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an universal brand The perfect choice for urban and sophisticated woman...

“...each creative proposal I present is the sum of all my dreams, twisted by realism and by the desire for Perfection...�

CONTENTS ANA SOUSA: more than 20 years of history, a successful route

Ana Hickmann, face of the springsummer 2005 collection

The stylist Ana Sousa, looking to win over the female fashion market

Helen Swedin, the inspiring muse of the Spring-Summer 2006 collection

Natal, an idyllic city in Brazil, the setting for the Spring-Summer 2003 collection The romanticism of Venice in the Fall-Winter 2003/04 advertising campaign

Daniela Ruah, face of irreverence at ANA SOUSA ANA SOUSA Be Young collection: the beginning of a new line LetĂ­cia Birkeuer, the beauty of the Brazilian model is enticing in campaigns for the ANA SOUSA brand

Cuban city of Havana, the perfect setting for the Spring-Summer 2004 catalogue

The paradise of Troy, the setting chosen for the Spring-Summer 2010 collection

Swimwear line: elegance at the seaside

Perfect Body: now having a perfect body is even easier







Vanessa Oliveira, model and TV entertainer, is the icon of a modern, very sensual woman

Twist & Shine: magic coat

The majestic hotel W Barcelona, one of the most iconic spots in Spain

Runway: ANA SOUSA fashion shows

Lose & Fit jeans: Slimming spa T-shirt Aromatherapy: Therapy of the senses Haute Couture, the Perfect Dress The Portuguese actress Sofia Ribeiro is breath-taking as an ANA SOUSA model

Playful Dress: a dress, six ways of astounding

Around the world: our stores Portugal Spain Switzerland Luxembourg Russia South Africa ANA SOUSA business models


20 years than


OF HISTORY a successful route In two decades the ANA SOUSA brand has consolidated its position on the international scene, winning over the female fashion market, eager for elegance and glamour, thanks to its simplicity and distinction.



the success of a WINNING BRAND With 66 stores around the world under the name ANA SOUSA, in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Russia, Luxembourg, South Africa and Switzerland, and also available in multi-brand stores in the United States of America, France, Angola, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, England, Germany, Norway and Holland, the ANA SOUSA brand is a paradigm of success in the category of women’s clothing.


tarting its activity in 1992, the ANA SOUSA brand began to be marketed, nationally and internationally, in multi-brand stores. Having received a good feedback in the first 6 years, the company Flor da Moda decided to invest in the brand and in the fashion designer Ana Sousa as its main asset and differentiator input in an increasingly demanding and competitive market. With the opening of the first flagship store in 1998, ANA SOUSA starts a national and international journey full of success. The customer approach was crucial to guide the marketing strategy of the ANA SOUSA collection, as well as the development of

ambitious marketing and communication campaigns, reinforcing the concept of the brand in the sales to multi-brand clients and, on the other hand, increasing the referral of the ANA SOUSA brand with the final consumers, due to the notoriety that the brand was winning within the female clientele. The successful launch of this store, as well as those that followed, was based on offering several proposals of the ANA SOUSA collection in a single commercial space and in presenting to the consumers a sophisticated, sober, elegant life style with a nuance slightly chic cosmopolitan.



the stylist


looking to win over the female fashion market The fashion designer Ana Sousa stands out for her taste, the staff for its elegance and their irreverent attitude, values which run through all their collections.


na Sousa’s way to success is a daring adventure in national and international fashion and her collections are always a reflection of her personality. Rather than create a brand, the designer Ana Sousa has always tried to create a reference store to allow her clients to anticipate, in each collection, a genuine trend. In order to achieve the proposed objectives for each collection, the fashion designer always seeks out nationally and internationally well-reputed personalities as the inspiring muses behind her collections. Reflecting the ideal female, they are

women who breathe an urban spirit with the elegance and class intrinsic in their way of acting and looking at life, meeting the creative principle of all the ANA SOUSA collections – dressing the cosmopolitan woman for all everyday situations. Having started her career at the tender age of 16, starting off by making exclusive outfits– what was almost a twist of fate saw her work recognised in 1992 when the company Flor da Moda decided to launch a brand in her own name, thereby paying tribute to the work she had carried out up till then.

