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Review Date 26/01/2018

DIGITAL MARKETING Section 1& 2 Spring 2018 Day/Time: Friday Section 1: 9.30 am – 12.30 pm Classroom: 521-B Section 2: 2.00pm-17pm Classroom: 521-B Please confirm classroom information since changes may arise.

Exame Date: March 22nd

Prof. Joana Santos Silva

Time: TBC

Course Description The internet, social media and technology have transformed marketing. Customers have gained power, have wider choices and are more informed than ever. On the other hand, the technological platforms have boomed and continue to grow. Due to these changes, it has become mandatory for companies to adapt and become adopters of tools that consumers have already integrated into their daily lives. This course helps navigate new ways that companies can communicate, gain awareness and engage consumers. At the same, digital media can lead to new opportunities, changes in business models and market competitiveness. These issues will be addressed throughout the course.

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes -

To provide an overview of the adoption and best practices in digital marketing. To share tools that help conceptualize digital marketing management and how it pertains to business objectives. To identify market trends, opportunities and threats. To understand the main metrics and KPIs related to digital strategies. To identify ways that integrate digital marketing strategies in the overall strategy of the company.

Recommended Textbooks (not required) Chaffey, D. & Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2016). Digital Marketing. 6th Edition, Pearson

Other Articles: See Course Calendar below for titles. Oher articles may be added throughout the course.


Review Date 26/01/2018

Course Calendar, Assignments & Presentations Date





Digital Transformation & Future Trends The Digital Vortex Digital Maturity (Industry Analysis) GAFAnomics Drivers of Digital Transformation

Article 1: “Internet of Everything 2016” Article 2: “Digital Strategy, The economics of disruption”



SEO Fundamentals and Key Concepts Paid Search and Display Social Media Fundamentals and Key Concepts Crisis Management

Article 3: “Social Media Strategy Smart Insights”



Content and Inbound Marketing Content Strategy Matrix Content Creation Strategies

Article 4: “7 steps content marketing strategy guide”

NOTE: Submit your topic for your individual assignment. 23/02


Metrics Fundamentals of Digital Metrics RACE model

NOTE: For this class, you need to read the Case and prepare the questions

Case: “Hubspot 2.0” 02/03


Mobile Marketing Multiscreening ROPO Micro-moments

Article 5: “7 steps mobile marketing smart insights”



Integrating Digital Marketing into your Marketing Strategy The Power of Social Personas SOSTAC model

Article 6: “7 steps to Digital Marketing Strategy” Article 7: “The power of storytelling” Submission Due: Individual Assignment


Review Date 26/01/2018

Individual Assignment Information For your individual assignments, you have the opportunity to choose a topic from a predefined list. Alternatively, you may submit a topic proposal. Please note that a proposal must be accepted by the professor. Information regarding topics and the structure for the individual assignment can be found on Moodle. You should submit your decision regarding your chosen topic by email to no later than Friday, February 16th. Your email should state your name, student number and topic choice or topic proposal. If you have submitted a topic proposal you should receive a reply within 72 hours. The due date for this assignment is March 9th. *please consult the Academic Calendar Assignments should be sent electronically to: A hard copy of the assignment should be delivered in class or deposited in my mailbox that is located in the professor’s lounge on the 3rd floor. You should receive confirmation of receipt within 48 hours. If you have not received said confirmation, please contact the professor. Assignments will be due at the end of the class on the due date of submission in accordance with the Academic Calendar presented above. Please ensure all assignment submissions are made on time. In fairness to the other colleagues in the class, late submissions will be penalized. (Grades on late assignments will be reduced by 10% of the full assignment points for each day an assignment is late.)

Course Grading Breakdown Individual Assignment Final Exam Total

40% 60% 100%


Review Date 26/01/2018

Other Resources

– KAUSHIK, Avinash(2010), Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity, 1st edition, Indiana –USA, Wiley – RYAN, Damian, JONES, Calvin (2012), Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital, 2nd Edition, Philadelphia -USA, KoganPage - KOTLER, Philip et al., Marketing 3.0, - Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, Online brand identity, 1st Edition, September 2015, Adfo

Metrics Planning Tools Graders: Website, Blogs, Social Media Social Reputation Traffic Trends Google Trends Influence Klout, Kred, Peerindex Emailing Mailchimp, eGoi, Graphicmail RSS Feedly Analytics Google Analytics, Paditrack, Piwik Information and Data Design Mslima, informationisbeautiful, visualcomplexity Viral Unruly, Contagious

Digital marketing detailed syllabus  
Digital marketing detailed syllabus