story B3 Scene: Duren, Kiwi, dan Rambutan menertwakan tangan wanita itu karena bulu wanita itu lebih lebat dari mereka. Voice Over: Kiwi, Duren, Rambutan:”Hahaha bulunya tadi banyak amat!”

Story B6 Scene: Muncul produk dan tagline. Announcer: “Fair, bebas bulu sekali cabut.” Visual Effect: Buah blur sebagai background.

Story B7 Scene: Ketiga buah itu sudah mencoba fair dan terkesan dengan hasilnya. Sound Effect: “Cling” Visual Effect: Sinar-sinar di sekitar buah, fade to white.

Maybelline This is a re-design print ad of Maybelline’s lipstick. I use a part of the lyrics from Ratu Sejagad by Vonny Sumlang to represents the queen feel when wearing this lipstick. The words shaped a lipstick Media: Adobe Photoshop


t c u d o Pr



Rp 10

ion ds t o m o Pr , print a TVcom ratis 1 g beli 1

Beng-beng Detector This is a Design Advertising project to make an application for the brand to get more popularity, This is a work of 3 people. We make Beng-beng Detector as a GPS for those hungry student to find where to buy beng-beng easily. This GPS can only find beng-beng. Media: Adobe Illustrator

Type FACE Making face out of typeface sounds easy, but it takes more patience than i thought. This is a Typography project, to make our face from words, the words itself represents ourself. Media: Adobe Illustrator

Words These two are some of my project to make a good impression of the words it self. I’m inspirated by Mariam Bantjes and Herb Lubalin to make these projects. Media: Drawing pen (left), Adobe Illustrator (right)

Fragile Heart This is a tyography project to symbolize a song with a single picture and the others is only words. Create the feeling of the song is the main idea. Something fragile is easily brakes. By using broken glass will catch the feel of fragile.

A fragile heart was broken before I don't think it could endure another pain but there's a voice from deep inside of you that's calling out to make you realize that this new bond gives inspiration to all who feel no love appeal no more.

FRAGILE HEART A Story About Hurting Mind in Need of Emotion

So forget your past, and we can dream tomorrow save our hearts for card and lovin too it's hard I know, but oh one thing for sure don't go and break this.

But baby in you A hurting mind in need of emotion I don't think I could endure another pain but baby in you, I've found affection affection I have never felt.

A hurting mind in need of emotion I don't think I could endure another pain but baby in you, I've found affection affection I have never felt before.

So don't let your past destroy what comes tomorrow don't go and break my fragile heart with all this fire that burns between us there's so much to lose but I’ll never lose you anymore in life.

With all this fire that burns between us there's so much to lose and if I could, choose the world around me the world I'd choose would all revolve around you so help me complete the game inside me and help to mend my fragile heart.

Yet so much more to gain and if I could, choose the world around me the world I'd choose would all revolve around you So help me complete the game inside me and help to mend my fragile heart.

“So forget your past, and we can dream tomorrow. Save our hearts for card and lovin too It's hard I know, but oh. One thing for sure don't go and get them.” That this new bond gives inspiration to all who feel no love appeal no more so how can I break this wall around you that's aiding both our hearts to grow in pain even if you took my heart and tored it apart and we pass our life together.

I don't think it could endure another pain but there's a voice from deep inside of you that's calling out to make you realize that's aiding both our hearts to grow in pain so forget your past, and we can dream tomorrow will bring life and joy. Tomorrow save our hearts for card and loving too it's hard I know, but oh one thing for sure don't go and break this fragile heart that I’ve been made for you to be with and stay in you forever.

Music Composed and Sung by Westlife

Interstate is a sans serif typeface in the period 1993–1999. The typeface is closely related to the FHWA Series fonts, a signage alphabet drawn for the United States Federal Highway Administration in 1949.


interstate Interstate This is a poster magazine cover re-design, and booklet project that tells about Interstate. From the history until the anatomy of Interstate itself. Media works: poster, magazine cover, website, booklet. Media: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Thobias Frere Jones ABCDE FGH IJ KL M NOPQR STUV WXYZ abcdefg h ijklm nopqrstu vwxyz 123 45 6789 0



terima kasih untuk laut yang dapat kusebut

rumah Penyu Indonesia Penyu Indonesia ia a campaign to save and protect Indonesian seaturtles. Seaturtles are marked as almost extinct animals. The word that is used is “rumah” because “rumah is the savest place for the living things. Seaturtles need the sea as its own “rumah”, but many people catch them and eat them. Even some of them haven’t seen the world, they are still eggs. That’s why this campaign’s vision is to make people aware of it. Media works: Poster, print ad (newspaper and magazine), flyer, website, pop-up card, swimming pool’s sticker, billboard. and logo. Media: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

Enam dari tujuh penyu di dunia terletak di Indonesia. Keenam penyu tersebut hampir punah, karena konsumsi yang berlebihan. Mari lindungi penyu kita, karena merekapun memiliki hak untuk hidup sama seperti kita.