In the next few pages you will get to know the brand and the collection which is adapted to all the geographic destinations and to the most varied cultures and nationalities as well as some of the muses inspiring the ANA SOUSA collections.

BRAZIL Natal, an idyllic city in



lways looking for markets with greater potential for economic growth, the ANA SOUSA brand selected Brazil, in the city of Natal, to stage the photographic shoot for the SpringSummer 2003 collection. With more than 192 million inhabitants, Brazil has become the dream destination for many international events. It’s the country chosen to host the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016. It is undoubtedly a country that is a top priority for any successful business plan. The Brazilian model Ana Garcia, whose CV boasts advertising campaigns for brands like Avon Perfumes, C&A and Cia. Marítima, was chosen as the face for this season.


The heat, sun, happiness and contagious hospitality of the Brazilian people inspired the stylist Ana Sousa to create a wonderful feminine but still relaxed, sensual and very romantic collection.

VENICE the romanticism of



enice, one of the most romantic cities in Italy, visited annually by around 12 million people, was the setting chosen by the stylist Ana Sousa for the photographic shoot for the Autumn-Winter 2003/04 collection. The city’s renowned Carnival served as the inspiration for a catalogue in which the costumes characteristic of the 17th century and the exclusive masks are mixed with the elegance and glamour of a collection designed for a cosmopolitan woman. It could even be said that Venice lent all its mysticism to the most exciting catalogue ever of the ANA SOUSA brand.


HAVANA Cuban city of



he Spring-Summer 2004 catalogue was photographed in the largest city of the island of Cuba, Havana. A city steeped in the historic and cultural rich tradition, characterised by being eclectic and monumental, values conveyed at a photo session in a Latino-American style. For the history of the ANA SOUSA brand, the images became famous in d’El Capitólio, the central offices of the Cuban Government until the Cuban revolution in 1959 and it is currently the main office of the Cuban academy of sciences. Its architectural lines were inspired in the United States Capitol in Washington.


2004 was also characterised in the history of the ANA SOUSA brand for the launch of a line of bikinis and beach accessories. The hot climate, the clear waters and the Latin-American rhythm of Cuba inspired the fashion designer to launch this new collection line, called Swimwear.



he swimwear line was created to complement the collection with elegant proposals for the hottest days of the year. As the fashion designer Ana Sousa says: “If it is essential to look radiant at all moments, when wearing a bikini, we have to be absolutely stunning!�. This is a line of bikinis and beach accessories which surprises us for its

elegance at the seaside creative originality, the quality of the materials and the constant, seductive reminder of sunny days. On those days when the heat takes control of our senses, ANA SOUSA shows us how to be amazing, creating proposals which promise to seduce on the beach, in the swimming pool... in the summer!



HICKMANN face of the spring-summer 2005 collection


model, TV host and business woman, Ana Hickmann started her career as a model at the age of 15. Emporio Armani, Versace, Prada, Victoria’s Secret and ANA SOUSA soon recognised her talent and bet on her image as the face of their collections for several seasons.


In 2001 Anna Hickman was elected by GQ Italy as one of the 10 prettiest women in the world and in 2004 it was MAXIM’s turn to get her onto the list of the 100 most sensual women in the world, becoming one of the most influential Supermodels worldwide. In 2004,Ana Hickmann also started a successful career as a TV entertainer on the programme “Tudo a Ver” for the Brazilian TV channel Record which fiercely fights the ratings war with the huge Globo Network. She is currently heading up the programme “Tudo é Possível” on the same channel.

Wherever Ana Hickmann passes, she is the centre of attentions and the press simply had to turn up when she went to Portugal to headline the ANA SOUSA campaigns and fashion shows.

A national and international cover girl, since the beginning of her carreer, Helen Swedin stood out in the world press as one of the most beautiful models in Europe.



the inspiring muse



orn in Sweden, she first worked as a model at the age of 18 and soon achieved the main international fashion shows. It was at one of those a fashion shows that she met the Portuguese football player Luís Figo, the winner of the “golden ball” awarded by FIFA, to the best football player in the world, who made his career playing for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan. After going through marriage and maternity, Helen Swedin cut down on her modelling work, limiting this to photo shoots for the brands she identifies with most. She was the face of the ANA SOUSA brand, Arena, Don Algodón, Friday’s Project, Giorgio Armani, Guess and L’Oreal. A national and international cover girl, from early on in her career, Helen Swedin stood out in the world press as one of the most beautiful models in Europe.

