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“Syros Luxury Villas” Invest in Security, Convenience, and family planning as you enjoy European Beauty and Luxury on the Mediterranean.

AN INTRODUCTION TO A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY Exploit the unlimited opportunities offered by the rapidly growing “Syros Luxury Villas� project in Syros Island famously known for its beauty, tradition and culture and enjoy the numerous benefits at a four season 2 top destination.

Syros Luxury Villas is a unique project in the Cycladian islands under development by a reputable developer based in Athens creating an exclusive complex over an area of half a million square meters of deluxe villas, a marina and four 5-star boutique hotels, as well as a wide range of facilities offered to the residents of the complex such as tennis courts, shops, walking routes, a heliport, a marina, a botanic garden, a fully equipped gym and fitness center, rejuvenating spa, and a beautiful vineyard.

“Syros Luxury Villas� A condominium of approximately 80 different sized luxury villas (from 100 to 400 sq.m.) from which 10 are already almost complete, will be built in a total land of 250.000 sq.m.


A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY The Syros Luxury Villas project overlooks the Aegean Sea and the colourful vibrant sunset is located is the south west part of Syros island only 8km away from Ermoupolis centre and the port and only 1.5 km away from the touristic and picturesque Gallisa village and beach and is easily accessed.


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Four 5-star hotels 87 luxury residences Marina Heliport Gym and Spa wellness centre Amphitheatre Botanic park Tennis courts Shops, cafes and restaurants Walking routes Vineyard

Syros Luxury Villas (Phase 1) Phase A of the Syros Luxury Villas project has almost been completed with only four villas remaining. The details and price rates for these villas are the following: •

Plot Number 10 Villa 10A 450,000€

Plot Number 5 Villa 5A 450,000€

Plot Number 8 Villa 8B 380,000€

Plot Number 6 Villa 6A 500,000€

SPECIAL OFFER: We are giving a GREAT opportunity for one or two investors to buy into a piece of land within the project with a cluster of SIX villas for ONLY EUR 1.2 Million (so EUR 200K per villa, which he can sell 5 back at EUR 380K !!)

Syros Luxury Villas (Phase 2) The project is also rapidly continuing into Phase B with the following available villas:

Plot Number B9 Villa A 350,000€

Plot Number B10 Villa B 350,000€

Plot Number B3 Villa A 400,000€

Plot Number B4 Villa B 400,000€

SPECIAL OFFER: We are giving a GREAT opportunity for one or two investors to buy into a piece of land within the project with a cluster of SIX villas for ONLY EUR 1.2 Million (so EUR 200K per villa, which he can sell 6 at EUR 380K !!) back

Syros Luxury Villas Hotels & Spas Four 5-star hotels with suites of total built up area of 8.000 sqm will be developed over a plot of 150.000 sqm. The hotels shall enjoy 5-star facilities and VIP services and will accommodate tourists from around the globe.


The hotels will feature suites and small villas delightfully sophisticated and intimate, all suites and villas will have balconies or terraces and fabulous sea views some with private pool or outdoor Jacuzzi. The hotels will also feature restaurants, cafĂŠ bars and private clubs, gym, sauna, spa, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, 24 hours concierge services , Free wi-fi and several other VIP services.

MULTIPLE BENEFITS 1) Security & Culture of Living in Europe: Greek/European residency is the most affordable & flexible Permanent Residency programs in Europe (only EUR 250K per family; no obligation to reside in Greece to maintain residency; children under 21 years AND parents included).

2) Convenience of Visa Free Travelling Greek Passport is Ranked 6th globally (right after USA and Canada which are ranked 5th;; gets you access visa-free to all of Europe (under Greek law 4146/20), including UK and 152 other countries.

3) Family Planning: Free Education, Free Healthcare, European Work Opportunities

4) Profitable Real Estate Investment in Europe: - Own a dream vacation home in Europe on the Mediterranean Sea - Asset appreciation - High rental income yield


About Greece According to numerous statistics, Greece is ranked among the top 10 destinations in the entire world with an impressive rate of above 30 million tourists per year.

Greece enjoys free to low-cost high quality education and healthcare (medical system). Its weather is beautiful all year round, moderated by its exposure to the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for its gorgeous islands such as Rhodos, Mykonos, Santorini and Syros. The Greek passport has been ranked as the 6th in the world, right after the American and Canadian passport ( It gets you visa-free access to 152 countries in the world, including the whole of Europe and UK. 9

About Syros Island Syros Island is one of the most favourable and popular destinations in Greece, attracting visitors from all around the globe every year. Its capital, Ermoupolis, was the principal port of Greece (being more significant than the port of Pireaus) and it is today the largest town and the capital of the Cycades with a population of more than 30,000 permanent inhabitants. Click on the links below for more info on Syros: 10

ABOUT THE DEVELOPER The reputable developer has 25 years experience in the construction and real estate fields in Greece, guaranteeing the highest quality standards of construction and building material for “Syros Luxury Villas”. The developer has successfully completed the construction of two 40 villas complexes on the seaside on one of the most prestigious locations in Mykonos, against which the “Syros Luxury Villas” project is positioned.

The developer is also very well positioned in the luxury hospitality industry, having developed and managed exclusive award-winning deluxe beach resorts and spas in the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, one of the most visited islands in the world, and only 10 minutes away from Syros by boat. Aiming always at providing outstanding and flawless services, this particular developer has managed to create a wide circle of important and first rate collaborators such as architects, engineers, interior designers, lawyers and mortgage companies, who are exceptionally experienced in their field and will always be at your disposal. The high quality services in conjunction with the reliability and the excellent collaboration with clients constitutes the trade mark of both the developer and Bricks Immigration Solutions. 11

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Greece citizenship by investment syros luxury villas bricks immigration dec 2017  
Greece citizenship by investment syros luxury villas bricks immigration dec 2017