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New Minecraft launcher

Download and install You can download the new launcher for the following systems: Windows Mac OS X Linux/Other To install the launcher, simply download and run the program.

Quick tips about the launcher ● You do not need to re-purchase Minecraft to use the new game launcher. ● The new launcher is required in order to play minecraft server list version 1.6 and any future updates. The old launcher will not update past version 1.5.2. ● The program is self-updating, so you won't need to download again in the future. ● The old launcher is still available at, however, old versions of Minecraft can be accessed through the new launcher.

â—? Support for multiple Minecraft usernames per Mojang account is included in the new version, but is not yet enabled in Mojang accounts. â—? You will always be able to access singleplayer content while offline. However, in the new launcher, you must actually be offline, or else the launcher will continue to try to contact the login servers. Some of the new features include: easier downloading of Minecraft updates, better password security, the ability to switch between game versions, updated game code libraries for increased game performance and stability, and it paves the way for the future plugin APIs.

New minecraft launcher  
New minecraft launcher