daniela RUAH the face of irreverence at ANA SOUSA D

aniela Ruah, who takes the role of the special agent Kensi Blye in “NCIS: Los Angeles�, inspired the stylist Ana Sousa in the creation of the most irreverent and younger collection. She was invited to be the face of the Spring Summer 2007 and Autumn-Winter 2007/08 brand campaigns. Having started her career in Portugal playing various roles in soap operas and Portuguese cinema, it was in Hollywood that she became a worldwide movie star, thanks to the exclusivity agreement she signed with CBS, one of the largest TV and radio networks in the United States.


Armed with her winning, ever defiant posture, Daniela Ruah was recently considered to be one of the 100 sexiest women in the world by the US magazine MAXIM, alongside with names like Katy Perry and Rihanna.

It was also in 2007 that the ANA SOUSA brand decided to create a new line called ANA SOUSA be young. The creative slogan is inspired by the 16-25 year old age group.


be young ANA SOUSA collection

the beginning of a new line


he line of the ANA SOUSA collection called “Be Young” is inspired in the lifestyle of a girl who becomes a woman, with a super irreverent mentality, without prejudice and taboos.

Her mind focuses on a disorganized freedom, reflecting an attempt to harmony between the rebel “Chic” and the unconsciousness, characteristic of those who have an entire life ahead, with an unparalleled, unprecedented and surprising style.


Worshiped by the international magazines, LetĂ­cia Birkheuer has shone in daring, seductive productions for the ANA SOUSA brand.


the beauty of the Brazilian model




onsidered as one of the best known international top models, her CV includes brands like Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Helena Rubinstein and Coco Chanel. Giorgio Armani, for instance, choose her as the face for his Armani Mania perfume collection and the stylist Ana Sousa chose her as the face of its brand numerous collections. Letícia Birkheuer also stood out for her participation in 2002 and 2003 in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and for having been considered one of the best paid models in the world in 2006. Apart from her modelling career, in 2005 she took part in the soap opera Belíssima, kicking off a successful career as an actress, which allowed her to win the best newcomer actressaward in the Globo Network in her debut year.


TROY the paradise of



he photo shoot for the SpringSummer 2010 collection was held at the recently opened Tróia Design Hotel, bathed by the clear waters of one of the most idyllic beaches in Europe. This hotel boasts minimalist vanguardism in all its spaces and in its hall there is a sculpture by the plastic artist Joana Vasconcelos, Sapato de Marilyn (Marilyn’s Shoe), recently sold for 260 thousand Euros at an auction in London after having been on display at the Versailles Palace in Paris.


This magical place, surrounded by fine and golden sands, proved to be ideal for launching the Perfect Body jeans: a technologically modelled clothing line which, by means of an anti-cellulite and firming treatment, allows the female silhouette to be recovered, making women ever more sensual.



now having a perfect body is even easier

erfect Body is a line of the ANA SOUSA clothing brand that promises to restore the original feminine shape. In these jeans, the Portuguese fashion designer provided a perfect silhouette by applying specific remodelling, the true Perfect Body effect. Apart from the unique modelling of the bi-stretch fabric trousers, in jeans, the perfect body effect is

further reinforced by a bioactive finish which contains natural kelp extract, as well as the natural substances of ginkgo and Asian centella. These ingredients allow an anticellulite, anti-wrinkle effect, safeguarding against stretchmarks and concurrently serving as a skin corrector thanks to its hydrating properties, making women’s legs even slimmer.

With the Perfect Body line, the woman gets back her curves, making everyone envious wherever she passes by.

With the bi-stretch fabric trousers version, it’s sure to catch everyone’s eyes. 31


model and TV entertainer

OLIVEIRA is the icon of a modern, very sensual woman


anessa Oliveira is one of the most promising hosts on Portuguese TV, heading up the lifestyle programme Fama Show on SIC since 2008. Chosen on various occasions as the muse for the ANA SOUSA brand for fashion shows and as the main face of numerous campaigns, Vanessa recreates the image of a modern, urban, sophisticated and feminine woman who is daring and irreverent, concepts which are prevalent throughout the ANA SOUSA collections. A winning bet which has boosted the brand image at home and abroad.


