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+ Art Director

Senior Graphic Designer

PORTFOLIO/2014 ANASS KHERBECHE Art Director Senior Graphic Designer +212 679 999 904

I’ve always been in pursuit with the latest international and regional advertising concepts, marketing activations and visual communication media tools, successively chasing on the latest design tools and digital creative technologies available in the market. Some of the professionals in the industry are creative thinkers and leaders, the others are-natural born- skilled artists, designers and adapters, I belive in a -Recipewhich activates the best of the two worlds, dressed with a topping accumulated experiences. I dedicate this portfolio to people, organizations and colleagues whom they inspired and acknowledge me through my career on both professional and personal aspects.

I still strive for more and open for a bigger scale challenge that allows to push my creative abilities to the max in a larger market.




FIRST LINE Alcudia Smir: Luxury resort Villas & Golf Selman Marrakech: A five star luxury hotel Menara Mall: Mall based in Marrakech Dar Rhizlane: Luxury guest palace Mansour Eddahbi: A five star luxury hotel

SECOND LINE Mediterrania Saidia Maroc: Seaside Resort Atlas Golf Resort: Luxury resort Villas & Golf Addoha: First real estate group in Morocco Perla Saidia: Seaside Resort Bouskoura Golf City: Luxury resort Villas & Golf

THIRD LINE Ambiance d’ailleurs: Showroom Trendy Furniture L’Mansion: Luxury Guest Palace Avant-Garde Multimedia: Web agency based in Morocco AK Ange K: Arty Gallery/Restaurant The Source: Private Resort Music & Spa

FOURTH LINE NESK INVESTMENT: Managing Malls in morocco La Casbah: Moroccan restaurant Royal Golf Marrakech: Web agency FNAP: National Festival of Popular Arts Marrakech TV: The First Moroccan local TV

Client: Addoha Group Branding/Advertising

Client: ATlas Golf Resort Branding/Advertising

Client: Anour Group Advertising

Client: Bouskoura Golf City Branding/Advertising

Client: Centra Branding/Advertising

Client: Carita Graphic design

Client: Nesk investments/Morocco Mall Branding/Advertising

Client: Palais Namaskar Branding/Advertising

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