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Welcome to the promotion guide for Global Citizen! Here you can find useful information towards product branding, tips and tricks and how to run promotion operations at your LC!

For promotion to be effective, we need to have all fronts directed towards our public with focused promotion channels. The below are our current resources for promotion and each one will be addressed in this document.

1 With no doubt, Facebook is one of our main platform for promotion. Although we cannot live without physical promotion, make sure that this stays on your priority list and focus for this off peak.

General Tips o

Tell your LC to “like� the fan page and share the posts, to make it more visible


Collect pictures & stories from your EPs and sent it to us- we really need them!


Invite all your friends, promote it on your LCs fan page- ask members to like it


Share posts from national fan page and blog


Local webpage should have information about recruitment and redirect to national page (

Content Creation Creating engaging content is limited only by our imagination. May our audience be students or businesses, here are five general types of content we can use to engage our stakeholders: Question and Answer -- The easiest type of content to create, you simply pose a question, provide an answer and ask your fans to add their opinion. Tie questions to i.e. Leadership or abroad experiences - and don't be afraid to have fun. Sharing/Information -- With this type of content, you share knowledge on a topic relevant to your stakeholders. This can be original content in the form of blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, info graphics and the like, or sharing other people's content, such as a news item, article, or blog post, and adding your expert analysis or feedback. But pay attention to the laws we have to comply. Discussion -- "Fill in the blank" discussion starters are a great way to get people to participate. These types of questions start a conversation with a sentence and then people have to fill in the blank. For example: "My best experience at AIESEC was _______________."

Promotions and Announcements -- Here's your opportunity to share offers and LC news. You can post about selected internships, realized TNs or cooperations with local companies. Events -- Workshops or training classes, conferences, information evenings, FKGs, parties, Topic - you name it, you can create it. Post everything that’s happening at your LC! Be creative! Do a research on newspapers and the internet what you target groups currently engage, and react to it! Content Design Posts have to attract attention. We need to post eye catchers, such as pictures or videos. They attract the people, not the text above. Only after getting attention, people start reading. Important: When using a link, don’t just post it. UPLOAD a picture. That will have the effect that the picture appears huge in the newsfeeds of the users/members, and the content gets more potential to being shared. Again: Pictures should be attractive, and videos should have a good quality. Execution Scheduling and timing: A good rule of thumb is to aim for 1-2 messages spread out through each day during promotion peaks. A calendar can help you keep on this schedule and to prepare ahead of time. For Page Managers Facebook offers the possibility to schedule posts and send them to the world at a specific time. Make a calendar: Plan out what you want to share and when you want to share it. For example, if you know you are going to be posting a new blog entry next Wednesday, make note in your calendar to share a link to the blog on Facebook that same day. Events: If your LC has upcoming events on the horizon, use the calendar to plan out when you want to post announcements and reminders.

2 o Prepare a PPT or any other materials/guidelines which will explain everything shortly and can be used for the lecture presentation [don’t forget Logos, Dates and Homepage] o Decide on the concept of how to use lecture presentations [via professor, member presentation] o Educate the members on what to say and what they need to know additionally o Talk/write to the Profs and present the idea and what you plan o Make it happen o Handout Flyers for the interested if possible

3 o Make a list of all the workshops and the profiles you need o Find out where you can put posters for your target profiles o Take Flyers to Lecture Presentations o Flyer during Peak-times o Prepare proper infostands and get the permission from your university if possible o The Infostand is one of the main sources as you have the possibility to talk and motivate the people for Global Citizen in one to one talks o Educate your LC on what to say during infostands

4 o Make a list of the potential Medias which might be interested (incl. target group) o Create a one-page infosheet (ex. Booklet) which explains Global Citizen – and get feedback on it from externals if possible o Create a concept of how the Media should be integrated and what they should post (before, during, after) o Write a professional press release (not too long) – get FEEDBACK o Check the Medias in the CRM/ Media index- if you want to contact national media- contact firstly Brand Managers* o Approach the Media with the idea of Global Citizen and present your offer * o Put the output in the CRM o Make sure that they always add the Homepage or facebook group in the article, also contacts would be nice

*For all things regarding media appearances, you should contact Karolina Piotrowska, MC VP PR (

5 Research and segmentation is one of our key strategies when talking off-peak. We need to find new potential markets to expand while consolidating our currents to make sure that off-peak will happen!

Why? The classical definition of market segmentation is the process of dividing market into smaller & smaller market to be able to understand them and to be able to target your products, your services and your messages to reach that segment and have products that meet their needs.

The reason that you do this ,it enables you to sell products faster so shorten your sales cycles and it helps you to sell more thoroughly meaning once you sell a customer your product solution you’re able to sell more of that. Active segmentation is both understanding the problem and ensuring that I have the core technology to solve this problem , But it also in communicating that problem and our solution to that problem in a way that people that want to buy it would understand. Market segmentation can help you to focus your energy and resources , it can end by that that you will enrich your revenue , you will have a higher retention rate on your customer because you’re ensuring that what you do is something that your customers really wants. How? You need to identify your universities students’ capacity and get information from different groups of your student market. Key info: University Students Capacity 1. Acquiring info regarding the accurate number of students in the whole campus. 2. Breaking it down from the university total number of students to faculties’ capacity as how many students are in every faculty. 3. Moving on to a smaller segments which is compiling accurate info regarding the no of students in each major in these faculties along with general description of What’s the area of study of different majors. But where can I get this info? o Offical University Publications o University institutes o Surveys or focus groups o Google it 

Which market to tackle? After breaking down the students and major, think about potential and our product. Supply Picture for Off-Peak

These above are the main issues and countries for off-peak. Taking in consideration our supply is also important! When segmenting, make sure that you consider this information and ask the following questions to check the potential of the market:  Are there enough people that fit my criteria?  Will my target really benefit from my product/service?  Will they see a need for it?  Do I understand what drives my target to make decisions?  Can they afford my product/service?  Can I reach them with my message? Where they are?

Know your target group profile

Segment into priority groups

Promote in specific audiences

For marketing and promotion is even better to segment because of the message improvement. Knowing our public gives us power to better address them through our channels! 

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There will be two rounds of promotion peak. Mainly throughout November and January we will have the biggest peaks of promotion, with most our intense work being in place on these periods. In between peaks, especially December, is very important to not stop promotion. That doesn’t mean that we will spent the same energy as the peak time. The thing is to continue to position GC to not lose our boost from November. You can do this mainly by keeping your online positioning alive! IMPORTANT: Your promotion timeline needs to be at least 50% aligned with the national peaks. That means that you need to have at least 2,5 weeks of synch between your local and national timeline in the first round and another 2,5 weeks on the 2nd round.

Do you have any doubts? Feel free to contact us!

GC Promo Guidelines  
GC Promo Guidelines