“I’m a close friend of Ana’s, I love the brand which is why I’ve already done two campaigns. And as for the clothes... I LOVE THEM!” Vanessa Oliveira

In the national press Vanessa Oliveira became one of the muses inspiring the ANA SOUSA brand. Her friendliness, cheerfulness and sensuality fit in perfectly with the values of an elegant, distinctive brand.

the majestic hotel



wning five ANA SOUSA stores in Spain under the mono brand concept and present at several multibrand stores in this country, the brand has decided to honour this expansion by making a photo shoot for its Spring-Summer 2011 catalogue in Barcelona, at the W Barcelona Hotel. Situated on the famous cobbled street of La Barceloneta, in one of the most exciting cities in Europe, and known as the setting for the official video clipof “Loca� by Shakira, the W Barcelona Hotel proves to be a unique sensory experience. Designed by the famous architect Ricardo Bofill, this hotel has become a true icon of vanguardist architecture, just the right setting for a fashion shoot.


It was this unique setting which inspired the fashion designer ANA SOUSA to present two new innovations: Aromatherapy T-shirt and the Lose & Fit Jeans.





ose & Fit Jeans are a line of jeans patented internationally (Pat. Pend. PCT 2012/053941) and which have proven to be a real slimming, hydration and firming spa by means of a very specific pattern developed by the stylist Ana Sousa. By way of a bioactive finish applied when washing denim based on extracts of chilli, raspberry and squalene, the

slimming spa

female body is remodelled from the leg to the waist. The combination of these ingredients stimulates the blood circulation, hydrating the skin and serving as a powerful anti-oxidant. It is by means of this imperceptible increase in body temperature that Lose & Fit jeans help to lose accumulated fat (“Lose”) and more quickly achieve good physical shape (“Fit”).


AROMATHERAPY therapy of the senses T

he Aromatherapy t-shirt stands out from others for its innovation when incorporating aromatized micro-capsules which break with the mere friction of the fabric on our body, affording a unique feeling of well-being and emotional lightness. A real olfactory stimulation therapy which surprises the central nervous

system in seconds with aromas like lavender, lemon or mint. Endowed with antiseptic, anti-depressive and refreshing properties, the Aromatherapy T-shirt takes on the mantle of an optimum ally in the fight against anxiety and the sensation of physical and emotional exhaustion.



the perfect dress


t was also in 2012 that the ANA SOUSA brand decided to create a customized service dedicated to Haute Couture. The main goal was to fulfill the needs of sophisticated and urban woman. We all deserve that “Perfect Dress�, designed to suit our dreams and perfectly adjusted to our personality.

With this feminine wish in mind, the ANA SOUSA brand decided to create a new line called Haute Couture. With this special service, woman will find a dress with the desired characteristics, adjusted to her body and designed entirely to meet a special moment.



the Portuguese actress


is breath-taking as an ANA SOUSA model


hosen as the muse inspiring the Autumn-Winter 2012-13 season, in the brand’s most theatrical catalogue in its history – and having remained as the leading light in the Spring–Summer collection 2013, Sofia Ribeiro is one of the most highly respected Portuguese actresses today. Considered as a talent on the rise, Sofia was chosen as she has an urban, very Latin image which fits in with the target of ANA SOUSA customers. She has played many roles, highlighting the role of Luna in “Morangos com Açúcar” (TVI) and that of Francisca in “Doce Tentação”. She also took part in the soap opera “Meu Amor” which won an International Emmy Award for the best soap opera in 2010, playing the character Clara Fontes.


It was also on these seasons that the stylist designed another two innovative concepts, which have further increased the list of vanguardist products of the ANA SOUSA brand: the Magic Coat and the Playful Dress.

She is currently on the books of “Elite Models� and has an exclusivity agreement with the TV channel TVI.


TWIST&SHINE magic coat


ANA SOUSA has brought out the Magic Coat, a piece which can be used on numerous occasions both ways around.

With an excellent reversible dressmaking – endowed with minute details on the handmade finishes -

In addition to its innovative design, this particularly model stands out for the versatility it affords to customers, who can enjoy two totally different coats in just one item of clothing.

he innovation of the Autumn-Winter 2012/13 collection, this reversible line of clothing sets itself out as an excellent solution for the urban woman.

