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Cabinet Design Project Ana Paula Reyes Csilla Jagamos

The Project FREELANCE WORKER •  Client: Chiara « Painter/photographer/writer » •  Corner style cabinet for her loft, to keep her working articles.

The Client: Chiara •  From: Firenze, Italia •  Age: 24 •  Occupation: Artist (Painter) •  Loves: As well to write and take photographs. Loves art in any way it can be expressed. She is into design and loves to show her great style.

Chiara is a Fiorentine 24 year old girl. She graduated from BA in Arts specialized in painting but she loves and does photography and writing too. She is a very smart girl, she is a lot into cultural stuff. She loves to listen to music all day long, she cannot be in her apartment without music on. She loves contemporary experimental art, but also appreciates classical art. Whenever she gets some inspiration, she doesn’t let it go and starts creating a piece of art with it. Her apartment is her nest, where she feels in her habitat, where she develops her creativity and work. Basically, her home is her studio, but also a place to relax and to have some friends over sometimes. She is not a fancy person, she loves to spend her time in bohemian nights with her artist friends, talking, listening to music, smoking and drinking. Her style is hard to be described but very interesting. She is a mix of boho-rocker-modern girl style but always very well matched. She is into aesthetics in everything she buys, has and wears. She loves NATURE and it can show in her apartment full of plants, mixed with modern design pieces, and of course lots of art. Sometimes when her artist friends go to her loft at night, they get the inspiration and create some stuff together, or maybe they just check out her new pieces while they talk and drink.

When she gets inspiration, immediately starts writing, painting, taking pictures or mixing it all together, and she loves her job, so she doesn’t really take it as “working” so she sometimes drinks some vodka and smokes while doing it. She would love to have her corner inside of her loft where she can have her work stuff together to work easily, but she wants it to be really personalized, where she can feel part of the scene and the ambiance. She chose a corner because it will turn it into “HER corner.”

Corner Cabinet


tHE cABINET •  Following her request, we will create a corner cabinet. It will be multi-use because she can keep her materials inside but also will have a pull-out table so she can work there, personal lighting, winebottle keeper and a board to put some inspiration images/notes. When closed, it looks like a normal cabinet but it transforms into a complete working space. It will also follow the style she likes and will be a decoration complement for her loft.

Furniture Style •  Inspired in native patterns from diferent parts of the world, lots of colors and organic figures. •  Multi-colored not simple design, a lot of contrast and irregular lines. Some floral motive for decoration. •  Branches on the top with hangign candles and lights for illumination.

Materials •  Wood will be the main material, the cabinet will be made out of it. •  The holes in the front doors will be covered with crystal. •  The decoration painting will be made with acrylics and a top cover coat will be added for quality regulations. •  Joinery will be invisible with biscuits.

FINAL result

Cabinet Project / Ana Paula Reyes / Csilla Jagamos  
Cabinet Project / Ana Paula Reyes / Csilla Jagamos  

Cabinet Project furniture design