Penyu adalah spesies yang telah hidup di muka bumi sejak jutaan tahun yang lalu dan mampu bertahan hingga kini. Penyu adalah satwa migran, seringkali bermigrasi dalam jarak ribuan kilometer antara daerah tempat makan dan tempat bertelur. Penyu menghabiskan waktunya di laut tapi induknya akan menuju ke daratan ketika waktunya bertelur. Induk penyu bertelur dalam siklus 2-4 tahun sekali, yang akan datang ke pantai 4-7 kali untuk meletakan ratusan butir telurnya di dalam pasir yang digali. Setelah 45 – 60 hari masa inkubasi, tukik (sebutan untuk anak penyu) muncul dari dalam sarangnya dan langsung berlari ke laut untuk memulai kehidupan barunya. Beberapa ahli mengatakan dari 1000 tukik hanya akan ada 1 tukik yang mampu bertahan hidup hingga dewasa. Tingkat keberhasilan hidup penyu sampai usia dewasa sangat rendah, para ahli mengatakan bahwa hanya sekitar 1-2 % saja dari jumlah telur yang dihasilkan.


123 456 789 10 11 Adapun kegiatan-kegiatan yang selama ini kami lakukan adalah:






Survey pantai peneluran penyu

Tujuannya adalah untuk mengetahui

Ancaman terhadap penyu adalah perdagangan baik dalam bentuk daging, telur ataupun bagian tubuhnya. Penyu yang sering diperdagangkan dagingnya adalah jenis penyu hijau. Perdagangan daging penyu ini masih terjadi di Pulau Bali. Sedangkan jenis penyu yang sering diambil karapas sisiknya untuk dibuat cinderamata adalah penyu sisik. Pencemaran laut oleh minyak dan sampah plastik juga menjadi ancaman bagi kelestarian penyu. Induk penyu bertelur dalam siklus 2-4 tahun sekali, hal ini dapat mendukung meningkatnya kelangkaan bagi penyu apabila kita tidak dapat menjaga telur-telur penyu dengan baik. Visi kami adalah untuk melindungi penyu-penyu dari perdagangan liar, dan menjaga telur penyu

Yaitu dengan melakukan pembersihan

Melindungi sarang-sarang telur penyu Tujuannya untuk menjaga sarang-

pantai dari sampah-sampah atau batang

sarang yang ada di lokasi tersebut

yang masih didatangi penyu untuk

pohon kayu yang terdampar di pantai yang

agar telur-telur yang ada tidak dicuri

dapat menghalangi jalannya tukik-tukik

oleh orang-orang/nelayan yang biasa

menuju laut atau menghalangi induk penyu

singgah di pulau untuk mencari telur

naik ke pantai untuk bertelur.


Melakukan penandaan dan

Melakukan pengecekan pada sarang-

Pemasangan transmitter pada induk penyu



Menjaga habitat pantai peneluran penyu

pulau-pulau atau pantai mana saja

pengukuran induk penyu

sarang yang telah menetas telurnya

Pemasangan transmitter pada induk penyu

Biasanya penandaan dan penguku-

Tujuannya untuk mengetahui berapa

mempunyai fungsi yang sama dengan tag,

ran dilakukan pada saat induk

banyak telur yang berhasil menetas,

hanya pemasangan transmitter lebih dituju-

berapa banyak tukik yang berhasil

kan pada kemana induk-induk penyu itu

keluar dari sarang, apa yang

pergi setelah bertelur.

penyu sedang bertelur karena pada saat itu induk penyu dalam kead-

aan lebih tenang sehingga memu-

menyebabkan telur gagal menetas,

dahkan pekerjaan.

predator apa saja yang telah merusak telur atau sarang.

dengan mengadakan konservasi terhadap telur penyu yang dikubur di dalam pasir.

Pemasangan pagar listrik pengaman

Pemasangan Logger

Babi merupakan salah satu predator


Logger adalah alat yang digunakan untuk

Zonasi dibuat untuk memudahkan

telur penyu terbesar di Pantai

mengetahui kecepatan arus, kedalaman

dalam mencari sarang, penzonasian

Jamursba Medi Sorong Irian Jaya

serta suhu. Logger yang dipasang pada

dilakukan dengan cara mengukur

Barat. Untuk mengatasi hal ini maka

induk penyu dimaksudkan untuk mengetahui

pantai peneluran dan memberikan

nomor zonasi dalam tiap beberapa

dipasanglah pagar listrik sebagai

kecepatan berenangnya penyu, kedalaman

pengaman untuk melindungi sarang-

penyelaman serta temperatur disekitar induk

meter. Dengan adanya pembagian

sarang telur penyu tersebut.


zona, kita dapat mengetahui berapa meter panjang pantai yang sesungguhnya.