PLAYFUL DRESS a dress, six ways of astounding


his is a “must� piece of the Spring-Summer 2013 collection, the fashion designer Ana Sousa has out forward a dress which allows different looks to be explored, changing style from hour to hour.

elegant, glamorous and distinct outfit, choosing from amongst the Egyptian, Roman, Imperial, Persian, Nymph-like or Greek Looks. Fun and the desire to surprise are the creative slogans behind this unique dress which promises to seduce more irreverent, seductive women.

Wearing the same dress in different ways, you can create an









ANA SOUSA FASHION SHOWS Apart from the catalogues, every year the ANA SOUSA brand stages various fashion shows and events to diffuse the main innovations in the collections. The multibrand customers, franchisees and all business partners are invited to be present in the ANA SOUSA fashion weeks, remaining within the main essential trends and products for each season.



AROUND WORLD our stores


To be found in numerous countries through monobrand stores orby marketing their collection to multibrand stores, not only in Europe but worldwide, the ANA SOUSA brand is putting forward a collection inspired by a lifestyle which is sophisticated, sober, modern and super elegant, transforming its stores or its corners (in the multibrand stores) into places of true contemplation of female sensuality. The brand aims to reinforce the presence in the domestic market, especially in the cities with more concentration of female inhabitants and conquer the main markets and international streets by establishing ANA SOUSA stores (own managed or franchise) or negotiating with multi-brand clients and/or department stores (with a shop in shop system) that may be interested in selling the ANA SOUSA collection.


1st store in Spain


1st store in Portugal


1st store in Luxembourg


1st store in South Africa


1st store in Russia


1st store in Switzerland

2013 66 ANA SOUSA stores 270 multi brand stores all over the world

PORTUGAL The headquarters of the ANA SOUSA brand, it is on Lusitanian soil that strategies are tested, markets are studied and concepts are adapted to boost brand commercialisation and positioning to the maximum.


ith 50 stores in its country of origin, Portugal, the ANA SOUSA brand brings together the ideal conditions to test all kinds of commercialisation and to diffuse strategies in its products, quickly exporting them to all the other countries worldwide. This vast network of pilot stores allows all procedures to be tested, from a global computer system for all stores to merchandising adapted to different types of store as well as optimising the various sales’ processes.

As the upshot of this ongoing effort to improve each task at the start of 2012, the ANA SOUSA brand was chosen by an independent study in Jornal Diário Económico, entitled “Marcas que Marcam” (Brands which stand out), as the Portuguese brand with the best Top of Mind in the female fashion segment. ANA SOUSA is the brand that everyone talks about and that all women wish to wear, constituting a female fashion referenceand a sustained success story.


SPAIN The demanding market of our neighbours provided the brand with the design of international concepts adapted to an ultra-feminine culture awash with glamour.



pain was the country chosen by the ANA SOUSA brand to include its first monobrand store in Lugo in 1998. With the success achieved in Lugo and, immediately afterwards, in Vigo, the brand decided to commit to the creation of its own store network.

Spanish women are incredibly concerned about their appearance, particularly when they’re getting dressed, whether it’s for work or fun. They are demanding when they go shopping and they tend to go for luxurious, glamorous pieces which can make any outfit shine.

Forming the bridge between different cultures and traditions, Spain is one of the top five markets in the fashion sector Europeanwide and it has major distribution groups, many of them with a multinational presence, as well as with a vast and diversified global supply chain.

In view of this approach and all its inherent femininity, the ANA SOUSA brand has managed to become a reference on the Spanish fashion market. At present, ANA SOUSA has 5 stores in Spain situated in the cities of Lugo, Vigo, Pontevedra, Ourense and Vilagarcia and a growing presence at multibrand stores.

SWITZERLAND The ANA SOUSA brand has found on the Swiss market the charisma, lust for life, elegance and fashion sense which combine perfectly with the values the brand puts forward.

ausanne and Martigny were the cities chosen to welcome the ANA SOUSA brand in Switzerland. This is a market with almost 8 million people, a stable economy which is on the rise with a GDP per capita higher than many other European nations. Switzerland, besides being one of the richest countries in the world with the best quality of life, was also considered as the best country to be born in 2013.


afforded Switzerland a prosperous, seductive economy for the majority of international brands.

