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Zichron Kedoshim Section Karka in the hills of Yerushalayim Purchasing a burial plot is a segula for arichas yamim, as well as relieving your family of choosing a burial place when the time comes. Our regular price for individual plots: $4,800

Now, for a limited time: $4,600 Sections for families at larger discounts. We have sections for Agudas Yisroel of Canada, Kehal Chasidim, and sections for Jews from all walks of life. CONTACT: Boruch (Bruce) Bloom email: (818) 763 - 8707 FAX: (818) 763 – 3161

Do you have a letter in a Sefer Torah????



In today's economy you can save buying wholesale...

Yom-Tov Fruits and Vegetables Save money this year buying the best quality produce at the steepest discounts!

100% No Schlepping! Top quality fruits and vegetables delivered to your home! • 10 Red Bell Peppers - $6.75 (68¢ a piece) • 4 Large Mangos - $5 • 10 Yellow Peaches - $3 • 12 Bunches Green Onions - $6 and much much more... Large Selection of Fruits and Veggies for Yomtov at Wholesale Prices! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We’ll replace any item you aren’t completely satisfied with!

Shmully Schwartz

(310) 773-1602

YomTovVeggies@GMAIL.COM Please contact for order form.


Delivery Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before Rosh Hashanah and Succos ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY Monday September 20th

B”H Join us to celebrate

Bais Chana of California Women’s Yeshiva 20th Anniversary Honoring Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson of Blessed Memory on her 48th Yahrtzeit Monday, September 13, 2010 - 5th of Tishrei 5771 7:00 p.m.

At the home of Alan & Lisa Stern 602 South Hudson Ave. Los Angeles 90005 Parking lot on Wilshire and Hudson Ave.

Honoring the Ahavas Yisroel of : Mrs. Etty Bastomski Mrs. Esther Roth & Mrs. Miriam Wiener Guest Speaker & Musical Presentation: Mrs. Menucha Schochet “Jewish Women's Mystique and Inspiration”

Dance with Mrs. Sara Tanz Women only Couvert: $36 - Donor: $126 Donations

are tax deductible

RSVP by September 1, 2010 May you be inscribed and sealed for a sweet new year!

tell no one that you didn't bake the HONEY CAKE that you served them ...

It is the BEST HONEY CAKE in the world! How dare we say that it is the BEST HONEY CAKE IN THE WORLD? Because all proceeds go to Torah on the Line!

FOR SUKKOT Details soon! ps- We haven't actually eaten all the honey cakes in the world ... however this is definitely a contender even if it was not a fund-raiser! Discounts for shuls and Chabad mosdos!

Torah on the Line (323) 939-TORAH

Always on ... Always free No Computer necessary

310-453-4774 323-939-8672 323-939-TORA 510-336-4770

562-977-5000 805-392-5000 818-301-4999 858-956-3770



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