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“At the time it felt like the be-all and end-all but it was just the beginning of trying to be serious about being an artist. I remember struggling with how to display everything – I wanted to make a coherent show but also it was an assessment where I wanted everything to be seen.


“I approached one of the tutors for advice about how to display some books I’d made and asked where I could buy conservation tape. He laughed and said, ‘Save that for your Tate retrospective, love.’ I found that infuriating! I was part of a library installation based at a desk near the studio entrance and most of the visitors “I remember at the thought I was a receptionist.” time feeling like it came 3

Ruth Ewan, BA (Hons) Fine Art (Drawing and Painting), Edinburgh College of Art, 2002. Lives and works in London.



round far too quickly – my degree show definitely felt like the beginning of something rather than any sort of conclusion. However, the ideas and concerns I was exploring at that time still influence and inform the work I make today.” Catherine Bertola, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Newcastle University, 1999. Lives and works in Gateshead.

a-n Degree Shows Guide 2016  
a-n Degree Shows Guide 2016  

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