The geographic location, political and economic stability, the well-preserved infrastructures, the higher education and relatively moderate taxes have

Women seek elegance for all moments of daily life, making Switzerland the perfect place to invest at the ANA SOUSA brand.

Since it is a country specialised in banking and tourist services with strong pharmaceutical and luxury goods’ industries (watches and jewellery), Swiss consumers have acquired a quick-witted awareness of fashion and a natural taste for sophistication.


LUXEMBOURG Esch-Sur-Alzette, Ettelbruck and Luxembourg are the prominent cities where ANA SOUSA stores are located in this country.


rom the beginnig, Luxembourg proved to be a welcoming, friendly country which is mad about fashion and where the daring and irreverence of the ANA SOUSA brand lend charm and elegance to any woman. The commitment to this market soon turned out to be the right decision. Luxembourg, as a founder member of the European Union, has the head offices of several Community institutions in its capital. Its economy is highly developed with one of the


highest GDP per capita in the world. In addition to 3 stores in Ettelbruck, Esch-Sur-Alzette and Luxembourg, in this country ANA SOUSA has a showroom which provides support to all the customers in Central Europe (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, etc). A prime location for commercial contacts which provides the information and know-how required to all the business models in this European region.


RUSSIA A demanding but stimulating market which is hard to win over, but quickly fell for the glamour of the ANA SOUSA brand.


ith around 142 million inhabitants, Russia is the sixth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. It is a demanding and closed market which provides stern challenges to those companies that endeavour to penetrate the Russian business labyrinth. However, with 3 stores in Russia, in Angarsk, Irkutsh and Ulan-Ude, the ANA SOUSA brand can be proud of already having won over the hearts of Russian women. What are they looking for? Quality at affordable prices, elegant, luxurious fashion,

refined and glamorous outfits which can heighten all female beauty. On the Russian market the ANA SOUSA brand has found an alternative to traditional trade, always with a view to finding proposals packed with Europeanism, one of the most sought after characteristics on this market. In this regard the ANA SOUSA collection is frequently chosen by specialist magazines to put forward products or as one of the most important international brands in the country.

SOUTH AFRICA The South African heart is now more refined, given over to the elegance of a brand which is on the rise.


ith around 40 million inhabitants, South Africa is known for its diversity of cultures, languages and religious beliefs and eleven official languages are recognised by the country’s Constitution.

With three stores in the capital, Johannesburg, the ANA SOUSA brand can be proud of already having won over South African’s women’s hearts. A sublime, luxurious and refined market given over to the elegance of the ANA SOUSA collections.

It is the largest, most developed economy in the African continent and an important partner in the international panorama. A multi-ethnic country, it has an emerging economy and is thus an attractive market for brands which are on the rise.

The biggest selling magazines in the country such as Marie Claire or Vogue, frequently resort to suggestions of ANA SOUSA brand products.



Committing to a business model created since 1998, the date when the first ANA SOUSA store opened, will undoubtedly be the right decision for success and an asset to any investor. ANA SOUSA makes available all its know-how so that your business is as successful as possible.



young, innovative and irreverent brand is always an asset for a multibrand store. It serves to drive sales, both in terms of the winning over of new customers and the opening of new collections.


So, buying the ANA SOUSA collection for Multibrand stores is the ideal choice for storekeepers who are consolidated on the market, particularly for those who wish to innovate and diversify the product range of their stores, committing to a tried and tested brand Europeanwide, steeped in over 20 years of history.



he ANA SOUSA Corner concept is the perfect solution for multibrand storekeepers who are faced by some physical space limitations and who, for this reason, feel that their products/brands are not rated highly enough. With this concept we create an exclusive and unique space inside the store with an innovative and

appealing design. This new layout is a purchase driver which enhances each product individually. The pieces are displayed in organised, strategically combined fashion to create irresistible outfits, providing the customer with a wide range of products in an appealing manner.



aking on an ANA SOUSA franchise means, first and foremost, benefitting from vast experience in business development and management in terms of the female fashion sector. This personalised, integral and wide ranging model put forward by the ANA SOUSA brand, allows a higher return to be made on the franchise investment, unthinkable in other business areas or in traditional commerce.

ANA SOUSA - Brand Profile  

An Universal Brand The perfect choice for urban and sophisticated woman.

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