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Unconventional trip in Romagna, Italy A list of all the must you have to see if you come here !

Romagna is very famous and loved for its food, but everyone know this, in this itinerary you will see all the other things that makes great this region. Following this itinerary you will have a beautiful experience that will open your mind to all, for example you will learn more about Roman, art and other things that you will LOVE. !!!Welcome in Romagna!!! Let’s start! Day 1 wake up in Rimini Day 1.: Rimini

We will start our trip in front of Arch of Augustus, a huge arch made of stone. It is the triumphal arch of Augustus, located in the Roman Forum. It spanned the Via Sacra, between the Temple of Castor and Pollux and the Temple of Caesar.

For this trip you will need energy so after passing through the Arch grab a quick typical Italian breakfast. Felici Nove - Il Salotto is the best place to find delicious breakfast such as crostata and coffee or cannolo siciliano. Cannolo consist of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta.

After breakfast start walking to Malatesta temple through the street Corso di Augusto. The Malatesta Temple, or Duomo, is immediately recognisable from its wide marble facade, decorated with sculptures made by the famous Agostino di Cuccio. It was supposed to look like the Triumphal Arch but it was never finished.

Continue the trip, and stop at the Domus del Chirurgo. That is known as “The Surgeon House“, it was inagurated on 7 December 2007. It's an important archaelogical complex and it was found in 1989. It covers more than 700 square metres including bulding elements among, which the most interesting is the so-called Surgeon house. This was the residental house of a doctor in the Roman period built during the second half of 2nd Century b.c.

Make your way to the cinema „Fulgor“. It is a famous cinema now converted into Federico Fellini museum, a world renown film director.

Continue walking and you will come to Tiberius Bridge. There is a legend related to this bridge.It says that the Devil wanted a soul and the people of Rimini had a dog to walk aross the Bridge, AND The Bridge didn't fall..

After crossing a bridge, follow the river and on your right side you can see historical part of Rimini. By following the river you arrive on the beach and have an amazing lunch with sea view in Retaurant Amarina-Piadina. For lunch you can try a traditional Italian dish, fried fish and piadina. When you finish, take a walk along one the most beautiful beaches in the world. Now you must be very hungry so you probably want a great dinner, then we would recommend the Caffe le rose. After eating go and drink aperitif in Grand Hotel where the famous move director was staying when he was visiting Rimini.

Day one was full of adventures and you deserve a rest. Freshen up at your hotel and continue adventure tomorrow!

Day 2 Riccione: Oltremare A beautiful Ocean Park that teach you all you have to know about the biodiversity of all the animals and there you can join the Ë?delfiniamoË? project an initiative whit the porpoise to protect all the species in danger and teach you how to preserve them in life. Here you can follow a lot of itinerary, but the main are two: the sea tour, where you can see all the wild sea life and the Earth tour that concerning the evolution of our planet and how the life grow up here. Cross the tropical forest of Darwin and make a journey through time in the Cretaceous period. You will meet the absolute rulers of that era, dinosaurs and pterosaurs, you will immerse yourself in a mysterious atmosphere. You won't have to miss your courage because you could meet two huge alligators. Museo del territorio The Museum of the Territory collects the works and historical testimonies of Riccione and its surroundings from prehistory to the Roman era. A journey through the ancient history of the Green Pearl (Riccione) among finds, fossils, rocks and minerals that starts from the geological evolution of the territory to arrive at the inscriptions, oil lamps, balsamari, objects and coins of the Roman age. Findings of the human, geological and animal settlements for a full immersion journey through the history of Riccione, divided into 5 exhibition sectors arranged in chronological order: geological evolution of the territory; the Quaternary in the Conca Valley; the Neolithic and the Copper Age the Bronze, the Iron Age and the Roman Age.

Here in Riccione you can find a lots of restaurants so you can choose the one you prefer, from fish to meat, from typical meal to the most strange food like sushi, just try all of them. And most important: don’t miss a walk along Viale Ceccarini, a special street full of shops and bars crowned by a romantic atmosphere that you will LOVE. Day 3 : Gradara

If you want to visit one of the best medieval villages of Italy, you must come in Gradara, a small city situated in Le Marche and Emilia Romagna. It offers some interesting historical attractions, including the imposing fortress. Gradara offers some picturesque attractions located amidst the village surrounded by a lovely landscape, which is suitable for people who love art and history. When you come in Gradara, you feel small because of the Castello di Gradara is very enormous. Before you check the Castel, you better go to the Staccoli Caffee and buy a Montebianco Coffee and a croissant. Staccoli Caffe is one of the best coffee shop in Gradara because it is known by the perfect pastry shop in the town. After you drink you’re Montebianco, you will feeling more wellbeing and you go at the Castello di Gradara. There you find a unique and interesting collection of ancient objects and historical documents and you can feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. This tour may take you 4 hours but will wort it .

Castello di Gradara is definitely worth a visit and the best attraction of this place where one can get a glimpse of the history of this region and learn lots of fascinating facts. In this place you will find one of the celebrate love story about " Paolo and Francesca" by Dante Alighieri witch was saying that Francesca was the sister-in-law of Paolo Malatesta, and both were married, but they fell in love.

Their tragic adulterous story was told by Dante in his Divine Comedy, Canto V of the Inferno, and was a popular subject with Victorian artists and sculptors.

In some days, The Castel host a historical evocation where you can learn how Middle Ages people lived and if you are lucky you will learn how to archery, to fight and also to cook what Middle

Ages people eaten. The Castel’ s restaurant will wait for you to taste “I Tagliolini con la Bomba“ very famous in Gradara, typical rustic dish in large families, at the turn of the First World War.

In this plate there is bacon that is very tasty. After you eat, you can relax and see a typically Middle Age Opera at the Castel Theatre.

And of course, before you are living you can go an visit the Museum of Torture.

In the evening, we recomandate you to go in a short romantic walk to “Gabicce Beach” to enjoy the water of the Adriatic Sea

and it�s goldend sandy beach .You also can do a lot of pictures and enjoy the beautiful view. After this, you need to go at the La Loggia Relais Hotel and you admire the Castel and the mountains from your balcony. Gradara offers some picturesque attractions located amidst the village surrounded by a lovely landscape, which is suitable for people who love art and history.

So he hope you loved Italy and we hope you will come again and spent more days.

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Unconventional package - Italy  

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Unconventional package - Italy  

Let's Living and Moving Consciously in our Europe 2018-1-RO01-KA201-049106