Penomoran Sarang

Di dunia ada 7 jenis penyu dan 6 diantaranya terdapat di Indonesia. Jenis penyu yang ada di Indonesia adalah Penyu hijau (Chelonia mydas), Penyu sisik (Eretmochelys imbricata), Penyu lekang

Tujuannya adalah untuk mengetahui kondisi

pasir pada saat itu, apakah bertambah atau

dicatat tanggal bertelur serta letak

(Lepidochelys olivacea), Penyu belimbing (Dermochelys coriacea), Penyu pipih (Natator depressus)

zonanya untuk memudahkan dalam

dan Penyu tempayan (Caretta caretta).

Mengukur Kelandaian Pantai

Penyu yang selesai bertelur,

sarangnya akan diberi nomor dan

berkurang, ini dilakukan untuk mengambil

keputusan apakah perlu dilakukan relokasi

pengecekan sarang dan mengeta-

sarang, kalau kelandaian pasir sudah

hui sarang mana yang kira-kira

diketahui maka pada bulan tertentu sarang

sudah menetas dan harus digali.

boleh direlokasi dan pada bulan tertentu

sarang tidak boleh direlokasi. Jadi sebelum diadakan relokasi, harus diketahui terlebih dahulu kondisi pantai.




Chelonia mydas

Eretmochelys imbricata

Lepidochelys olivacea

Penyu yang paling sering diperdagangkan

Badan Konservasi dunia IUCN memasukan

Penyu terkecil dengan bobot

dagingnya di masyarakat.

penyu sisik ke dalam daftar spesies yang

sekitar 50 kilogram

sangat terancam punah.

Penyu Indonesia merupakan tempat pelestarian penyu Indonesia. Adapun tujuan kami melakukan pelestarian penyu mengingat saat ini penyu termasuk hewan yang hampir punah namun masih saja terus diburu baik telur maupun hewannya meskipun sudah ada undang-undang yang melarang pemanfaatan penyu. Inilah yang mendorong kami untuk melakukan konservasi penyu, mengingat luasnya kepulauan Indonesia dan kurangnya pengawasan dari aparat yang berwenang yang tidak dapat menjangkau wilayah-wilayah terpencil dan masih kurangnya kesadaran kita untuk melestarikan hewan yang hampir punah khususnya penyu.




Dermochelys coriacea

Natator depressus

Caretta caretta

Penyu terbesar dengan ukuran panjang

Hanya penyu ini yang diperkirakan tidak

Berukuran panjang 70 hingga 210

badan mencapai 2,75 meter dan bobot

terancam punah.

sentimiter dan berat 135 hingga 400

600 - 900 kilogram.




telp. (021) 73356902

Cimory Now it’s time to re-brand a popular milk brand named Cimory which is known as a dairy milk with a friendly cost, and many variation of flavour. The logo used the exact same color from the past logo, which is blue, red, and white (optional) that represents the friendship of two country: Indonesia and Netherlands for making this milk. Media works: Graphic Standard Manual, Company profile, broschure, packaging, business card, letterhead, envelope, glass, note, pen. Media: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign.

Buzzle Buzzle refers to Batik Puzzle. Its a combination of batik and urban art (pop). I used pop colors such as green, blue, yellow, and red. I used puzzle because every pieces count for it is to be perfect. and batik meets pop design will be perfect too. Finishing: print and cut (image), glow in the dark (dots) Media work: T-shirt Media: Adobe illustrator

Christmas Card It’s Christmas time! let’s give our lovely friend a lovely Christmas Card~ Finishing: Spot UV (santas, buldings, Christmas balls), special color red and green (merry christmas and tree), die cut. Media: Adobe illustrator

Mermaid Clock How unique! a clock that shapes like a boat steering wheel. The handle is replaced by the numbers. This brings the feel of the sea. The picture inside is a mermaid who is sitting on the reef. The color magenta and gold represents the elegance of the mermaid. Finishing: laser cutting Media work: cartoon board Media: Adobe Illustrator

2 3 4 5 6 7

9 1 0 8

12 1 11

Knitting Book Knitting Book is my first experience of making some units of a book project. This is also my first time using Adobe InDesign, so the contains are all Lorem Ipsum, but the title and sub titles are real. This book is a manual book for knitting. Media: Adobe InDesign



Starfish I love children, they have a high level of curiousity about what is going on in this world, especially when it is talking about the world they are not living in. Sea will always be a fun topic for children to know more, because many thing happens in the sea. This magazie educate and entertain children about all things related to the sea. Media: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign



P!NK This project is to design a singer’s new release song. I choose Pink as the singer because she has a very unique style not like the other female singer. Media works: poster, cd sticker, cd album. Media: Adobe Photoshop

Collage These are many layouts that i make to practise about hierarchy. All of the elemens and pictures taken from magazine. Media: Collage (magazines)

THANKYOU for your time to carefully reading this portfolio

Portfolio of Anastasia  

This is a graphic design portfolio. enjoy :)