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“Trip to London” contract

We, the students, agree to participate actively in “The school trip to London” in order to improve our English and develop other important interpersonal skills. For this reason, we will follow the rules laid out below: -


We will speak in English during the trip. We will carry out the activities planned for the trip: a) Travel diary: we will write an entry in English every day to talk about the places we go and the things we do. b) Treasure hunt in the city center. We will be punctual. We will obey the teachers. We will be responsible for our own actions. We will behave responsibly and be respectful towards others. We will be positive. We will enjoy ourselves.

We, the teachers, will provide help and advice and give the students who meet their goals extra positives that will help them get better marks at the end of the school year. Those, who don’t respect the guidelines will be dealt with accordingly. We have read and understood this contract and we agree to its terms and conditions.

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"Trip to London" contract  
"Trip to London" contract  

Educational school trip to London (2015-20169)