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Global issues: overpopulation Ana Paula Moncayo, Rafaella Giraldo, José Ignacio Martínez, bárbara Ribadeneira and Gustavo Pérez. 8E QUITO-ECUADOR


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Summary: Overpopulation has growth hugely, in 1900 the population of the world was 2 billion of people that is the population in china in present, and in 2011 has reached the 7 billion. The effects of the overpopulation that the countries that don’t have education have more children. Family’s that have education and are wealth have 2 children per family and the family’s that are corrupt and ignorant have 4 children per family. If we don’t prevent these the effects will be: the water would disappear more quickly, the depletion of natural resources especially fossil fuels, deforestation and loss of ecosystems. The climate will change hugely scientist estimate that in 2050 we will die because of the horrible hotness that it will began and then years later we will suffer an ice age that the grades will until -50 c°. We can prevent this by putting a law that the people can only have max 2 children this rule put China. This thing can gave us a lot of conflict because the countries that are poor will die of hunger and they will start a war by trying to steal the food to eat. People need to stop reproducing because this can gave us many problems.


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Overpopulation is still a Problem! I think that the overpopulation in the world is a very big problem. It is a very big problem because the bigger amount of excess in overpopulation in the world is an equivalent to a more people suffering of hunger and it also affects the environment because there are more people throwing trash and contaminating in different ways. China is a great example for the problems that the overpopulation in the world have in different places. In China between 1958-1961 millions of people in China died because of the Chinese faming before of the “oil depletion under severe pressure from over growth of the population” that also caused a big problem. The overpopulation problem is so big that every 3.6 seconds people dies of hunger and mostly the 75% of them are children. This is causing a very big problem and almost all of those children are poor and sometimes also orphans. The overpopulation have increased so much that only in the last twenty years there have been approximately 200 million have died because of hunger or related problems. This is very bad and it needs to stop now because if we keep doing these then the world can collapse and making more people suffer of hunger and poverty. In 1900 there were about one billion and a half people on the earth. “In the 2oth century, that people doubled, then doubled again.” (Tom Ash brook) Now there are about 7 billion people living on the earth. By the end of this century there will be approximately over 11 billion people. The overpopulation it’s increasing by a million people every four and a half days making a dramatically high prediction number for the next years.


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News Article: This world has experience a drastic increased of people in the last hundred years. In 8000 Bc there only existed 5 million people, know the world has more than 6 billion people leaving on it. This problem has gotten so out of hands that china took a right choice and put a new law. This is that every Chinese woman can only have 1 child, and if they have more they’ll have to pay a tax. The biggest problem with overpopulation is that the more people living in this world the more the earth gets contaminated or destroyed. But in the other hand there are some countries that still take care of this world. According to the United Nations these countries are: Europe, North America, and Japan. All this three places are taking care of our world in many different ways. For example recycling, stopping pollution, etc.But the thing is that still with this countries coming together and helping the world the rate of global pollution is 78 million people per year. So we have to do something and tart taking care of our worldbecause if this entire people can, you can do it to.



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Statistical article: Overpopulation is a very big important global issue and it’s fundamental to know their statistics. First humans are the ones that create and invent almost everything that is in the world because of what they find like oil, cereals, rocks, gold, etc. Each time population increases itself and causes waste disposal and other global issues; there are about 7 billion habitants around the world. Know in the world 70% of water goes to production, 80% men’s wealth, 90% trading by sea, 900 million vehicles, 3 quarters of farming are by farmers and there’s a lot more. Also because people are using to many nonnatural resources and the resources each time are running out and it cause a lot of wastes, for example the earth is running out of oil, there’s over-fishing, water consumption increases, etc. There are countries and cities very developed and strict with over population because when the country or city is richer then it has less population, more resources and better education, for example China has the law of just having one child or Dubai is the most populated place and it is very rich and has a lot of resources because they have a lot of oil. The world has developed so much that know distance is no longer counted in miles and the more the country develops the more cows are killed. In the past farming was just done by men and by hand know machines replaced every man and that cause unemployment all around the world. All this statistics are very important and fundamental to know about but most of the people just think about the problems and make more problems but they don’t think in solutions and ways to help our environment. Scientists and researchers think that some solutions could be to give education to girls because almost every solution is about education and that give girls a reflection when they have kids, another solution it could be that developed countries help more to the poorer countries with resources like oil, cereals, etc. It’s very important to know the pros and the cons about overpopulation and how we can help our community.


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Overpopulation and its history: Overpopulation has become one of the biggest issues the world could deal with it. That why we need to stop it. It is important to know what is wrong and what is right about overpopulation. United Nations have a conference in Cairo which they concern that talks about that population are a mostly recent origin. “Some researchers estimate that, during the 750 years preceding the Industrial Revolution, the world's population hardly budged.”(James).Mankind is really concerned by adding each time a percentage of numbers or people.“The world's population remained under 250 million throughout most of history, capped by birth rates and death rates locked in a seemingly permanent equilibrium."(Moffett). Today, about 250 million of people increase world population often 3 years. High-born ladies at ancient Egyptian time were prepared and knew about the unwanted babies, pregnancy was known as an inevitable for most of women’s. Birth control was had entered as the language by Margaret Sanger. The contraception of masses has improved since 1960s. Also because of many people food start to disappear. They say that we don’t need to convey questions about unending growth. Overpopulation ends with the same process, misery, suffering and also collapse which there are more things to add, but this ones are the most important ones. They approximate that at 2050 human population would reach an amount of 10.5 billion of people .In conclusion; overpopulation have increase and we need to act biased on what we know, first of all when we increase people can be because of rapes, and also it can exist animal overpopulation.


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Overpopulation global issue  
Overpopulation global issue